The Moon Is Alive

words by Pablo Neruda
photo taken January 2017

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6 Responses to “The Moon Is Alive”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Ohhh myyy… unbearably beautiful, complete with fairy dust on his forehead. The answer to “Who is Charlie?”

  2. Anna Says:

    gorgeous, just gorgeous

  3. taffy Says:

    This took my breath away…wonderful Charlie in his wonderland…the quote is perfect…sigh.
    Yes Jenny C, the answer to “Who is Charlie?”

    (where is my coat I am getting chills!!)

  4. Elvi S. Says:

    This achingly beautiful photo moves me to tears. His connection to you, dear Shreve, is so pure, so filled with love. The photo epitomizes the words of Neruda.

  5. marva felchlin Says:

    Just about to start a meeting at work. Perfect image to take with me…

  6. Sandy G.c Says:

    Yes, his eyes tell it all! Beautiful!

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