Cutest Weirdest

photo taken April 2017

one year ago: Boo
two years ago: More Spring Wind
three years ago: Profile
four years ago: Shapes & Shadows
five years ago: Fang You, Fang You Very Much
six years ago: Arbor Ardor
seven years ago: His Attempt To Intimidate Fails
eight years ago: Treats
nine years ago: My, You Look Tasty

4 Responses to “Cutest Weirdest”

  1. Karen Says:

    Does wet coyote smell like wet dog? I want to imagine coyotes having an earthier smell, like freshly turned dirt. But…I suppose they still probably smell like dogs!

  2. Alyxx Says:

    We know their toes smell like fritos, just like dogs…

  3. wright1 Says:

    As you’ve said, he’s a poser. Here, he seems fully aware of how off-kilter his appearance is and is deliberately exaggerating it…

  4. Susan Says:

    That’s a derp face!

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