photo taken November 2016

one year ago: December Mood
two years ago: Belly Deep
three years ago: Dashing, In The Snow
four years ago: Ridgeline
five years ago: Missing The Mountain
six years ago: Beautiful Light
seven years ago: Air Charlie
eight years ago: Grasshopper
nine years ago: Remember Your Innocence

5 Responses to “Goldilocks”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Charlie and his light-up ear.

    Beautiful, beautiful boy.

  2. wright1 Says:

    So much snow in that picture, but his gold is so warm. Great composition.

  3. Karen Says:

    A little pensive?? Lovely, lovely canine!

  4. torre Says:

    so much warmth in this photo. love the color of his coat

  5. Vanessa Says:

    That profile…so enhanced by the white back ground…perfection!

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