Free And Easy

photo taken June 2017

one year ago: Somnus Interruptus
two years ago: Summer Snowball
three years ago: Glow And Grow
four years ago: Sunny Honey
five years ago: V 3
six years ago: The Tongue
seven years ago: Mighty Mouth
eight years ago: Ode To Eadweard (Muybridge)
nine years ago: Swaggering The Canyonbottom

3 Responses to “Free And Easy”

  1. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Glad Charlie don’t have to worry about anyone threating to hurt him :)
    Wish all the wild coyotes can say the same thing, but unfortunately they can’t :( At least the coyote pack that lives close to where I live at knows that someone cares about them, but they still have to watch out for danger :(

  2. torre Says:

    he looks so happy :) and got the email re: the book – it sure was hard to pick a favorite for a cover LOL they are all gorgeous!

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    We’ve got a pack of protected coyotes in the open space preserve behind my parents’ house. It runs south past a golf course and north to a freeway and possibly beyond. The city even put in conduits so they can pass under the major roads with no danger of being hit.

    I still worry some nutjob is trying to poison them. Maybe retribution for dining on their roaming kitty who should have been kept safe indoors or the unattended Pomeranian left on the back patio.

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