Gorgeous In Gold

photo taken October 2016

one year ago: Eye Yi Eye
two years ago: Easy To Be Happy
three years ago: Gone Just As Quickly
four years ago: Sparky
five years ago: Ya Don’t Bother Me
six years ago: Oct-O-Pied
seven years ago: Chloe & Charlie Both Ate Different Mushrooms
eight years ago: Cooling Off Like A Kid
nine years ago: Snouted One

2 Responses to “Gorgeous In Gold”

  1. Crystal Perkins Says:

    If beautiful Charlie was lying down, he would blend right into his surrounding Still a beautiful picture of him

    I really love to have a Charlie calendar But I don’t have any PayPal, credit card, nor any cards at all Will u be able to accept a money order :(

  2. shreve Says:

    C ~ yes! emailing you directly right now :)

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