Chloe’s Eye, Recap & Update

Hi Everyone ~ For those who missed the Twitters: I noticed Chloe was keeping her left eye closed on Thursday night, and upon investigation, saw her eye was entirely fogged. I took her to the vet Friday morning and the vet mentioned it could very likely be cataracts, but he was not sure due to her young age and the sudden and drastic onset. There was no trauma to her eye, so it wasn’t from her running headlong into a stick. The vet prescribed drops to keep her eye dialated and a steroid/antibiotic ointment to facilitate healing in the event it was not a cataract.

Today we went back to the vet and he is baffled. There is still a chance it is cataracts, but also a chance her eye is glaucomic, which means her eye would balloon and…. So, I have to take her to see a specialist, an “eye wizard” out of Longmont, CO. This doctor makes periodic loops up through Wyoming and Montana. I will continue to give Chloe the drops and ointment in the meantime, then will take her to see this specialist later in the month at his closest stop to us (which is still practically half the state away). I’ll keep everyone updated, but for now it is just a matter of waiting.

I will, of course, be keeping a close watch on her eye for any developments, and while I care for her, I will allow her to treat my anxiety and tension with her hula-hips that wiggle impossibly fast as she wags her tail, and take as an example her serene yet feisty attitude toward everything life brings her way.