When It’s Raining

photo taken March 2016

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7 Responses to “When It’s Raining”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Maybe if I stand here and look out the window long enough, the rain’ll stop and I can go play…

  2. Susan Says:

    Charlie-bear. What a wonderful shot. I like how the window light is blown out highlighting the skin rug along with his face and wet fur points, and everything is a little fuzzy/grainy.

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Charlie, window, launchpad… faves!
    This is outSTANDing and gave me a good laugh. From shoulders up, looks like a darling roo. Actually, with that glorious tail down, every inch a roo. I’m so in love… ridiculous.

  4. Barbara Says:

    GREAT shot! He’s using the window like a kitty-cat would, too!

  5. Shwatso Nanimwe' Says:

    Now there’s a trick. The Trickster looking out the window!

  6. Paul J. Forcier III Says:

    I know just how he feels. I love the picture and love Charley!

  7. mlaiuppa Says:

    Does Charlie not like the rain?

    My parents’ dog always stares out with that “Mommy, make it stop” look. She doesn’t like to get her feet wet.

    He’s lucky he gets to stay dry in the house.

    Does wet coyote smell as bad a wet dog?

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