Counting Sheep

photo taken May 22, 2007 • photo title thanks to Mimi

UPDATE: WOW! Awesome day with comments. Geniuses, the lot of you. I’m going to make this a weekly event.  I’ve closed comments on this post as of now, 12:30pm EST, because I have a baby calf spending the night inside with us tonight and I know it’s going to be a crazy morning.  Tomorrow at some point I will post about the baby cow in my house AND post the winner of the contest – that part is going to be tough. Thanks, all of you!

• • •

Comments are open today, folks!
I’m feeling like a daredevil, what can I say.

My favorite, most-missed part of having comments open were the alternate titles and captions you guys would leave for the daily photo.  That’s what I’d love to see here.  Titles, captions, even Charlie-thought-bubbles… leave yours in the comments.  THE WINNER (either I’ll pick my favorite, or I’ll have MC pick a random number, I haven’t decided yet) will get a signed copy of my book, The Daily Coyote.  Now show me your brain on Charlie!

361 Responses to “Counting Sheep”

  1. AmandaH Says:

    Day Light Savings? I just want to sleep.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Just 5 more minutes Mom… zzZZ

  3. Christine Says:

    This is an adorable photo. :) Caption: “Ugh! Close the curtains, Mom, pleeeeease!”

  4. SheilaE Says:

    Wake me up when the pancakes are ready.

  5. Melanie Elaine Says:

    “What is it with this lady and the camera? Some privacy please!”

    I have to say those are the cutest little puppy paws!

  6. Judy Says:

    Caption: makin’ like a cat

  7. Michelle Says:

    Coyote dreaming…

  8. Terry Says:

    just ears and toes… sweet dreams…

  9. Justin Says:

    5…4…3….2….1 Eli, I hope you found a good hiding place.

  10. Donna Lee Humble Says:

    Charlie is a gift thank-you for sharing!
    Looking a Charlies Pics. Makes my Heart Sing!!!!

  11. Owen & Sarah Says:

    Charlie: “I wish’d I hadn’t chewed those slippers, cause now I’z not gunna get any pancakes.” *whimper*

    {Hehe, I love this picture, his wittle itsy bitsy toes are SO CUTE.}

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Morning comes early in Wyoming. A little too early.

  13. Marina Says:

    It’s Monday and I don’t WANNA get up!

  14. Maggie Says:

    Feeling ashamed. What happens in Wyoming stays in Wyoming.

  15. Micae Says:


  16. Margaret G Says:

    Hide N seek? Okay… One, Two, Three, Zzzzzzz…..

  17. RC Says:

    Can I pretend the alarm didn’t just go off?

  18. msdramateacherlady Says:

    No creative comment this morning, just wanted to let you know I love the photos and am a bit jealous. I have always wanted to meet a coyote up close and personal (don’t worry, not going to do anything crazy). You and Charlie are both very lucky to have each other (and let’s not forget Eli and Chloe).

  19. Christianne Says:

    Don’t open the curtains, Mom. The sun will hurt my eyes!

  20. Riosmom Says:

    “Aw, mom, not peek-a-boo again!”

    The pictures of him as a baby are heart tugging. Thank you.

  21. Dawn Says:

    This photo reminded me of what my father said that I’d do as a toddler: I’d cover MY eyes to play peekaboo, figuring that if I couldn’t see anyone, they couldn’t see me.

    So, my caption is just that: Peekaboo!

  22. Heather Says:

    Awww I just want to be cuddled but instead let me sleep!

  23. falnfenix Says:


    my cat often does this while napping in my lap…there’s usually a lamp behind me that’s on an auto-timer, so he ends up with a face full of light unless he hides. it’s the cutest thing in the world.

  24. Hal Johnson Says:

    Gotta stay away from those fermented berries!

  25. Jennifer Says:

    “Five more minutes mom. Pleeeease!”

    Not that he needs anymore beauty rest.

  26. Claire Says:

    Those darn ears of mine give away my hiding spot every time!

  27. Pat Says:

    A Pause of the Paws.

  28. Phoenix Says:

    Not before my coffe!

  29. Katie M Says:

    Who needs sepia when they’ve got camouflage?

  30. Min Says:


    Little ears are so cute~

  31. Trina Says:

    Give me a minute to rub the sleep out of my eyes…

  32. Jared Zdrojowy Says:

    Caption: /facepalm


  33. Chris K Says:

    “Paws to reflect”

  34. Meghan Says:

    Charlie: “Ugh, no camera this early!”

    And my own thought: adorable little paw!

  35. Kelly Says:

    Iz not a skool day today, iz it mama?

  36. Kimberly Says:

    “No flash photography please”

  37. Ed Says:

    and god bless _ _ _ _ _ _

  38. Jennifer V Says:

    How many readers do you have anyway? I am not showing my cuteness today. Don’t wake me til full moon or elf stew or til Eli comes in.

  39. Kate Says:

    The light, she hurts my eyes!

    PS: I always wanted to ask if you give Charlie baths. He always looks so clean :)

  40. Catsquatch Says:

    Ok, now Im tie tie……

    (ps, Sorry Shreve, I dont have an email address right now so the one I used to post is a fake)

  41. Ingrid Says:

    I’m too scared to look!

  42. Shellster Says:

    Oh no MC, put your pants on!
    Eeek Shreve, get decent!
    The roof is leaking again!
    Oh my goodness, what is that smell?
    Oh man, I gotta lay off the Jägermeister!
    Is it morning already?
    Go to work? We don’t need no steenkin’ work!
    Nothing but bars and blankets…why get up?
    Mom, could you throw another log on the fire?
    Oh no, I cannot get up. Sick day!

