Wise Eyes

photo taken February 2017

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4 Responses to “Wise Eyes”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Wise eyes indeed – beautiful shot of Charlie with his penetrating gaze. That dab of red Wyo soil on his nose turns it into a perfect heart.

  2. Amy Says:

    Me when Karen asks ONE MORE QUESTION at the meeting that was supposed to end gen minutes ago.

  3. torre Says:

    wise eyes for sure – I need such a look at work LOL

    got my new pictures in the mail today!! I love them! i have quite a collection going in an album – i look forward to finding a healthy place to live – i would love to have these framed and hanging on the wall. sure brings me balance in these crazy times.

    and Amy – love this comment LOL sometimes I am that guilty person…. oops

  4. Sandy G. Says:

    I love Charlie’s colors–his eyes, his fur. He’s beautiful!

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