Little Prince

photo taken January 2017

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5 Responses to “Little Prince”

  1. Richard Davis Says:

    The lord of the land surveying his domain. If he was a coyote on the other side of that fence, he would be wild, thinner, and looking for his next meal. Sometimes one’s perspective says a lot about how one lives his/her life.

  2. Linda Lu Says:

    Just when you think the pictures can’t get any better, up pops an exceptionally great one and this is one of those! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mj Says:

    He looks so regal!

  4. taffy Says:

    -`sigh’- So pretty.

  5. Sandy G. Says:

    Shreve, I haven’t noticed Chloe in any photos with Charlie lately. Are they still friends and do they still play together? Just wondering. Thanks.

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