Bon Ami

photo taken July 9, 2007 • photo title thanks to Juliene

UPDATE: I’m in awe, that’s all I can say!  What entries!!!  Truly great.  Juliene, I pick yours.  I love how you tied in the two major elements of the photo with such clarity and cleverness.

Again, I had a list of runner-ups to post here but realized it was pages long, so really, if you haven’t already, click over to the comments on this post and have a read through.  I promise you will laugh out loud and your heart will melt, many times over.   Thanks everyone!  Come again for round three, same time same place, next Mon.

• • • Here we are again, another caption comment contest! To recap: My favorite, most-missed part of having comments open were the alternate titles, captions, and thought-bubbles you guys would leave for the daily photo. That’s what I’d love to see here. This week’s prize is a gorgeous naturally shed antler from a whitetail deer, which I especially love because they look like candelabras.

473 Responses to “Bon Ami”

  1. danielle Says:

    Pssst. You Awake?

  2. pam Says:

    Hey cat, when you wake up there’s a bone right there that you can’t have. Neener neener…

  3. Sarah Says:

    Two peas in a pod…

  4. Dawn Says:

    whisper sweet nothings

  5. jen Says:


  6. Pamela Melon Says:

    Sugars and Spice

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How funny! Another “Dawn” had the same caption as I did: Whispering sweet nothings.

    Great minds AND NAMES think alike, I guess! :)

  8. Windrose Says:

    I’ll just lay here and be patient, and when you wake up, we’ll go bury this, okay? Eli? Huh? Is that okay? I’ll just wait until you wake up. Okay? Are you awake yet?

  9. Alex Says:

    These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

  10. Tracy Stone Says:

    MMMMM….Cat breath…..

  11. angie Says:


  12. Angela Says:

    I love Windrose’s comments!

  13. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Bed time stories…

  14. Ruth Says:

    Eli I’ll give you a morning kiss because I luv you

  15. Kirk Says:

    Morning breath.

  16. dave in ohio Says:

    WOW!!! This pace could very well be the death of us! Oh well!!!

  17. Dries Says:

    “Gef of muh nose”

    “Off all places…why my face!”

    “lulleby babay…”

  18. jaxter Says:

    “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant snuggle.” – George Orwell, with snuggle substitution for struggle.

  19. Sue Says:

    Bliss and a bone

  20. Donna Lee Humble Says:

    Best Friends Share!!!

  21. Tinare Says:

    Brother from another mother.

  22. Meggie Says:

    “Psst Eli wake up c’mon pleeeaaasssee I wanna go play Eli….
    But I guess this bed IS really comfortable ….

  23. Donna Says:

    “Yin and Yang”

  24. Kim Says:

    I Nose I Love You
    You Nose I Love You

  25. Lynne Says:


  26. sara Says:

    C & E = bliss

  27. Patty Says:

    He sees you when you’re sleeping… he’ll nose ’till you’re awake… (sung to the tune of “Santa Claus is coming to town”)

  28. Karen Hanson Says:

    Sniff and Snuggle..

  29. CheyTownGal Says:

    Charlie: “I love you, Eli”
    Eli: “Go away you stupid coyote, I’m trying to sleep”

  30. Rick Wallis Says:

    “Eli nose best!”

  31. Mental P Mama Says:

    Love Wyoming Style

  32. Wo Says:

    The Nose Knows!

  33. emilie Says:

    best made plans…

  34. jeanna Says:


  35. Meghan Says:

    Dream kisses.

  36. Beth Russo Says:

    Kiss me, you fool. XX

  37. karen Says:

    Bone of Content (instead of Contention)

  38. J. Bo Says:

    “The love that dare not speak its name.”

  39. cassie Says:

    . . . wake up . . it’s mine, you can’t have this . . c’mon wake up!

  40. Scargosun Says:

    *Nudge, nudge*…You Awake?

  41. Ann Marie Says:

    Go ahead, try to get the bone!

  42. Owen Says:

    True love is when they snuggle in their sleep, usually not meaning to.

    “Love you, Bruddah.”

  43. Angie P Says:

    “I’ll love you forever”

  44. Erin Says:


  45. Larraine Says:

    “Mind Meld, Wyoming style”

  46. tigeron Says:

    The Lion & The Lamb…….

  47. Terry Says:

    I’m not even going to try to beat the very first caption. Wonderful photo, says so much about Eli and Charlie’s relationship.


    Pssst. Wanna play?

  48. Tina Says:

    Kissing Noses

  49. DrunkBunny (Mary) Says:

    Nuzzle muzzles

    “Snorgle softly and carry a small rawhide.”

    “Keep close what you hold dear.”

    (PS – I wouldn’t want the antler prize… I just like to play.)

    Great captions everyone!

  50. Shellster Says:

    Noze Nuzzlin’

  51. Jayne Says:

    The tough life!

    Boys and their bones!

  52. Micae Says:

    Charlie would still rather lick Eli.

  53. Sandy Says:

    *sniff* *sniff* Dude – next time she gives you tuna, ask for ELK, mmmkay?

