Notes On Charlie ~ July 16

The transition of Chloe joining the ranks has gone incredibly well.  She assimilated, and was assimilated, into our crazy mix immediatly; no difficulty at all between her and Charlie and Eli.  She has massive amounts of energy and can keep up with Charlie, running and roughousing, like few could.  And she doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously, which is a good thing in this household.  Charlie, Eli, and I are all neurotic and Chloe is like a little cloud without a care in the world, floating through it all.

I’ve been sure to dole out equal attention to the three of them, which is not difficult.  Eli demands it when he wants it, Chloe is a sweet little brautwurst, and Charlie…Charlie I adore in a way I cannot describe.  Though “Chloe, NO,” was the most common phrase uttered around here for a time, she is quite smart and learning quickly what is expected, in large part from watching Charlie.  She saw that Charlie only received treats after he sat, so Chloe began sitting within days.  She comes when called and it seems she will do anything for praise.

Yet while she’s shockingly obedient to me, she steals from Charlie all the time, food right out of his mouth, toys he’s playing with, pig ears he’s gnawing on, even if she has her own.  And he lets her.  I find myself guarding the coyote from the thieving puppy.  There is only one instance when Charlie puts Chloe in her place.  When Charlie and I are having some love-time, greeting eachother with licks and kisses first thing in the morning, or when I’m lying beside him rubbing him or he’s leaning against my legs as I pet him, and Chloe comes over to join in, Charlie gives her the Serious Growl, one he rarely utters, and if she persists and doesn’t leave, he grabs her snout in his mouth till she squeals.