Notes on Charlie – July 11

This coyote is going to be part cat, part vegetarian. One day I was making a salad and gave Charlie half a carrot to chew on, which he loved. The next day I gave him a slice of bell pepper and that is his new favorite food. He looooves green bell pepper. He pretends to attack it and then gnaws on the slice for a while and then eats it up.

Another day, I really needed to work and Charlie wanted to play, so I rolled a grape on the floor. He jumped at it, then jumped away, then nosed it, then jumped away, over and over, this hilarious hopping around the grape… I got nothing done. I just watched him with the grape for like 40 minutes.

MC pretends to be horrified that I’ve turned Charlie into a vegetarian, which here is an insult on par with calling someone a republican in Santa Cruz or Boulder, but I say if he’s a vegetarian, then no one will have to worry about him killing sheep. (I’m joking, of course; he still gorges on elk.)