  54. Drew Says:

    Where the Wild Things Sleep

  55. Theresa Says:

    Midnight Smooch.

  56. LinMN Says:

    “I have a bone to pick with you.”

  57. Claire Says:

    Nose to Nose!

  58. Kelly Says:

    Coyote Kisses

  59. Christine Says:

    “uuumm, broder dear…you missed a spot of milk. I get it for you!” Nite nite.

  60. janice Says:

    the better to eat you with my dear

  61. Heidi Says:

    Good Morning Kiss

  62. Susan Says:

    Please, please…if you ask, she won’t get mad!

  63. EL Fay Says:

    Kitteh haz a flavor.
    But Iz too sleepy to nom.

  64. Tervicz Says:

    Give me a smoochie!

  65. sam h Says:

    Go Ahead . Reach for it.

  66. Jenni Says:

    Nose Warmers

  67. Sarah Says:

    “A head by a nose”

  68. Alice Says:

    Bone Tired.

  69. Bridget Says:

    Oohh I was totally going to write “whispering sweet nothings” too. I see that’s a few others captions too. Oh well. Great minds. I still like it ;)

  70. Dennis Says:


  71. Alice Says:

    Dang it! I submitted my caption before I read everyone else’s and Lynne already said it. So:

    Maybe if I go back to sleep and we both dream really hard, this will become an “elf” bone.

  72. Bronwen Says:

    “Who needs a bone when you’ve got a brother?”

  73. janice Says:

    psssst….hey Eli, are you just fakin it right now????

  74. Susie Gray Says:

    Mmmm – do I smell mouse breath?

  75. Courtney Crocker Says:

    Wyoming Eskimo Kisses

  76. Julie Says:

    “A Kiss Before Dying”

    (of course, I mean Eli going ballistic on Charlie…. No animals are meant to be harmed in the making of this caption.)

  77. Amy Says:

    Please don’t be mad at me, Eli. Here, you can have my bone.

  78. Katherine Bell Says:

    “The Spoils of Naps”

  79. Stacey Says:

    Ummm.. your breath tastes good!

  80. joycebell Says:


  81. Nicole Says:

    A nuzzle and a nap…. ala a wink and a smile LOL

  82. Susan Says:

    The Morning Kiss!

  83. Lynn Says:

    Sleep well, my love….

  84. leah Says:

    Snuggle buddies

  85. Amy Says:

    Nose to nose; heart to heart.

  86. Isha Says:


  87. sue Says:

    sweet dreams are made of these.

  88. Patte Says:

    Love knows no boundaries…

    Hi Shreve and farmily: You have added to the inspiration to live the dream…thank you for allowing us “inside” your world.

  89. Brook S. Says:

    “Charlie + Eli = Yin + Yang”

  90. Kim Says:

    Who needs this stupid bone when I’ve got Eli.

  91. Jon Says:


  92. Milaka Says:

    “Being cute is tiring. We needs our cutie-rest.”

    Love the photos! Thank you for sharing your babies with us!

  93. Trebor Says:

    Best Buds!

  94. alex Says:

    “Dude, you’ve got a little sleep in your eye. Here, lemme get that…”

    Although, truthfully I vote for jaxton’s George Orwell paraphrase!

  95. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. I swear I was just joking. If you quit pouting and pretending to sleep I will share my bone with you.

  96. Katie Hanson Says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. I swear I was just joking. If you quit pouting and pretending to sleep I will share my bone with you.

    (sorry cat walked on keyboard and posted for me)

  97. sarah Says:

    Eli, your head tastes deelicious!

  98. jia en Says:

    Brother’s Keeper.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    “Hey Eli — you awake? Eli!”

    “Dude, Eli! Your breath smells like elf! Where’d you hide it?!”

  100. John Says:

    WHO’S been eating MY Chewtoy???

  101. Jen A. Says:

    Oops! These were mine!

    “Hey Eli — you awake? Eli!”

    “Dude, Eli! Your breath smells like elf! Where’d you hide it?!”\

    Thanks Shreve!

  102. Ulrika Says:

    Play – interrupted

  103. Xtine Says:


  104. kari Says:

    Two Peas in a Pod

  105. Amy Says:

    Please come play with me! I brought a treat for us.

  106. Jim Says:

    What is love?

  107. Anonymous Says:

    “i love you, eli”

    shreve, i got your book for my birthday and finished it last night. loved it.

  108. Chris K Says:

    Eli-Coyote (Take off of Wiley Coyote)

  109. design goddess Says:

    Stolen kisses

  110. design goddess Says:

    Maybe that should be “a stolen kiss”

  111. Barb Says:


  112. Cheryl Says:

    Charlie: Eli…Eli…. You awake?
    Charlie: Eli… wake up….
    Eli: Leave me alone…
    Charlie: Eli will you play with me….
    Eli: I don’t see you…you are not there… going back to sleep now…
    Eli? Look I’ll let you have my chewy…

  113. Terri Says:

    Dang, this cat is good! I’ve had my nose plastered on his eyeball for the last hour, and he hasn’t budged!

  114. Colleen Greco Says:

    Nose to nose and ear pose!

  115. Molly Says:

    Sweet babies.

