Sideways Glance

photo taken September 2017

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7 Responses to “Sideways Glance”

  1. torre Says:

    awwwwww come on mom – let’s go for a hike!

  2. bonnie Says:


  3. Jenny C Says:

    Oh, Darlin’…

  4. Barbara Says:

    He looks so nutty when he does that with his eyes. I love it!

  5. taffy Says:

    He’s ravishing.

  6. pam Says:

    All I can say is ,,,,I cant wait to get my book!!! & it will be the only book on the coffee table as I don’t have anything ever on the coffee table.

  7. scotty Says:

    it’s gonna be great when the book is ready. it’s bigger than … star brand beef ! omgosh poor S~ works far too hard on this stuff. charlie looks so funny. happy fall to everyone brrr it’s startin to get chilly out there.

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