Visualizing Love

photo taken June 2016

one year ago: Hay Fever
two years ago: In ‘N Out
three years ago: Howdy Hey
four years ago: Weekend Begins Now
five years ago: Yum Yum
six years ago: Mad Dash
seven years ago: Downward Dogs
eight years ago: Backlit & Blended

4 Responses to “Visualizing Love”

  1. taffy Says:

    Oh! This and Charlie playing in the sprinkler, way too cute!!!

  2. wright1 Says:

    Peace, on green.

  3. Jenny C Says:

    How come this expression looks adorable on Charlie, but looks so hideous on me?
    Hehe. I, too, love the sprinkler story. Thank you for giving this life to Charlie.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I dunno, he looks kinda like he might be constipated LOL!!!

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