Livin’s Easy

photo taken May 2017

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two years ago: Lovin’ Those Legs
three years ago: You’ve Got To Be Kind
four years ago: Sleep & Peek
five years ago: Almost Five
six years ago: This Again??
seven years ago: Candid Coyote
eight years ago: Through The Fence Lightly
nine years ago: Coyo Or Cujo

4 Responses to “Livin’s Easy”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Pure, unadulterated… ecstasy.

  2. wright1 Says:

    Regal and relaxed, against a curtain of green and yellow. Wonderful image.

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    That is a fabulous photo!

  4. Diane Says:

    He continues to be uttergly gorgeous. Seeing as he is also an “older canine”, do you have the impression that he has “slowed down” any? Does he still want to play as much?

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