Flora, Fauna, Fencepost

photo taken November 2016

one year ago: Seeing Spots
two years ago: Blue Sky + Golden Eye
three years ago: See You
four years ago: Sunnyside
five years ago: Shade Under The Sage
six years ago: Gingerly
seven years ago: Come away, oh human child / To the waters and the wild
eight years ago: Thunder
nine years ago: Fresh Sweet Corn

2 Responses to “Flora, Fauna, Fencepost”

  1. ng in nh Says:

    Haha, cute photo. Definitely brings to mind “Where’s Waldo?”

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Love it when he scrunches flat to the ground like that, like a cat ready to pounce. He blends perfectly with all of the exquisite colors. Thank goodness for those eyes and that gumdrop nose, or we’d never find him.

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