Somnus Interruptus


photo taken June 2016

one year ago: Summer Snowball
two years ago: Glow And Grow
three years ago: Sunny Honey
four years ago: V 3
five years ago: The Tongue
six years ago: Mighty Mouth
seven years ago: Ode To Eadweard (Muybridge)
eight years ago: Swaggering The Canyonbottom

2 Responses to “Somnus Interruptus”

  1. Bon Says:

    That is what I would like to do day!

  2. taffy Says:

    Yes Bon, i was going to say the same thing. How peaceful on a summer day, with a casual breeze to sweep through the grasses and send white poofy clouds floating by, a few dog friends snuffling around…Charlie you’ve got it all.

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