  43. PJ Says:

    (Hushed elegant British male voice over) Currently, our Coyote Cam shows Charlie in a pique of exhaustion after his perilous climb to the top of Mount Blankie. He appears to be very tie tie and without supplemental oxygen he will have to spend a great deal of time recovering his strength before making his dizzying descent. One can only wonder what drives a tiny coyote pup of such a tender age to accomplish such an amazing feat …without climbing gear, or even boots on his wittle paws. Stay tuned for further developments of this breaking story…

  44. Brook S. Says:

    English Narrator: “…and here we see the civilized coyote enjoying a snuggle in his herringbone wool blanket, the envy of fashion-conscious coyotes everywhere…”

  45. Em Says:

    “Don’t look at me, I’m so cute it might burn out your retinas.”

  46. June R Says:

    “Eli did it, I swear!”

  47. Theo Says:

    Ooooogh… some of that corn must’ve fermented… curtains please…

  48. Dave Says:

    “oh noes, not nail clippin tiem again”!

  49. Melissa Celii Says:

    “Avoiding the Shreve paparazzi”

  50. Goddess Says:

    Time to make the donuts.

  51. Skimmie Says:

    “…an’ bwess Ewi an’ Mommy, amen!”

  52. Daisy Says:

    Thanks for bringing me home Shreve……

  53. DrunkBunny Says:

    “The flight attendants can pass out as many tiny blankets as they please – it’s still impossible to sleep in Coach!”

  54. Vee Says:

    caption: I don’t like Mondays, but I’m willing to be nice in exchange for some glutten-free pancakes and five minutes of snuggling time.

    I “discovered” your blog over Valentine’s day weekend and kept the boyfriend up while I read almost every entry over the course of the night. I just love it. I also love the photos you took while travelling on your Vespa. You’re amazing, thank you for sharinh even when folks who are rough around the edges are out of line.

  55. Andralynn Says:

    “Next time I won’t stay up so late partying with Eli….”

  56. Sandy Keech Says:

    1..2..7..5……..ready or not, here I come!

  57. The Bossy Yankee Says:

    Glad you opened the comments back on.

    “enough already with the camera I just want to sleep in peace”

  58. D Says:

    Life Sentence

  59. Stephanie Says:

    Not the paparazzi again… No flashs, it hurts my eyes…

  60. Lynn Says:

    “No pupperazzi please!!”

  61. Bethany Says:

    “Ugh! Monday AND Daylight Savings Time!”
    “It can’t be morning already!”
    “Out of sight. Out of mind?”

    I am so glad that you remind people that Charlie is still a “wild” animal and that not everyone should try this. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us!

  62. Tony Says:

    Looks like someone’s got a case of “the Mondays.”

  63. Heidi Says:

    (Smacks forehead) “What was I thinking?”

  64. Kiki Smith Says:

    Hi, Shreve. Not entering the contest…just wanted to say I bought and finished reading your book this weekend. It was wonderful. Congratulations on writing such a thoughtful, gentle story. I enjoyed it very much and I wish you and your little family all the best.

    I’m raising an American Dingo and while she’s much more domesticated than Charlie, she’s also more wild than your average dog. She’s put us thru the ropes too but studying her, understanding her reactions to things, learning to work with her instincts and remaining calm but in charge were the keys to breaking thru to her. She’s 11 now and such a sweetheart. Still very, very pack oriented…strangers are not easily welcomed…but my hsb and I are a bit like that too so it works out just fine. ;-)

    Take care,

  65. Jeff Taylor Says:

    The coyotes were sleeping, all snug in their beds, while visions of Eli danced in their heads!

  66. Donna Goda Says:


  67. Wincey Says:

    Charlie says, “I cannot BELIEVE Shreve is opening comments. Won’t she ever learn?!”


  68. Lauren Says:

    Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  69. Tony Says:

    After a long slog to the top of Mt. Herringbone, Charlie stops for a brief nap.

  70. lufu27 Says:

    I hate Mondays!

  71. hayden Says:

    ….and please, send me lots of juicy snacks!

  72. Jen A. Says:

    Title: Coyote Dreaming

    I just watched “Australia” last night, and was reminded about my own trip to Perth and studying Aboriginal culture. The Aborigines believe that everything is dreamed — the plants, the people and especially the animals. This picture made me think that Charlie must be having his own Dreaming — about what he’s gonna be when he grows up! :)

  73. shannon Says:

    ‘must hide from the puparazi’

  74. Kat Says:

    I wish I may I wish I might
    Have an Elk leg tonight!

  75. Dori Says:

    Loved the book. Read it in one sitting.

    As for the caption… “Never trust a smiling cat.. My poor head!”

  76. Angela Says:


  77. Alicia Says:

    Ugh! Why does morning come so early? Must hit snooze button.

  78. E.L. Fay Says:

    Dat kitteh – I luvs him but he eated mah cheezburger!

    (I’ve always felt this site had major LOLcats potential. . .)

  79. Paul Lemmens Says:

    “I can’t see her … so she can’t see me!”

  80. Angel Says:

    I pway dat u watch over mommy lord and I wish u wood make ewi pway wif me…. amen

  81. Owen Says:

    E. L. Fay- I was thinking the same thing!
    Darn cheezburgah eatin’ kitteh and his fluffiness.

  82. Smook Says:

    Will Not Spring Forward. Yet.

  83. Kate Says:

    Is the stock market down again??????? Nooooooooooooo. My broker said buy, buy, buy.. I am long on elk and cheese…..I won’t get up til it hits 9000 again. Shreeeve call my agent NOW !!!

  84. Nancy F Says:

    “Dude. Pants. Now.”

