Terrace Staircase

photo taken February 2017

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4 Responses to “Terrace Staircase”

  1. Pam Says:

    this may seem like a very silly question today,,,and totally unrelated to gorgeous Charlie on his terrace steps, but I was rereading the 2005 Tinkerbell / Sir Baby story this morning & isn’t it possible that Sir Baby was her father?

  2. shreve Says:

    No… he and Tink’s mama were never together. He’s just THAT sweet!

  3. Vanessa Says:

    I see the fence you built way back is still holding up well…don’t remember the stone terrace, did you add that later?

  4. Pam Says:

    Thanks , Shreve….you have absolutely no idea how much pleasure I get daily fron all your pictures and websites,,,not to mention always “flipping” through the book.
    & the beef has been delicious! I don’t know what’s been my favorite cut.

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