Growing Back

photo taken August 2017

one year ago: Hazy & Crazy
two years ago: C’mon Get Happy
three years ago: I Would Ride With You Upon The Wind
four years ago: Straight Up
five years ago: And Again With The Carpet
six years ago: It Got HOT
seven years ago: Open Wide x 2
eight years ago: A Pair Of Jokers
nine years ago: The Winter Coat
ten years ago: Stray Feather

3 Responses to “Growing Back”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Our lean boy getting his fluff on. Truly remarkable transformation, year in and year out.

    Very interesting coloring here; sepia meets watercolor. Brings Charlie and his trademark stare into sharp focus. Love it.

  2. torre Says:

    his coat looks so soft! winter is coming…. Jenny C – right – trademark stare – love it!

    I think i need to get a print :)

  3. wright1 Says:

    Coyote in silvered bronze. Love how the texture and shading of his fur echoes the feathery high grass.

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