  85. Kathy Says:

    “I’m a growing boy, I need my rest”~Charlie

  86. Sherri Cox Says:


  87. Misty Says:

    “Not another Monday…”

  88. mel Says:

    “Monday? Suck it.”

  89. Tellu Says:

    I just love your pictures!Thanks Charlie, Eli and Cloe!

  90. bobbie Says:

    “Awwwwwww Mom ~ not ANOTHER picture?!?!”

  91. Fabia Says:

    “Just being shy”

  92. marsha Says:

    “My safe haven”

  93. angie Says:

    “talk to the paw, the face is asleep”


    “bashful boy”

  94. Chris(sy) Says:

    “You can’t see me, I’m hiding”

  95. ISHIBEADS Says:

    10 more minutes, mom.

  96. Ann from Montana Says:

    Yes, I want pancakes…in another hour.

  97. jen Says:

    I don’t have a creative caption (I could only mutter something about William Willett because I wish I were curled up like Charlie in this pic right now) but I did want to say how much I loved your book. Your story is amazing and inspirational.

  98. Cin Says:

    “Bump it…I’ll think about it it tomorrow”

    ~stoopid daylight savings time~

  99. Heather Says:

    Tippy-toeing through a nap

  100. Lindsay Says:

    “If I hide behind my paw maybe she won’t see me. “

  101. maija Says:

    Since it’s -12F here at the moment, the photo is from lovely MAY and I’m wishing I was still in bed:

    soft sleeper dreams of spring meadows

  102. Amy Says:

    It seems only appropriate to give the photo this caption:

    “Oh, no. Mom just opened comments again. I’m going to hide over here until it’s safe to come out again.” :)

    Glad you and all the animals are doing well!

  103. Wendy Says:

    “Sleepy tweedling”

  104. Victoria Says:

    Maybe if I stay REAL quite, she won’t notice I’m awake…

  105. Ray Hopkins Says:

    I heard that!

  106. Laura Says:

    98….99….100….ready or not, here I come!

  107. mlaiuppa Says:

    3, 2, 1, Ready or not…here I come.

  108. Frantabulous Says:

    Coyote castle in the sky.

  109. Sherri Says:

    Just another 5 MORE MINUTES mom!!!

  110. k bennett Says:

    [in honor of grandma svensto's first trip here]

    “I vant to be alone.”

  111. Toni Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    Just wanted to say “yay” to comments, and to let you know that I’ve purchased five copies of your book as gifts for family and friends. We all love being a part of your journey, including our rescued cat Frank, who is Eli’s twin!


  112. Matthew Says:

    “Stop looking at me like that! I’m NOT adorable! I’m a ferocious predator!”

  113. Quixote Kid Says:

    Auggghhhhh, I’ll never eat Eli’s catnip again…NEVER!

  114. Susan Says:

    Blankets of wool are more fun to sleep in than a blankets of snow!

  115. Z's Mom Says:

    I don’t have a caption but he sure is cute and I would have had a heck of a hard time not waking him up just to smooch and love on him while he was all cute and snoozy like that.

    That looks like one of my ex-husband’s yoga blankets.

  116. Kelly Says:

    Ugh. The Light. It is too bright.

  117. Rebecca Says:

    Please, away with the camera: I don’t want you to see my ‘morning face’.

  118. Diana in Phoenix Says:

    “I’m SOOOO glad Mommie doesn’t live in NY anymore! If I can’t see the stock market, it’s really not happening……..”

  119. Danielle Says:

    Growing into these ears and paws is exhausting.

  120. Annie Says:

    Lullaby and good night
    Go to sleep my little darling
    Know that Mama will be watching
    over you as you rest
    Knowing there will be no harm
    that will come to you sweetheart
    Know that you are Mama’s precious
    baby boy that she loves

  121. Dog-geek Says:

    “Nobody here but us blankets!”

  122. LizzieBelle Says:

    Talk to the paw!

  123. Kelli Says:

    Daylight Savings Sleepy-time

  124. Clint Says:

    “Mom! Eli took my nose and won’t give it back!”

  125. Lydia Says:


  126. Melinda Says:

    love your blog and your book. Don’t need the book (read it and gave it to my teenage godson who loves it too). Just wanted to say…

  127. Sara Says:

    …please wake me when Monday is over.

  128. Heather Says:

    “That darn roadrunner tricked me again! I’m so ashamed.”

  129. Nancy Says:

    Aww common Mom-just 5 more minutes

  130. HPH Says:

    … and the hangovers hurt more than they use to when I was younger

  131. joseph Says:

    “geezzz that was embarrassing”

  132. Scargsun Says:

    Aw, Ma, I don wanna go to school today!

  133. coloradolady Says:

    “Even the rich and famous get camera shy”

    Just wanted to say, I love your blog and book. You are such an inspiration.

  134. betharoopie Says:

    Do! Not! Want!

    welcome back. :)

  135. Lisa Says:


  136. owlwatcher_974 Says:

    Ugh…I hate Mondays!!

  137. fuzzichi Says:

    “oh bother”

  138. LJM Says:

    “I’d rather be . . . no, I’m good.”

  139. tami Says:

    “Mommy! If you love me, black out blinds, ASAP!!!!”

  140. Cathy Says:

    Pawsear (pause here)

  141. Milaka Says:

    Caption from my kindergartener: “Oh! The sun is too bright!”
    Caption from my 3rd grader: “You can’t see me!”
    Caption from me: “Okay Eli! I’ll count, you go hide! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . .zzzzzzzzzzz”

    We love this site! The kids and I check on Charlie every morning. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  142. copchick Says:

    This site is one of my guilty pleasures. Just wanted to say thanks for the site.

