Hello, It’s Me

photo taken March 2016

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two years ago: Whiteout
three years ago: Tread Lightly
four years ago: Dappled
five years ago: Security Blanket
six years ago: Cookies ‘N Cream (& A Little Bit Nuts…)
seven years ago: Happy To Eat Dirt
eight years ago: Notes On Charlie – December 4

4 Responses to “Hello, It’s Me”

  1. Betsy Says:

    That you, Adele?

  2. Carol K Says:

    I’m still wondering about the tips of Charlie’s fangs. Is that old age that has snapped them off?

  3. wright1 Says:


  4. shreve Says:

    C ~ they are not snapped off or broken – a lot of people saw this picture and thought he was missing teeth – it’s just the angle, I guess? And his little lips covering things up. But his teeth are hunky dory.

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