Little Munchkin

photo taken May 2007

one year ago: Late Afternoon Lookout
two years ago: Happy Face
three years ago: Weed Trees
four years ago: Fire Sign
five years ago: The Line Between Dark And Bright
six years ago: Mountain Portrait
seven years ago: The Princess and The Frog
eight years ago: Coyote Catch
nine years ago: First Snake Of The Season
ten years ago: Curled Up

6 Responses to “Little Munchkin”

  1. torre Says:

    awwwww baby picture :)

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Those incredible eyes and ears; every inch a beautiful coyote. What a joyous privilege it’s been to watch him grow into himself and live a full life with you in the wilds of Wyoming. I’m forever grateful that you’ve shared this journey with us, Shreve.

  3. pam Says:

    It’s hard to believe that Charlie is 10! But what a great life you have given him, Shreve. & how you & he have enhanced my life for all those years!

  4. bonnie Says:

    looks like an elf hybrid to me :)

  5. wright1 Says:

    Ohh, what a calculating, yet playful Trickster stare!

  6. Sandy G. Says:

    Love those blue eyes!

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