This Won’t Hurt A Bit

photo taken March 2016

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3 Responses to “This Won’t Hurt A Bit”

  1. Jsara Says:

    It is so funny seeing a bright green stuffie in the natural Charlie and Wyoming colors! Chomp!

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    I find it amusing to see Charlie play with any stuffies.

    I watched a special on PBS on urban coyotes and there was one that would steal dog toys out of yards and hoard them in his den. I had to wonder if he was doing it to play with them later.

    Sometimes you forget how dogs, coyotes and wolves share common ancestors.

    Zoos provide stimulation to the animals. Some animals create tools. Do animals also create toys? And how many animals who lead a life of leisure, I.E. not having to worry about food or predators, would play with toys? Dogs do, cats do, birds do. What about wild animals? Charlie does.

  3. Erthshade Says:

    @mlaiuppa Several animal rescue or research facilities do what they call ‘environment enrichment’, because as I’ve heard from presentations at Wolf Park, the #1 killer of many captive species is boredom. They’ll rearrange things in the enclosures, introduce toys (harmless ones like cardboard boxes with treats inside for the animals to fling around and tear apart) and give them special treats for holidays (watermelons with frozen treats inside during July, a tree decorated with sausages in December, etc). No live prey, however. That would be cruel.

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