Nature Nap

photo taken May 2016

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6 Responses to “Nature Nap”

  1. torre Says:

    awwwww so sleepy; probably not what I needed to see on such a rainy morning here in MD and I had to go to work LOL

  2. Vee Says:

    The best! ❤️

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Delightful. Green grass curling around his cinnamon snout, downy-white body. How on earth did you resist curling up right beside him for a nap in the sun?

  4. wright1 Says:

    Utterly hilarious and adorable.

  5. Lisa Says:

    My daughter and I have kept track of Charlie for the past 2 years. He’s cute and just adorable. Love him. It’s wonderful to see him doing so well.

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Must be heaven to take a nap in the sun and grass! Would be nice with a coyote to cuddle with… :-)

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