  116. Marianne Says:

    Brotherly Love

  117. Rick's Cafe Says:

    I think there is one more crumb on the corner of the mouth…if I can just get to it without waking him up.
    I thinking that this process, commenting, is as much fun for you as it is for us!

  118. Juliet Farmer Says:

    How Eskimos Kiss

  119. belle Says:

    dude .. you got your nose in my eye
    I know… ain’t love grand!!!!!

  120. mlis Says:

    Alarm Clock, Wyoming-style

  121. Laura Smith Says:

    Wake up!

  122. Deeann Fraser Says:

    Dreams do come true!

  123. Ashley Says:

    “Hey Eli, I know you’re sleepin’, but I wanted you to know that I think you’re the best brother ever…”

  124. MHAithaca Says:

    “No, it’s YOUR turn to get up and make breakfast.”

  125. KenG Says:

    Waiting for Santa

  126. Lori Says:

    Shhhh… It’s just a bad dream… I’ll protect you.

  127. Kathy Says:

    “We may be different but we sure love taking our naps together”

  128. Leah Says:

    “Strange Bedfellows”

  129. XS11E Says:

    Eli = MOM! He’s on my side again!

  130. Hawksong Says:

    Charlie: “Twitching, tufted tail/A toasted, tawny tummy/A tired tomcat.”
    Eli: “Sheesh.”

    (in homage to, and paraphrased from, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes)


    Love that coyote!

  131. AuburnGreg Says:

    Lion and lamb(hunter)

  132. leah Says:


  133. Aeryk Pierson Says:

    Stockton Cabin: Where Everyday is Sunday Morning

  134. OHN Says:

    Best friends aren’t bothered by your morning breath.

    Our human doesn’t understand how exhausting it is to play.

  135. Deb Says:

    Priorities in Place

  136. Frantabulous Says:

    “Lounging and Longing.”

  137. Wingnut Says:

    “Can you hear me now?”

  138. Betsy Says:

    I vote for Sarah’s above…” a head by a nose”

  139. Dave Z. Says:

    “Nose to Knows”

  140. Anne Says:

    Forbidden Love

  141. Angela Says:


  142. robbi Says:

    reverse eskimo kisses, anyone??

  143. Em Says:

    Sleepy Time Smooch

  144. Michele Says:

    Muzzle Nuzzle

  145. Sarah Says:

    hey, eli–
    mom says it’s time to wake up…

  146. Dave Z. Says:

    “Solace of the Lambs”

  147. cfritz Says:

    Feline Fondness -Canine Cuddles

  148. jeff Says:

    “Not interested?……okay,then how ’bout my rocket powered skates or exploding bird seed?”

    p.s. thanx for bringing this back……from a twitter challanged old surfer who’s digging the book.

  149. Frannie Says:

    I see your ear and I raise you two.

  150. Jim Corey Says:

    My dreams smell sweet.

  151. Lisa Sloane Says:

    Mmmmmmmm….. love the smell of sleeping cat.

  152. Angeline Says:

    Please to have a cuddle?

  153. Amanda Says:

    No clever title to offer- just wanted to compliment you on what a wonderful photo this is. So sweet and peaceful.

  154. Patti Says:

    No bones between brothers.

  155. Julia Says:

    “Come wiz me to the Casbah.” (Say in Charles Boyer voice.)

    I got your book for Christmas and it was wonderful, thanks.

  156. Ronda Says:

    Predator as pillow

  157. Carrie Says:

    Eli: “Come on, lick my face. Like my face Charlie. Pleeeease. I promise I’ll lick yours next, I swear.”

    Charlie: “But last time you said that and you just fell asleep. That’s not fair.”

    Eli: “I was really tired. This time will be different, I promise. Come on, lick my face.”

    Charlie: “Okay, fine, but you have to do mine next.”

  158. Regina Ellis Says:

    Complete Comfort.

  159. Kelly Says:

    You complete me.

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Mmmm…smells like home.

  161. Dave Says:

    “Eli thought he could guard the dog treats by sleeping on them.”

  162. Sandy Keech Says:

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing….

  163. Giggy Says:

    Snoozy buttons.

  164. Tanya Says:

    “Hey Eli, you sleepin’? Eli? You sleepin’? Hey Eli. Eli? You sleepin’, Eli?”


  165. Barbara Says:

    Love, oh love, oh careless love

  166. Barbara Says:

    A peaceable kingdom

  167. marsha Says:

    Um, Eli? You have mouse breath!

  168. Heather Says:

    Love Knows Not Species

  169. RaisingRiver Says:

    Won’t you wake up, Eli? I want to play!

  170. DiPhi Says:

    oops, didn’t mean to be anonymous.

    Mmmm…smells like home.

    That was me!

  171. Cathy Says:

    Bed Buddies

  172. Amanda Says:

    Eli shows off his mad PowerNapping skills.

  173. Mo Says:

    “The head bone’s connected to the snout bone…”

  174. Sherri Cox Says:

    Creature comforts.

  175. velocibadgergirl Says:

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…MASS HYSTERIA!”

