Is It Called Macaroni If It’s In His Mouth?

photo taken November 2016

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4 Responses to “Is It Called Macaroni If It’s In His Mouth?”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    Charlei say’s “ah this one got away, but it won’t happen again”

  2. Sandy G. Says:

    He’s called “Yankee Doodle Dandy”! Hee Hee!

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Macaroni in the song doesn’t refer to pasta.

    It refers to a “dandy” dressed to the height of fashion and a bit beyond. They were called Macaronis.

    It’s a taunt to the Americans who were such rubes they thought that just by putting a feather in their hat they were suddenly dressed to the height of fashion or a Macaroni.

    I guess it would be like saying wearing an oversized cross and you were suddenly the height of Goth.

    A Poser.

  4. Says:

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