photo taken January 2018

one year ago: True North
two years ago: Upside Down, Boy You Turn Me
three years ago: Tiger Grrr
four years ago: Mmmm Good
five years ago: Hey Hey
six years ago: Sun Sparkles
seven years ago: Oldies But Goodies
eight years ago: Hide And Go Sepia
nine years ago: Which Is The Cutest: Yawn, Ears, Or Paws?
ten years ago: Three More, Because I Love Them

3 Responses to “Mist…..erious”

  1. Linda Lu Says:

    Yep, and there’s that sly little smile again.

  2. wright1 Says:

    Perfect blend of ethereal and mischief; Charlie would fit right in with the Celtic Fey.

  3. Pat D. Says:

    Lovely portrait. He’s aging very well into a wizard of the woods.

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