  176. penny kipley Says:

    Sleeping beauty

  177. tom Says:


    …..then why not the world……..

  178. Elena Says:

    Wet Nose Wakeup

  179. Cindy Says:

    Zzzzzzzz…….I hope my nose isn’t too cold for my brother….zzzzz

  180. Kristen Says:

    “Psst! Eli? Are you SLEEEEPING?”

  181. Mo Says:

    Charlie (to a visibly upset Eli): “I see that this bone is giving you paws for concern. Perhaps we should put our heads together?”

  182. Charlotte Says:

    Coyote Magnetism

  183. Katlee Says:

    “Its ok, Eli, it was just a dream. I’m right here.”

    Such a sweet picture. I so look forward to these everyday. :)

  184. Kelly Says:

    Nosey Nuzzle

  185. Tina Says:

    Charlie: Gee, Eli. What are we going to do tonight?
    Eli: The same thing we do every night, Charlie. Try to take over the world.

  186. Michelle Says:


  187. Nancy Says:

    Nose to nose: two friends sharing zzzzzzzzz’s

  188. Anna Says:

    It’s hard to breathe with a cat on your nose.

  189. Bruce Evans Says:


  190. Farmer Lady Says:

    “mmmmmmmmm…. cat breath!”

  191. claire Says:

    “pillow talk”

  192. Liz Says:

    A bone for your thoughts.

  193. Tara Says:

    “Charlie, you’re okay and all, but if you do not remove your NOSE from my EYEBALL, I am going to swat you into next week. WITH YOUR OWN DOG BONE.”

  194. Anna Says:

    Psst, Eli, do you think she’ll take the weird camera-box away if we pretend to sleep? Then when she’s gone we could trash the bedroom? What do you think? …Eli? You awake? We’re only meant to be pretending…

  195. Laura Says:

    I think Sarah up there won with “a head by a nose!” But I can’t resist a chance at an antler, so…

    Eli teaches yoga, position #493: The Comfortable Coyote.

  196. Lisa Says:

    “I can’t quit you Eli!”

  197. Connie Says:

    . . . safe and sound
    paradise found . . .

  198. Amy Says:

    Pillow friends…

  199. Diana Says:

    Good night, sweet princes,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

    (from Hamlet)

  200. Rachel Says:

    Most definitely voting for Windrose!

  201. Katie Says:

    cat eyeball….yummmmmm

  202. Tony Says:

    Wonder twin powers…

  203. Tony Says:

    Double Schnozzle

  204. Clint Says:

    The nuzzle puzzle is complete!

  205. Trisha Says:

    pssst! Please wake up I wanna play!

  206. Lynn Says:

    Not entering a caption…..

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I bought it just before I had surgery 3 weeks ago & saved it to read during my recovery. Needless to say it only lasted me one day. Charlie reminded me of the dog we used to have (part chow/part shepherd). We went through many of the same things with him. Very stubborn, very smart, growling when we moved in bed. I loved your adventures and the memories it brought back for me. Every morning I start off with a visit to your site. Thanks for sharing your life.

  207. Leah Says:

    “The coffee pot is all set, all you need to do is push the button.”

  208. m Says:

    Creation of Charlie
    [a la Shreve's barnhouse, not the Sistine Chapel. And by nose, not by finger. Come to think of it, this caption is way off. But that's the first thing I was reminded of. *shrug* :)]

  209. Melinda Says:

    deepest, ordinary intimacy

  210. Kristan Says:


  211. Ann Says:

    “Hey Eli, I just want to get that last little crumb there….mrmph…slurp…mmmm”

  212. RC Says:

    You smell SO good!

  213. Vince Says:

    Eli: Dude, she’s got the camera again. You know the drill.
    Charlie: But I really want to chew on my bone…
    Eli: And I want to clean myself, but it’s not worth it right now! Play dead!

  214. Polly Hart Says:

    after the lovin……….

  215. Motorshooter Says:

    Head to head in the dream race


    Sweatest of peas in a pod

  216. Kate S Says:

    “Brotherly Love”

  217. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “Rawhides on Bed Tops and Whiskers on Kittens…”
    (to the tune of My Favorite Things)

  218. Melissa Says:

    “Love is….sharing your bone with a cat!”

    Shreve…I have just finished your book and have to tell you how much I loved it! The pictures were great and with the way you write I felt the emotion, fear and deep love that you have for Charlie. As an animal lover myself, I believe that you are truly blessed to be living the life you are and I thank you for sharing it. I hope a second book will be coming because I want to continue to read the “story”. Many thanks and my far-away love to Charlie, Chloe, Eli, Ranger and you!

  219. searchingwithin Says:

    “Restful Security”

  220. Kacie Says:

    “Give the cat a bone!”

  221. The Fat Lady Sings Says:

    “Brothers Under The Skin”

    “Share and Share Alike”

    “Dreams My Mother Told Me”

    Such sweet babies. You are indeed blessed, my dear.

  222. motorshooter Says:

    A correction to my first entery.

    “Sweetest of peas in a pod”

  223. Jennifer Says:

    Love Is Blind To Differences
    A Brother’s Love Knows No Bounds

  224. Lee Says:

    Pssssst Charlie, my bone for just a little sugar?