  143. Carolyn Says:

    “Five More Minutes!”

    It’s nice to have a space to say thanks for this beautiful blog. Thank you!

  144. John in KC Says:

    Ack! She’s trying to cook Lasagna in the wood stove again!

  145. SAM Says:

    Antennae up. Check.

  146. Kim Says:

    “now i lay me down to sleep…”

  147. Jaynez Says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep . . .

  148. Tiny Tyrant Says:

    Are pants too much at ask for this early in the morning?

  149. Wehaf Says:

    No pictures, please…

  150. Creekhiker Says:

    Hey! Where’d she go?

  151. Stacy Hurt Says:

    Holy crap! Look at the number of those comments!!! No wonder you blocked them!

    I was gonna put

    “Wake me when Daylight savings ends” but dang! I’m sure there are like 50 of those up there by now…

    Much love to Eli, Charlie & your lovely self!~

  152. jennifer caunedo Says:

    paws n ears

  153. RS Says:

    Before All the Nose!

    I love Charlie’s nose. :D It reminds me of my Beagle’s snout. <3

  154. Jess Says:

    “Moooom no more pictures! You’re embarrassing me D:”

    “Charlie said, ‘no comment!’ when confronted with the missing steak incident”

  155. riolinda Says:

    If I lie very still, she’ll never find me.

    love the paws and those ears!! thanks for sharing Charlie!! :)

  156. Nancy Peacocok Says:

    Shy Guy

  157. Tinare Says:

    “This whole spring forward thing makes me tired.”

  158. joy Says:

    Cute as a Snooze Button

  159. Sarah Says:

    No paparazzi…. just “elf” legs and gluten free snacks please mom!

  160. KF Says:

    Glad to have comments back!

    Wish I could think of a witty caption because I’d love an autographed copy of the book!

  161. kathleen Says:

    Little Ears

  162. Robin Says:

    Place kiss here. And here. And here.

  163. Alisa Says:

    Toe Tufts

  164. dlperry Says:

    “Is it over yet?”

  165. Roxanne R Says:

    “Today is just not my day…”

  166. Dave Says:

    Go play with Ranger, or Eli, or Chloe, or……zzzzzzzzzz

  167. Terri in AZ Says:

    Life is SOOOOOO good!

    Love your site :)

  168. Jenna Says:

    Charlie: ‘….corn pile…. … *twitch*’

  169. Sarah Says:

    “Folding laundry makes me soooo sleepy!”

  170. Autumn Says:

    Title of Photo: “Sweet Pieces Peeking”

    I am halfway through your book and utterly amazed that one of the small libraries here in upstate New York had it. Too poor to buy my own copy right now, but totally plan to.

    I’m loving it. Loving it. My fifteen month old son (with the flu) is napping on my chest right now leaving me free to read about September. When he is awake we look through the book together at photos of Charlie: pointing out his eyes and ears and nose. Sti

  171. Debbie Says:

    Found your website searching for materials on coyotes and AHA!
    I rescued what I’m positive is a coyote pup (Tawny) and wolf mix (TRex)
    I also own Mocha who is a wolf hybrid and is 5. Tawny has a rare condition called persistent rt aortic arch. She’s 4 months and we’re spending a bundle having it fixed. Mocha is 5 and was diagnosed last year with spindle cell sarcoma. Heartbroken, but will do whatever it takes to make them survive…now that I’m addicted to wild breeds, I’ll never be the same!
    Love your website!!!

  172. Meggan Holzer Says:

    Oh, it’s so exhausting being this cute!

  173. Suzy Says:


  174. Hilary Says:

    “Coyote Coziness”

  175. Tanya Says:

    To pooped to care…

    I love the comments. My son and I have really enjoyed Charlie and Eli and Chloe. We just think they are so cute. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life for our entertainment.

  176. Molly Says:

    “Go away, morning. I’m… er, a vampire, and I must sleeep. And I’ll turn to dust if you draw back the curtains.”

  177. AmyM Says:

    Honk shuuuu honk shuuuu honk shuuuu

  178. Karen Says:

    Shreve, I finally got to reading the book (a borrowed copy) just this past Friday (started in the afternoon, finished in the evening) and am thoroughly impressed by both the writing and the lengths you’ve gone to in order to care responsibly for Charlie. His pictures, especially when he’s grown, take on a whole new poignancy now that I know some of those stories.

    Now I’m kicking myself for missing a chance to get an autographed copy of the book for myself while they were available! So, I’ll give this my best shot:

    “All that work for nothing! Nobody told me coyotes don’t have to do taxes!”

  179. James NomadRip Says:

    “This lady and her camera AGAIN?!?! Sheesh!! I know I’m good-looking, but I’m just sleeping!!”

    Love the blog. Don’t worry about the negativers. Be glad you don’t have to go through life being them. :-)

  180. CJ Says:

    My first thought on captions has been taken by many (five more minutes, pleeeeeeeeeease!).

    Just wanted to say how much I love all the pics of Charlie and the gang. I got the book for my mom for Christmas and she adored it!

  181. ariestess Says:

    No Rest for the Wicked


    You Cannot See Me!

  182. Leonora Says:

    My caption:

    Brace for impact!

    I’ve missed reading the comments, thanks for being brave!

  183. Terry D Says:

    I can’t even bear to look!

  184. Owen (Again) Says:

    (This is my second quote, by the way. If that matters. :) )

    Charlie: “Mommmmmyyy, you PROMISED fresh syrup wif our pancakes!!! Now I guess I CAN’T get up outta bed, and it’s all your faults.”

    Shreve: “Yeah, uh-huh.”

