Flashback To Fuzz

photo taken July 2016

one year ago: Eye Yi Eye
two years ago: It’s The Possibility…
three years ago: Gone Just As Quickly
four years ago: Howdy Partner
five years ago: Nap Attack
six years ago: Ready To Rumble
seven years ago: Chloe & Charlie Both Ate Different Mushrooms
eight years ago: At Attention
nine years ago: Notes On Charlie – July 20

5 Responses to “Flashback To Fuzz”

  1. Lady Anne Says:

    Goodness! He does look as if the moths have been at him, doesn’t he?

  2. shreve Says:

    LA ~ hahahaha!!! yes, exactly!

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Oh, that beloved face…

    Lady Anne, that was hilarious!

  4. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Even when he looks like he got in a fight with some small creatures, he’s still so beautiful Charlie is :)
    Usually walking or riding my bike down the path during spring or early summer time every year, I always see fur either on the grass or path I always mistaking it being deer fur all the time But some could be while some could be from my coyote pack & other animals too I live on a dead end street where there is a lot of trees & woods

  5. Vanessa Says:


    That face tho <3 :-)

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