  225. Matt Says:

    Coyote love x 2.

  226. Juliene Says:

    “BON(e) AMI”

  227. Heidi Says:

    “Dude, you’ve got something in your eye…”
    “My nose!”

  228. Meredith Says:

    Nose to Nose
    Heart to Heart
    Dream to Dream.
    What sweet Brothers!

  229. Pam Says:


  230. Sherri Says:


  231. Tara Says:

    “Smell my breath, Mom gave me an Elf Leg!”

  232. Vuthy Says:


  233. lynda Says:

    “you got a little something on your eye, let me get that…”

  234. Linda Says:

    No bone of contention here

  235. Pezzy Says:

    *Goodnight Kiss*

  236. Victoria Says:

    “Sweet Nothings”

  237. Helioprogenus Says:

    “Eskimo Nose Rub”

  238. Nichole Says:

    Cat + Bone = pure coyote bliss!

  239. Jaimie Says:

    “Mom, he’s touching me again!”


    “How many licks to the center of an Eli roll?”

  240. kcsk9s Says:

    “How Warmth Looks”

  241. Sandy Says:

    “I wuv you Eli”

  242. molly Says:

    Shared Dreams

  243. riolinda Says:

    “My favorite spot on the bed”

    I love Tinare’s comment “Brother from another mother” :)

  244. Bethian Says:

    “Snoozing Nose to Nose”
    as in “Dancing Cheek to Cheek”

  245. kevyn lynne Says:

    Treasures – all three!

    I think the world of you Shreve and loved the book…it was really insightful as to the struggles you have had with Charlie and the strength you had to work with them. But I still want to know how you keep your skin looking so nice (especially your hands) with all the hard work you do.

  246. Jenna Says:

    …. but when Eli woke up, the coyote STILL lived in his house….

  247. penny Says:

    I already posted one, but I just have to say that I was ROTFL at the “I can’t quit you Eli” comment!!! These comments are awesome and hysterical…..thanks for letting us do this Shreve….GREAT entertainment!!!!

  248. Diana Says:

    Coyote Nose-Warmer….

  249. laura Says:

    Nose to Nose

  250. Alice Says:

    No, for the last time I do NOT want that stupid bone. Now leave me alone!

  251. jayse Says:

    dream a little dream of me

  252. Stacey Says:

    Good Mornings

  253. R Says:

    … ignoring the brokeback overture …

  254. Erika Says:

    Ginger Nose Kisses

  255. Deanna Says:

    Midsummer Night’s Dream

  256. Virgil Says:

    Cat Nip.

  257. Ember Says:

    Nuzzled Muzzles

  258. TheGirlNerd Says:

    Enough room for one more, mommy…

  259. goldfish Says:

    (or: I Love You, Man)

  260. Lizzie Says:

    You awake?

    Hey… you awake?

    I’m awake… are you awake?

    Are you awake now?

  261. Roxanne Says:

    Soft Mornings

  262. Roxanne Says:

    Okay…Bromance is FUNNY! *LOL*

  263. sybann Says:

    C: But I LOVE your morning breath!


    E: Stop touching me. Mom! He’s still touching me!

  264. Vicki Says:

    Snuggle, Smooch, Snooze

  265. Amy Says:

    Cuddle Muffiins

    Such Cuties!

  266. Lori Guess Says:

    Psst…Eli~”Whatta you say we go to DQ after our nap? A softserve vanilla cone for you and two for me? Huh?…:)

  267. TeeDee Says:

    Coyote – Cat Love

  268. Doris Says:

    Eli: Do I smell coyote breath? Charlie: Am I dreaming I am nose to nose with a CAT!

  269. Ida Says:


  270. carolh Says:

    I like rawhide, but I love my puddy-tat!

    Cats don’t have owners, they have servants.

    If I give him kisses while he’s sleeping, maybe he won’t wipe em off.

  271. Sophie Says:

    Three in the Bed

  272. Spain Says:

    “B-I-N-G-O… gonna give the CAT a bone.”

  273. Darlene Says:

    Not entering the contest but these comments are so funny! Glad I’m not the one to make the decision.

    Thanks so much for sharing all this with us!

  274. Dave Cox Says:

    “Friends don’t fight over food.”

  275. Chris Gerwin Says:

    Kisses and Dreams

  276. Todd Says:

    “Tell Tail”

    I love this pic. Eli is trying to be patient but you know by his subtle tail twitch that he’s about to unleash the fury!

  277. Johannah Says:

    Tuckered Twosome

  278. Beth Russo Says:

    Can you hear me NOW?

  279. Beth Russo Says:

    Let’s paws for a moment of silence…

  280. Christine Says:

    dream a little dream…

  281. Julie S. Says:

    Sleepytime Kisses

  282. Lauren Says:

    dream weaver

  283. Rose Says:

    Inspired by the movie “The Jerk”…..

    Charlie says “I don’t need anything…except this bed, this cat and this bone!”

  284. Yil Says:

    Stealth Sleep Nuzzles

  285. Karen Says:

    “…and the winner is…Charlie, by a nose!”