    Charlie: *hides his face so she won’t see his devious look*

    It’s so fun to be able to comment again! Go Shreve! :D

    P.S. Jeeeelllllooooo

  185. Patte Says:

    Hi Shreve, Charlie and the farmily..

    Too many wonderful captions already, I just wanted to tell you and the farmily what an inspiration that you have all been to me in the journey that I am on. I am surrounded by incredible animals that given me the unconditional love that you also experience.

    You have allowed us inside of a very private life so that we may further expand ours. I have your book and have gifted others with it also. I read this blog everyday and send it others too.

    Thank you for being…you!!

  186. goldfish Says:

    “What the hell did I do last night?”

  187. Ben Says:

    “Comments? Oh, no, not this (bleep) again!”

  188. Feral Boy Says:

    Media Superstar says, “No comment.”

  189. Alys Says:

    “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!”

    Love the site and your book Shreve; several people in my office have borrowed it, and it’s a favourite of mine, especially on a cold winter day. I can curl up with a cup of tea, my two kitties, and read away. :)

  190. Betsy Says:

    One Elf Leg Too Many

  191. Lizzie Says:

    Don’t show me to the public until I have my face on! It’s too too shy-making!

  192. Melissa Says:

    “Oh Lord, do I have to face the day already??”

    Shreve – LOVE your blog, LOVE your book… I got it for Christmas and couldn’t put it down! Thanks for sharing your life and that of your animals with us – it’s a gift…

  193. Sandra Says:

    A gentleman NEVER looks.

  194. Brittany R. Says:

    “Where the Wild Things Snuggle”

  195. RANDI Says:


  196. Tracy Says:

    Turn out the lights…the party’s over.

  197. Michelle Says:

    Folded blankie snuggy dog!

  198. cath Says:

    Tukered Out

    also, i can’t pass up the chance to add a comment about my awe of your skills – as a photographer and as a writer. thank you for sharing your journey … vicariously is the closest i will get to your lifestyle, and i am enjoying it immensely!!

  199. Kerri Murphy Says:

    Did I really eat the whole thing?

  200. keabird Says:

    All the good lines are taken – Love your blog and your book, I am another who starts her day with coffee and Daily Coyote fix. Enjoy your take on the weird comments you get and the theory on Maths – so true. Thanks you inspire.

  201. Lisa Says:

    “You can’t see me…no, seriously, you can’t see me right? Sleepy coyote!”

  202. cath Says:

    damn. can’t spell … i meant TUCKERED OUT … (smiles) …

  203. Pic's adopted Mom Says:

    What keabird said – I second. The 1st thing I do when I get to work, is call up Charlie to see what you all are doing. I’ve read the book twice, and still love it as if I’d never read it. As always, thanks for keeping us in your life!

  204. Catherine Says:

    I wonder why Eli is telling me to hold the right paw like this…

  205. Helioprogenus Says:

    “Oh no, comments for this humble shy coyote, not again”

  206. Sarah Says:

    Professional house cat in disguise.

  207. Lisa Says:

    Talk to the paws.

  208. Lindsay Says:

    “You can’t see me…”

  209. Mandy Park Says:

    “All ears…and paws…”

  210. Rachel Says:

    Sleep today, pawdicure tomorrow.

  211. TD Says:

    “oh…. I’m so embarrassed… I shouldn’t have piddled in the corner….”

  212. stripeymeow Says:

    Sinking into a quicksand of blanket

  213. Kate Says:

    Shreve, thanks so much for your book. I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, who has had dominance struggles of his own with his gorgeous but oft troublesome dog. We live on opposite sides of the continent, and often send one another books. One of us will read first, underlining the passages that speak to us and scribbling loving notes in the margin, and then hand it over to the other who does the same. Your book in particular helped us learn a lot about each other.

  214. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to start getting up a bit earlier to handle all these comments!

  215. Laffindog Says:

    “Toooooo comfy, just can’t face the day yet!”

  216. By Jane Says:

    Oh, god, is that wheezing old tomcat circling around me again?!?!?

  217. Kristan Says:

    “Warning: do not stare directly at the coyote. I’m too cute! Cover your eyes, like this, and you’ll be safe.”

  218. karen Says:

    Dreamin’ Sweet Coyote Dreams

  219. Brenda Says:

    (1) It’s been a hard day’s night…

    (2) “Pawlease” (Please :-)

    (3) Fill in the blanks, “Toes, Ears and ………………. ” (Nose)

  220. Silvia Lisart Says:

    To Whom belong those softie and pluschie ears???
    to a Baby Flurry Furry Devil!!

    Many kisses to Charlie and Family from Italy!

  221. Sandy Says:

    “Not now, mama. One more hour, PLEASE!”

  222. Hanasu Says:

    Hey, there!
    I will say just two things:
    1. Looking at the twitter you posted a few days ago about the notebook… check this out (you may have seen it already)

    2. My caption for this picture would be:
    “Too… tired… to… look… at… camera… zzzzz”

    Lots of love from Spain!

  223. The Fat Lady Sings Says:

    “Now I lay me down to sleep…..” He’s a gem, my dear. Best wishes always – for you and the whole furry family!

  224. Kristine Says:

    “I haz a lazy”

    Awesome site. Can not wait for the Charlie, Eli and Chloe fix.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  225. Len Says:

    “Wake me up when this economy is fixed.”

  226. Keri Says:

    “No, no! Get my good side!”

