The Power Of Love


words by Jimi Hendrix
photo taken April 2016

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6 Responses to “The Power Of Love”

  1. Erthshade Says:

    It’s strong and it’s sudden, and it can be cruel sometimes…

  2. Karen Says:

    Yes, Jimi….yes!

  3. Vee Says:


  4. Jenny C Says:

    I think Georgia O’Keeffe would immediately have set up her easel to paint this simple, striking vignette of wildlife and structure. Pleasing to the eye and amuse-bouche for the soul.

  5. rockrat Says:

    Jimi!… Yes.

    So powerful and yet so pure.

    When I see an animal projecting the experience and self-assurance to just “be”, I think of the existential equanimity of “Wind Cries Mary”, or Flicka.

  6. rockrat Says:

    Maybe the cows would like “Wind Cries Mary”?
    Here’s some other easy cadence tunes with lots low frequency tones that might go over well with cows:
    “Sky King” by Danny Gatton; “Sweet Jane” by Cowboy Junkies; “Lonesome” and “Shenendoah” both by Bill Frissell; “Slow Freight” by Jimmy Smith; and, of course “I’m not gonna let it bother me tonight” by Atlanta Rhythm Section

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