Deep Dive

photo taken May 2016

one year ago: His Favorite Nest
two years ago: …She’s Here Now
three years ago: And Overnight, It Is Green
four years ago: Grass Is Growing!
five years ago: A Tree A Coyote
six years ago: Patiently Waiting Acknowledgement
seven years ago: Jaws’ Bone

3 Responses to “Deep Dive”

  1. mev Says:

    I would love to sink into that long cool grass. Glad Charlie is enjoying it.

    re: car thermometer and high temps etc. – My city had severe storms and tornado warnings last night. Not common in my area. We are more known for -30 temps and 4 feet of snow winters than hot stormy summers.

  2. wright1 Says:

    Down among the grass stems… sigh.

    @mev: you and me both. The grass here was briefly that green and thick, at least in certain places. Now all the hills are brown and yellow and will stay that way for at least nine months…

  3. Carol K Says:

    I too would love to lie in that grass and breathe in the scent of it. There must be lots of lovely smells for Charlie to explore. As wright1 says, our grass is always cut too short and dries up. Also, we have had very little rain.

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