Walking The Windowsill

photo taken May 2017

one year ago: Playdate
two years ago: Rose Petal
three years ago: Moar Toys
four years ago: Such Symmetry
five years ago: Slightly Spooky
six years ago: Snug As A Bug
seven years ago: Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?
eight years ago: Charlie Hunt, Chloe Cook!!!!
nine years ago: Trucker

5 Responses to “Walking The Windowsill”

  1. ng in nh Says:

    Walking the Windowsill, WET!!

  2. taffy Says:

    Such a beautiful boy.

  3. Vee Says:


  4. hello haha narf Says:

    love how he looks when wet!

  5. Jenny C Says:

    It’s like Charlie should have his own fairytale or Irish legend based on this enchanting shot.

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