Full Mouth

photo taken September 2016

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5 Responses to “Full Mouth”

  1. Stella Says:

    Is Charlie running away from home and taking all his stuff?

  2. pamela Says:

    I Love these with his toys, Shreve!! Charlie always looks so happy but protective.

  3. torre Says:

    Stella – too funny! i almost couldn’t find him lol

  4. shreve Says:

    S ~ hahahahaha!!!

  5. Diane Doherty Says:

    Hi Shreve, I just purchased your book on cd tape at a local Book Store in W. Brookfield, MA. Needless to say, as a rescuer and volunteer for past 21 years at a local animal shelter- I am finding your book captivating. I have heard the first 2 cd’s , listening in my car during my travels with my grandson (age 10) and love it. I can picture the homes you describe with such detail and would love to know if you still live in Ten Sleep- which sounds like an amazing little town! I commend you for raising Charlie- it isn’t easy! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us!

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