photo taken May 2016

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eight years ago: How is Charlie similar to and/or different from domestic dogs in his social behavior? Part I.

8 Responses to “Spikes”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Stunning pic – love it.

  2. taffy Says:

    aww my heart just melts to see him even in spikes.

    (yes a beautiful photo!)

  3. Corri Says:

    He looks so “punk rock” love it, he even has the dark eye liner

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Black and Whites are AWESOME…you see so much detail that get lost in the colored one sometimes… <3

  5. wright1 Says:

    @ Corri:
    He’s punk *and* emo at the same time; coyotes are versatile!

    Does Charlie smell perceptibly different from other canines when wet?

  6. shreve Says:

    W ~ he doesn’t smell as gross as wet dogs :) I know it’s NOT PC to say that wet dogs smell gross….. but I think they do! And Charlie, when wet, is kind of like that smell, but it’s REALLY faint. It’s barely there.

  7. Mirjam Says:

    When seeing your pictures I keep thinking I am seeing Charlie more and more as a wise old man staring knowingly into the distance. But than pictures like this pop up where he looks lake a teenager again. ;)

  8. wright1 Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Shreve. I like dogs and have to agree: a damp one usually smells very rank, easily comparable (IMO) to most male humans after they’ve been overheated / exerted.

    Interesting that Charlie doesn’t. I wonder if it’s a domesticated canine thing: do foxes, Cape wild dogs and wolves smell less strongly as well?

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