Tail Is Back

photo taken September 2016

one year ago: Proof He’s Still Listening To Me
two years ago: ‘Yote Lips
three years ago: Fur Filling In
four years ago: Whip It
five years ago: Territr’ee
six years ago: Dailycoyote.net
seven years ago: Butte-y licious!
eight years ago: Texture
nine years ago: Watching the Sunset

5 Responses to “Tail Is Back”

  1. Julie Says:

    Charlie is “all about that bass”…LOL!

  2. ng in nh Says:

    Back is where it should be! How weird would it be if tail were front?

    Tail is getting nice and floofy, for sure! :o)

  3. Laura Says:

    I looked back through all the years of pics–watching the sunset is an all time fave! Holy Smokes 9 years….. Charlie just keeps getting cuter!

  4. Sandy G. Says:

    It looks like Charlie is really growing his furry fur back quickly!

  5. carol Says:

    It seems like he just lost his winter fur!

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