    Hi Shreve! I’m a first time commenter but a longtime reader. I love your website and your book. Your writing and photography are both simply mesmerizing. You are a wonderful story-teller; it’s the little details most people overlook that truly make the story come to life in our minds, and you did an amazing job accomplishing that both with your words and your photos. Thank you for sharing your story; your book was the world of calm and reflection I needed in my early post-partum period – I even read it out loud to my newborn, and it put him to sleep! :)

  227. sybann Says:

    No, Mr. De Mille, I am NOT ready for my closeup!

  228. joycebell Says:

    I vote for Smook’s caption (higher up in the comments):
    Will not spring forward. yet.

    Also would love to see a picture of Charlie as a fur sausage, if he still is a one as you twittered on March 2nd.

  229. Debi Says:


  230. Rose Says:

    I have no comment cuter than the ones already posted….but the newborn calf and momma cow picture made me gasp! How beautiful!!! Thank you Shreve for sharing your creative spirit with us. :)

  231. Veronica Says:

    Ha ha…. You can’t see me!

  232. teetotaled Says:

    Cuter than a kitten…

  233. Andrea Says:

    “Don’t wake me up, I’m dreaming of chasing and eating elk!!”

  234. Deb Howell Says:

    Charlie thought bubble: Anyone get the license plate number for that elk?

  235. Mimi Says:

    Counting sheep……

  236. auntgerry Says:

    If i cover my face, she can’t see me and I can sleep a little longer.

  237. TheGirlNerd Says:

    I love his little ears!

    “I promise I not peeking, Mommy!”

  238. Ann Marie Says:

    I got up the last time to let Eli and Chloe out, it is your turn, I am just too tired.

  239. Jamaica Says:

    “No photographs today; I don’t have my face on.”

  240. Nancy June Says:

    That early morning sun is just too bright!

  241. Alicia Says:

    “Not quite ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille “

  242. Dave Says:

    I can’t come up with a caption better than those here.

    “E.L. Fay Says: I’ve always felt this site had major LOLcats potential. . ”

    There are several pictures of Charlie on and/or They are properly credited to Daily Coyote (I hope they’re allowed to be there?)

    I think the reason I’m unable to think of a caption is that I think Charley is feeling as I do in the morning and he and I are probably both incoherent until later…..

  243. Terri Says:

    Oh Mommmmmy……Bad Dream!

    I shouldn’t have ate the whole thing……

    Bright Light…Bright Light!! (From the movie The Gremlins)

    EW….late night wit’ “the boyz”

  244. The Single Sister Says:

    Title: Hide and Seek with Charlie and Eli

    caption: “five…four….three…two….two and three quarters….two and a half…two and a quarter…one! Ready or not here I come!”

  245. heather em Says:

    Charlie is dreaming a dark, complicated dream of meadowlarks and mountains, indigo night sky and curious creatures everywhere… he follows the cold Snake River through the trees, heading for the warmth of the red and gold plains… he sees the scarlet flashes of Paintbrush in his peripheral vision, smells the bark of the cottonwoods all around him, and hears the cry of the goshawk above. The stars lead him on his journey; a wondrous world awaits.

  246. Beth Russo Says:

    I’m too little to do mornings…

  247. Beth Russo Says:

    It smells like skunk in here! Wait, is that me??

  248. Jen Says:

    Caption: Will some one put that light out?!

  249. Beth Russo Says:

    I’m dreaming I’m an only child and I really AM in charge!

  250. Janet Says:

    Oh, no, not more snarky comments’!

  251. Leslie Says:

    Hidey Coyote.

    Sleeping off the “spring forward”.

  252. Beth Russo Says:

    It’s called a nap, Eli. Leave or I’ll get mom’s elk antler!

  253. Sarah G. Says:

    It’s a hard knock life for a little coyote in the slammer.

  254. Sally Says:

    Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z. coyote snores

  255. Dianne Kuehner Says:

    Caption: “Paws” for a Nap

  256. Laura Says:

    Aww Mom…not another picture. A guy just wants to sleep.

  257. Mandy Says:

    “Five more minutes!!!!”

    Hi. I’m so glad I get to comment. I love your blog so much. I live in Maine, but I’m originally from Montana (Bozeman area) and I got your book for Christmas and it’s my favorite present ever. Whenever I get homesick I just pick it up and look at the pictures and forget about the east coast! Thanks!

  258. Emerson Says:

    I’ve waited so long to be able to leave a comment again. Thank you for this opportunity.

  259. Jenn Says:

    39… 40. Ready or not, here I come!


    This is not the puppy that you are looking for…

    Jeez mom, will you stop embarrassing me?

    Shhhh! I’m hiding from Eli!

  260. Megan Says:

    Well I have to say, all the good comments are spoken for! LOL Love your site, your book was amazing, and you are my hero for what you have accomplished with Charlie =)

  261. schatze Says:

    Looks like he’s saying : “Oy Vey!”

  262. Cas Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    I just wanted to say that I *love* your book and am halfway through and savoring. You are so courageous, and I wish you love and light. Keep on writing and photographing!

  263. John Says:

    Monday, Monday …….

  264. Mavis Says:

    “Don’t see me this way!”

  265. Apples2U Says:

    feelin a bit over whelmed by all the attention….

  266. Sea Wolf Says:

    Oh! Eli is licking himself again! Mom! Make him stop!

  267. Emma Says:

    “It’s too early, come back when the elks are awake..”

  268. Nancy Says:

    On Pause (Paws) .
    or Over the hill and far away…
    Or Paws and Effect. I couldnt stop thinking . lol

  269. Marina Says:

    In a tiny shy voice, “I vote for ice cream!”

  270. Shelly Says:

    I am NOT ready for my close-up!

  271. epeefencer Says:

    Scram . . . .

  272. Laura Says:

    Heaven is… 40 winks on a wool blanket.

