Vision Quest

photo taken September 2016

one year ago: Proof He’s Still Listening To Me
two years ago: Illumine
three years ago: Fur Filling In
four years ago: Coyote In Ecstacy
five years ago: Dolphin Boy
six years ago: Sunset Serenade
seven years ago: Butte-y licious!
eight years ago: Follow The Leader (They Take Turns)
nine years ago: Notes On Charlie – June 2

3 Responses to “Vision Quest”

  1. Karen Rodriguez Says:

    LOVE this pic!!! Very nice!!! Made my day!!

  2. Vanessa Horman Says:

    Oh how I would love to snuggle my face on the side of his neck and feel the softness of his ear on my cheek…you’re a lucky girl to be able to enjoy such simple things with Charlie

  3. Kelly Says:

    I read your book years ago. I have hunted coyotes all of my life but your book made me realize that these are truly sentient beings capable of bonding with we “apes.” I now call, watch and observe. Thank you for saving my soul.

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