The Art Of Knowing

words by Rumi
photo taken August 2017

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2 Responses to “The Art Of Knowing”

  1. Sally Says:

    lovely, just lovely.

  2. Linda Pogue Says:

    Shreve If I had a daughter you would be it. We have the sameness in so many ways. I have raised a few of my own wild animals . 2 Tigers a Lion . Coy dog s . And now. I relate to in many ways to your Carlie. He is adorable . You have done a great job with him. It is a daily commitment of love trust respect and intuition . You learn what you can do and what can’t do. Of what is acceptable at the right time .You are a great interesting writer. I have let my trusted friends read your book. They love it. Can’t wait till the new one comes out ! I rescued my coyote who is a lot like Charlie. Yodie will be 5 in April. Full commitment. I never leave , only let’s me touch him and kisses no one else at all. It is truly not for everyone. to raise one! As you know they are not to be looked upon as a pet!

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