  273. Mari Says:

    …eight, six, eleventy, firteen, fifteen…ready or not! here i come!

  274. Keddy Says:

    Just read your book and loved it. May blog about it soon. I am a libarian and just came across a book review for a title that reminds me of yours. Maybe you’ve heard of it already: The Philiosopher and the Wolf: Lessons from the WIld on Love, Death, and Happiness by Mark Rowlands. To be published by Pegasus, April 2009. In it he tells the story of his life with a wolf who he raised from cubdum.

  275. Fran Says:

    Caption: Feeling Bashful

    Love your blog!

  276. Kim Says:

    “Oh no…not another photo!!”

  277. Diane Says:

    Paws of Innocence

  278. Sharon Says:

    “I should never have let Eli talk me into trying catnip.”

  279. Aisha Says:

    “Don’t look at me, I’ve not put on my face yet!”

  280. Daniel Says:

    Title: Mom’s Working on Her Tan-lines Again

  281. kerry Says:

    My first post here! I wanna say how amazing your site and your book and what you do for Charlie is!

    My title for the picture is:

    Sweet Baby

    (cause my kitten sleeps the same way and my heart melts every time)

  282. Mandy Says:

    Tiny Dreamer

  283. Dinah Phillips Says:

    Sob…but I love Eli…why won’t he play with me…sob…

  284. Maggie Says:

    Yooou Can’t Seeeee Meeeeee!!!!

  285. Deb Says:

    Ah come on….I’m not that cute!

  286. Kim Campbell Says:

    “Just another Manic Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…..”

    I am SO glad you opened up comments! I love your site and I love your book! I have so enjoyed the videos.

    One thinkg I would love to learn more about is your lifestyle. My husband and I would love to live a simple, simple life.


  287. Dorinda Says:

    I can’t believe that just happened, I am soooooo embarrassed

  288. Alicia Says:

    “18..19..20. Ready or not, here I come!”

  289. Courtney Crocker Says:

    Charlie’s “MC style” portrait – all assets, no face ;)

  290. Lindsay Says:

    Charlie is thinking “As long as I can’t see her, then she can’t see me either, right? …am I right? I mean, I can’t see her, so she must not be there and I’m not in trouble yet.”

  291. Ann J. Says:


  292. Joanna Says:

    Oh god, not Eli’s balls again. Don’t you remember the last time?

    I’m glad the comments are back.

  293. Anonymous Says:


  294. Anna Says:

    Eli’s stream of consciousness:

    “I wonder if I can phwap that paw and hide under the bed before he sees me? Then again, that twitching ear might make a tasty morsel …

    “I know ! [tail twitching] I bet I could jump straight up from here and land on him with all four feet and scare the bejeezus out of him … that would make a fun start to the day!”"

    LOL – I already have a signed book, but the invitation is too fun to pass up!

  295. Colleen Greco Says:

    Love them all, Shreve! This is gonna be a tough pick!

  296. Jannah Says:

    Precious Moments

  297. M Says:

    “Peaceful slumber, daybreak awaits too soon, should be howlin’ at the moon.”

    I lived on a ranch in UT with the same red rock- your outdoor photos are so familiar!

  298. cyndi Says:

    go AWAY!!! puleeeeeeeeeze!!! Just go AWAY!!!

  299. carolh Says:

    I am a cat in coyote clothing, I am a cat in coyote clothing, I am a cat in coyote clothing.

    Shreve, I love the daily glipse of your “pack.”

  300. Janet Says:


  301. Cynthia Says:

    “Maybe if I play hard to get, Eli will want to be my friend.”

  302. carolh Says:

    Thought of another one

    To the tune of the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

    In the mountains, the quiet mountains, the cayote sleeps to night

  303. Auriga Says:

    “Now I lay me down to sleep..”

  304. chrissy Says:

    I’m just gonna hit snooze ONE more time…

  305. felis sidus Says:

    MOOOM! The sun’s too bright!

  306. Sue Says:

    I can’t believe I ate the whole elk leg…

  307. Denise Says:

    No blinds, please!

  308. Carol Says:

    Still Life with Paws and Ears

  309. Steph Says:

    A nubule sprouts

  310. Danushka Says:

    Caption 1: “Da flip- flop started it, I swearz!”

    Caption 2: “Try tabasco, says Eli. Tastes like bacon, says Eli.”

    Caption 3: “Ugh, she’s dancing to ‘Like a Virgin’ again…”


  311. Virgil Says:

    Even Coyotes are felling the recession.

  312. Maggie Says:

    sleep, perchance to dream of yummie deer legs…..

  313. Virgil Says:

    I meant to say ‘feeling’.

  314. Marjorie Says:

    Wyoming slumber

  315. Marjorie Hayes Says:

    “Forget me not”

  316. Gin Says:

    “Slumber beans”

    (Our term for mammals’, particularly feline & canine, paw pads is ‘beans.’ :-D )

  317. pogonip Says:

    “Teeny Tired Toes”

    Loved every line of the book and hated to see it send. But happy it continues here!

  318. Melody Says:

    Oh noes! Why did you have to show me that?!

  319. Bonnie Williams Says:

    i don’t have a better caption to add than what has already been posted.

    but i can’t pass up the opportunty to say thanks for your blog (and book)
    i check in with you and your furry family every day. the beauty , peace and love you convey are priceless.

    p.s. i live in the bush in canada with my border collies and cats.

  320. Natalie Says:

    I’m soooo sleepy.

  321. Terri Says:

    Hi there, I just came across this blog at lunch time today and can’t stop reading your posts and looking at cute pictures… Absolutely amazing! I’m going order the book, too! It’s my lucky day to find this little gem :-)

  322. K. Says:

    Hide-and-seek is so much easier to play when you can just blend into your surroundings and nap.

