See Creature

photo taken September 2016

one year ago: Solid Gold
two years ago: Mesmereyes
three years ago: Autumn Bouquet
four years ago: Into The Sun
five years ago: Hide And Seek Sagebrush
six years ago: Quixote Coyote And A Round Hound
seven years ago: Yodel
eight years ago: Guarding Her Nap
nine years ago: Notes On Charlie – July 1

6 Responses to “See Creature”

  1. mv Says:

    This morning has gone off track already, and it is only 06:30.

    A fresh cup of coffee and a few Charlie pictures will cheer me up.

    Re Twitter: luv your tea recipe. Now where do I get fresh straight from the cow cream??

  2. Alyxx Says:

    @mv – from a cow, of course!!!

  3. Taryn Says:


  4. Jenny C Says:

    Great caption – he does look like he’s among golden coral and sea anemones in a golden sea. I never, ever get tired of seeing his gorgeous face. Our beautiful Charlie. ❤️

  5. taffy Says:

    oh Charlie in a fairy light…dreamy and serendipitous!

  6. mv Says:

    RE Alyxx. Luv your reply.

    But seriously, where I live it is next to impossible to get fresh milk unless you are related to the farmer.

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