photo taken February 2016

one year ago: Say Awwww
two years ago: Closeup Of Softness
three years ago: Adorable Pup Pops
four years ago: Open Sesame
five years ago: Gold In Winter
six years ago: Beautiful Face (And Tail)
seven years ago: Focus
eight years ago: Watching Pictures In The Clouds

5 Responses to “Colorscape”

  1. torre Says:

    i love how he checks things out in the distance. the sun looks so warm on his ears!

  2. Miranda Brooks Says:

    There are never stories about Charlie. Why not?

  3. dailycoyote Says:

    M ~ there’s a book in the works…….

  4. Misty Says:

    Have you ever thought about publishing a book with you favorite pictures of Charlie? This is something I for one would be very interested in buying. Your pictures are stunning.

  5. shreve Says:

    M ~ I have, a lot! It is a HUGE undertaking to produce, and I’ve just not had a chunk of time to devote to it – the last two years were rough. But I’m hoping by the end of this year I’ll feel caught up on existing stuff and can focus on a really special photo/coffeetable book… So happy to hear your thoughts on it – that keeps the idea alive for me :)

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