  323. Jamie Says:

    I vant to be alone….

  324. RI Says:

    You can’t seeeeee meeeeeee……

  325. Karen Says:

    I had “Wake me when the coffee’s done,”
    “If the sun’s not up, I’m not up,”

    but there are great quips up above!

    Gin Says: “Beans”. That is adorable! My family calls them ‘pudgies’ and I like that, but you know they really do look like beans!

  326. Lesley Says:

    From my vantage point, he’s “pawsitively pooched!”

  327. Em Says:

    I is gettin up. See, my ears are up. my paws are up! :)

  328. Kwalee Says:

    Eliiiiiiiiii!!!! Come here!!!!!!!!! What do you think of this title for my blog? “The Daily Shreve” ? Can’t seem to find any pics of her without that silly camera in her face though…

  329. Liz Says:

    Coyote? Where? Nope… no coyotes here.

  330. marianne Says:

    hide and go peek

  331. Life, or Something Like It Says:

    Uggggh… Go away, Monday!

  332. Beth Says:

    Chillin’ Charlie

  333. Violet Says:

    Conked out Coyote

  334. heather Says:

    ok, so tomorrow’s to do list…
    -stretch, yawn, wash face
    -eat breakfast
    -find and follow eli for a while
    -chew on a flip flop
    -check dish for elk hooves
    -cuddle with mom for a while
    -stretch, yawn, wash face
    -eat lunch
    -try (yet again) to sneak into that cupboard that mom keeps shut, there’s just ~gotta~ be something good in there!
    -wrestle with eli
    -practice pouncing, that hay bale out back should be hiding lots of unsuspecting insects to practice on
    -cuddle with mom
    -eat dinner
    -run through the house like a mad man to see how long it takes mom to say something…

    i know i’m forgetting something…

    what is it???

    just wanted to add that my 8yr old daughter and i both enjoy your site very much. i have used some of your posts as a jumping off point to discuss different aspects of animal care, the differences between a wild animal and a domestic animal and that we need to respect both and treat them accordingly. we’ve also managed to get into the birds a bees a bit when i explained why eli isn’t neutered and our two indoor cats have been spayed and neutered. thank you so much for sharing your family with us. i wish all of you happy and healthy lives. :)

  335. Robert Says:

    (“What is it with her and that camera? Do all humans have one of those instead of an eye? I hope not. I’ll humor her. She’ll pro’lly give up after a week… I like food… I… zzzzz”) Oo.
    |\_/\ — —- –_
    …( -. – ) …>_C.. )====


  336. Debra Says:

    aaahh adorable picture!

    charlie is all..can’t see me cause I can’t see you


  337. Robert Says:

    (That was supposed to read “Eatius-slobbius” under COYOTE, but the comments seem to have taken it as pseudo HTML instead of pseudo Latin [Meep meep!])

  338. Chris Says:

    Beautiful dreamer.

  339. Ms. Karen Says:

    Eli, dude, bury it. BURY IT!

  340. JAS Says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    To dream of elk bones in a heap,
    All waiting there for me to wake–
    And eat up like a birthday cake!

  341. Dale Says:

    I kinda like the one reference to the economy,but it needs to be a 1-4 word caption like one of Bill Clinton’s old campaign slogans, “It’s the economy stupid”.

    Hmmm, your time stamps are EDT.

  342. Katie Says:

    forehead, FURhead, whats the difference….

    i love charlie! thanks for sharing him with us!!!

  343. maryc Says:

    “Dude. The flash. Harshin’ my buzz….”

    Love your photos and love your brood. My orange tabby, Moondoggie, would LOVE to play with Charlie.

  344. Anonymous Says:

    “Pleaze to put coffee in paw then leave kthxbai.”

  345. wright Says:

    caption: Precision Paws

  346. Robin Layton Says:

    The above was my contribution to captioning the photo! I had to write again and just say how awesome this website is and the book was amazing. I hope you write another one.

  347. brooke Says:

    shreve – i am SO not a caption writer, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the daily pictures. they do make a difference in my day – making dark days brighter or bright days brighter. i hope y’all got some of the snow we got here in northern utah today for charlie and chloe to play in. :)

  348. Barbara Says:

    And whose ears did you think they were?

  349. DKM Says:

    “I did WHAT last night?!”

    I’m sure someone’s already said it in the sea of infinite comments, but it rang loud and clear in my head when this pic loaded–even before I saw you wanted alternate captions!

    I also had another version in my head, but it wasn’t quite family-friendly enough to submit. ;)

  350. Jon G Says:

    Mommm!…. cmonnn!…. put some clothes on!

  351. pinktootoo Says:

    Sweet gluten-free dreams…

  352. Kato Says:

    I swear I am not peeking. So it is ok go hide……

  353. craftcat Says:

    Sigh…. hmmmmph….. ohhhhh … that Charlie is a running in his sleep again….. I give up….sleep is not for me…

  354. Jen Griffith Says:

    The shades, Mah….the shades.

  355. RadioGirl Says:

    Sleep E. Coyote

  356. Mimi Says:

    At Home on the Range

  357. Michel Scheffler Says:

    “How come Eli never comes and looks for me when it’s my turn to play hide & seek?”

  358. chris Says:

    “Ow. Ice cream headache.”

  359. Ron Hager Says:

    Ah gee, I never expected this honor and I want to thank the Academy, my cat, my dog, my human, and my cowboy.

  360. cbiscuit2win Says:

    That’s one bad kitty.

  361. Ande Says:

    He’s so cute. It makes me wanna pet him. ^^

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