    “The Nose Knows”

  286. Pat Says:

    Eli, you playing opossum?

  287. Sharon Says:

    “Kiss Kiss”

    “Coyote Kisses”

  288. Julie L Says:

    Psst! It’s time for yoga class! Have a look at my spinal twist!

  289. Jen Says:

    Wakie, wakie…. It’s time to rise and shine.

  290. Karen Hargett Says:

    . . .but I love you.
    Cat nap? What’s that?
    I promise – just one more question.
    Are you sleeping or just playing possum?
    Coyote Kisses
    Whispering Sweet ‘Nothin’s

  291. Sandy Says:

    And they call it… Puppy Love!

  292. Jerry Johnson Says:

    So, Eli, what say I go turn on the faucet and while mom’s busy with that, I’ll open the cabinets and we can find some neat stuff.

    Hey Eli, I really love you, man..

  293. Erin Says:

    “Warm noses”

  294. Jennifer Says:

    Psst…Mom loves me best….

  295. nimisha Says:

    “Nose to nose, with love.”

  296. Kelly R. Says:

    “There’s No Place Like Bone”.

  297. Michele Says:

    Eli… I said I was wake up and play with me

  298. caligirl Says:

    I loves your purrrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrr

  299. Kathleen Says:

    Pssst…Eli? We got a bone!

  300. Iben Louise Birkkjær Says:

    “Let me just kiss you good ni….Zzzzzzzz”

  301. pinktootoo Says:

    If I tell ya somethin’, promise not to laugh?

  302. Nancy Says:

    1) Ah… eau de Eli

    2/ Pssst…are you awake yet? ….are you awak now?….now?…

  303. Red Wolf Says:

    Seeing as you’re not busy… Wanna play?

  304. Liz Schubert Says:

    Kiss Me Kat(e)

  305. Karen Says:

    “Muzzle Nuzzle”

  306. Lis Says:

    Muzzle Mates

  307. Keabird Says:

    Happiness is …. A Bed, A Brother & A Bone

  308. Micaela Says:

    “Was that good for you, too?”

  309. Edal Says:

    *nudge nudge* Dude, Eli! Hey, wake up Eli! Wake up! You have to try this bone!

  310. Andrea Says:

    “You may be the Alpha Cat, but you don’t have your own website… or book or…”


    “Eli, hold still. You have a little mouse stuck in your hair. Lemme get that for you.”

  311. WyomingLover Says:

    Eli, psst Eli, you have something on your cheek. Let me get it for you. No, you’re saving it for later ok, how about just a little kiss?

  312. Granuaile Says:

    I’m your best pal, right? Eli? …. Eli?

  313. lsorensen Says:

    To think…another time or another place and we would have missed each other.

  314. Lisa Says:

    Sweet Release.

  315. Heather Says:

    Eli: “awww, he’s got a bone right there. Why does he hafta bother me when I’m sleepin’???”

  316. maureen Says:

    cosmic kitty and his friend coyote

  317. Ingrid Says:

    Let’s both pretend we’re sleeping, that way, she’ll think someone else broke her favorite coffee mug.

  318. J9 Says:

    strange bedfellows indeed!

    sorry if that’s been done already, I don’t have time to read every other comment (but i wish i could!)

  319. Anonymous Says:

    “Give me adorable…” *Flash*

  320. jennifer Says:


  321. leg Says:

    Here’s looking at you kid.

  322. Danielle Says:

    Charlie: “Hey good lookin’, what’cha got cookin’-”
    Eli: “STFU, mate. I’mz sleepin’!”

  323. Jayne Says:

    You had me at . . . “bone!”

  324. Cece Says:

    “When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions…… “, “When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions….” ,”When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions…… ” , “When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions….”, “When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions…… “, “When you awaken you will follow all of my instructions….”

  325. Jayne Says:

    Keep your friends close and your bones closer!

  326. Sherry Says:

    Mouse breath.

  327. Elyse Says:


  328. Jenny C Says:

    Man, these are unbelievably GOOD!!! Isn’t it great to know you have the world’s smartest people on your blog, Shreve?

    “Microcosm” (His whole world within a snout’s length.)

  329. Katie Says:

    You’ve got a little peanut butter on your eyelid. Here, let me get that for you.

  330. Nancy Khago Says:

    No bones about it I love you.

  331. Vanessa Says:

    Patiently waiting…

  332. CC Says:

    Geez I wish I could sleep like that. Cats have it made.
    That is what I say whenever coming on one of mine sound a sleep no matter the time of day and contorted in a variety of ways.

  333. Andrea Says:

    You are my very bestest friend and I love you.

  334. Lore Says:


  335. Mary Rae Says:

    I don’t need the antler bone Shreve- I’d just love to play along!

    Caption- “Here, u kan haz my bone. I’ll share.”

    Love your pics!!!

  336. Kristie Says:

    Eli: “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe”.
    Charlie: “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe”.

  337. Ed Says:

    Sharing dreams!

  338. jax Says:

    For the best night’s sleep, choose Stockton Bedding – the Brand Coyotes and Cats Prefer!

  339. jennifer caunedo Says:

    nose to nose

  340. Ed Says:

    Somehow dreams just seem better when we are touching noses!

  341. Jack Says:

    Chat du Jour

  342. Jack Says:

    Oops left out e-mail address

  343. Alyssa Says:

    Kisses to build dreams upon…

  344. Marie Says:

    I will always be there for you

  345. Brian Says:

    We haz snugles

  346. Emmie Says:

    Charlie: Psst. Hey. Pssssssst!! Hey Eli! Hey! HEY! HEY! HEY!
    Eli: WHAT IS IT?
    Charlie: Are you awake?

  347. Danie Says:

    *yawn* Hey Eli…

    *tiredly* Yea?

    I’ll share my bone, K? I’ll share…zzzzzzzzz

  348. Beth Says:

    Is this what power smells like?

  349. Janie Says:

    Coyote-Cat powers: ACTIVATE!

  350. Beth Russo Says:

    Sweetest of zzzzzz’s…

  351. Natalie Says:

    Hey brother, I loves you..

  352. Sheilagh Says:

    Charlie, I nose you luvz me and all, but get your cold, wet honker outta my EAR!

  353. Gina P Says:

    To sleep, Charlie…. purrrrrrrchance to dream…

  354. Ron Hager Says:

    Yup, you’re right, this blanket is just in from the clothesline.

  355. Duff Says:

    Sleepy Snuggle Bugs!

  356. Christina Says:

    Coyote Secrets/Feline Trust

  357. pansypoo Says:

    heh, antlers desired.

    pupte love.

  358. Heidi Says:

    Kit n’ Kyote

  359. Robin Says:

    yoooou haaaaaave to go peeeeeeeee… yoouuuu haaavveee too gooooo peeeeeeeee…

  360. Teddi Taylor Says:

    Bedded Bliss

  361. Kim Campbell Says:

    “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! Touch!”

    or, since I am in the middle of reading your book..”Eli, won’t you pleeese be my friend?”

  362. Marcy Myers Says:

    Come on quit playing opossum!

  363. Jennifer Says:

    Long day at the office.

  364. Christy Says:

    No bone to pick here.

    PS: I’m reading “The Daily Coyote” book right now and it is SO well written and hard to put down.

  365. Vegas Princess Says:

    Cat naps suck everyone into their splendor.

  366. Nancy Says:


  367. Amy Says:

    Nose to Nap

  368. Amber Says:

    You give me all I need….

  369. Teddi Taylor Says:

    Bleh, tastes like cat. Bone much better…

  370. Keabird Says:

    Thought of a better one- Don’ t need antler thanks

    ‘ELIes with his Brother

  371. Narutoshadowclone Says:

    I love your book and your coyote, I even had a golden retriever named Charlie once.

  372. Maggie Says:


  373. David Says:

    Wow…..Cats DO taste good!

  374. Sonic Says:

    Temporary truce

  375. jean Says:

    Sweet slumber; not a care in the world..

  376. Teri Says:

    I kissed a cat and I liked it!

  377. Beth Says:

    Like peas and carrots.

  378. Sim Says:

    Seeing eye to eye.

  379. Melissa Says:

    Plumb tuckered…

  380. Laura Says:

    His favorite things.

  381. Melissa Says:

    Hi…I would like to revise my entry.

    Love is…..sharing a bone with Eli

    (instead of Love is…sharing a bone with a cat) :)

  382. Lesley Says:

    Morning breath doesn’t bother us.

  383. Lesley Says:

    Just thought of another

    Cat nip?

  384. Monica Says:

    Hush, Hush, Sweet Eli…

  385. Debra Says:

    Lets just waste the day and enjoy it with each other.

  386. Kate Says:

    Caption Contest: “Sleepytime Playas”

    Great site, Shreve. Keep up the great work.

  387. Diane Brown Says:

    Nose to doze….

  388. Roy Says:

    “Telling a Secret”

  389. Sandee Says:

    “Hey… awake?”

  390. PJ Says:

    Zzz zzzzzzzzzzz/Zzzzzzz zzzzz….Zzzzzzz zzz/Zzzzzz zz…Z zzzzzz/Zzzzzzzzz zz…zzzzzzzzzz

  391. Patty Says:

    Nuzzle Muzzle

  392. Anna Says:

    Breathing Buddies

  393. Michelle Says:

    “Dreaming of Eskimo Kisses”

  394. Guadalupe Says:

    Eli: excuse me….I’m trying to sleep!

    Charlie: but you said we where going to play after your nap…please…

  395. Steph Says:

    I waaaant you to want me, I neeeeeed you to need me.

  396. mlaiuppa Says:


  397. Min Says:

    snoring buddies!

  398. Max Says:

    How World Peace and Harmony would look. How Tolerance looks. How Comfort of a friends company looks.

  399. Janet Says:

    Dreams, & schemes & . . . (w. thanks to Joni Mitchell)

  400. Lara Says:

    Go ahead, make my day!

  401. mlis Says:

    Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy is just not all that stealthy.

  402. Lisa0825 Says:

    Gee, your hair smells terrific!

  403. cyndi Says:

    hmmmm…Eli tastes even better than my bone!!!!

  404. Lindsay Says:

    Eskimo Kisses

  405. Cyndi W, Says:

    No Bones Of Contention !!!

  406. Tallchickjenn Says:


    Shreve – love your website and your book! My man and I will live in Wyoming someday……

  407. Michelle Says:

    The Hypnotist At Work: “The coyote will always get the toys. The coyote will always get the toys…”

  408. Alisa Says:

    My, what big ears you have …

  409. Sim Says:

    Revising my initial suggestion:

    S(l)ee(p)ing eye to eye

  410. MyFourleggedBuddha Says:

    ….hey Eli….we had fun today didn’t we….(zzzzzzz)

  411. SaraG Says:

    Nose to nose….best buds

  412. Skimmie Says:

    Chews ‘n snooze.

  413. Dona R Says:

    Always kiss me goodnight.

  414. rootsgirl Says:

    slurp, kiss…eli?
    slurp…kiss..psst eli?
    slurp..kiss..eli, you awake??
    kiss.. slurp..eli?

  415. schatze Says:

    Anybody home?

  416. Terry Says:

    Rest Assured

  417. Andrea Says:

    Eli, Get up, I want to PLAY!!

  418. Sue Says:

    I’m so glad we’re brothers, aren’t you Eli, huh? Eli, aren’t you glad too?

  419. Annabelle Says:

    Wake up, Eli, Mom bought us a new toy!

  420. Holly Says:

    Um, Charlie, Could do my other ear now?

  421. Skimmie Says:

    Bone, Bed and Buddies.

  422. Kitty Says:

    Brotherly Bliss

  423. Randi Says:


  424. Barbara Says:

    In my opinion:
    Tom’s comment
    “If we can do it….then why not the world…” is #1

  425. Whisker Kisses Says:

    Ten Sleep Alarm Clock

  426. Sharfa Says:

    Snoze Snooze
    (Snout/Nose Snooze)

  427. Eni Says:

    Eskimo Kiss

  428. M Says:

    Weary bodies refresh and mollify

  429. Marey Says:

    “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”

  430. Tracee Says:

    I love you more…..

    than my chew toy.

  431. Stephanie Says:

    A Coyote Cat Nap :)

  432. Karen Krenis Says:

    And they said a love like ours would never last …

  433. Arielle Says:

    Puppy Love

  434. Laura Says:

    “Eli, have you been chewing on my bone again? I can smell it on you!”

  435. Felicia Jones Says:

    Got Your Back.

  436. Cristina Perelman Says:

    A good friend and a bone…ahhh, life doesn’t get any better!

  437. Lili Says:

    A completed circuit.

  438. birdshot71 Says:


  439. Becky Says:

    “You can ignore me, but I won’t go away!”

  440. Ixy Says:

    “.. Agent Eli.. ? .. No, continue to appear as if sleeping.. I have your orders for Operation Shoe Take..”

  441. Anthony S. Says:

    Cat got your tongue?

  442. Elaine in the UK Says:

    All these lovely and so clever captions have made me smile, but Jenna’s

    “…. but when Eli woke up, the coyote STILL lived in his house….”

    made me laugh out loud.

    And then Isorensen’s

    “To think…another time or another place and we would have missed each other.”

    made me weep.

    Thank you, Shreve. And good luck with choosing a ‘best’ caption! An impossible job, IMHO :-)

  443. Spencer Kaitlin Says:

    “So this is what dreams smell like…”

  444. Claudia Says:

    “The next time the alarm clock rings, YOU turn it off”

  445. Andrea C. Says:

    …and in dreams, I reach for you.

  446. cara Says:

    Secrets, secrets are no fun. They must be shared with everyone.

  447. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    “Wake up, lazy! BONE!” Although I admit this caption from Anthony S. made me smile – Cat got your tongue?

  448. Steven Swanson Says:

    “nose to nose”

  449. Lee Dukes Says:

    Giv’n a dog (um…er…coyote) a bone…

  450. Courtney Says:

    Tryin’ To Share

  451. Abraham Lincoln Says:

    Wanna buy a coyote coat?

  452. Lannan Says:

    Mom.. he’s touching me! Mom… Mom………. I love hims.

  453. Jami H Says:

    Nosin’ while Dozin’.

    I just love that they’re noses are touching!

  454. Kathy Says:

    And the lion will lie down with the lamb

  455. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll let you chew on my toy if you will just pay attention to me.

  456. Patty Says:

    Eli? Please to not go asleep before you finish story.

  457. Susie Says:

    Tell Charlie where the mice are. Tell Charlie where the mice are. Tell Charlie . ..

  458. Bethany Says:

    The Odd Couple

  459. Kathy Says:

    Buds before bones.

  460. Iris Says:

    ” A Nosy Proposition”

  461. Kat Says:

    Ying and Yang

  462. Anonymous Says:

    well crap. I not only repeated one a lot of people submitted I spelled it wrong! lol

    How ’bout

    Whisker lovin’

  463. cbhagg Says:

    I love “Psst, you awake?” I was going to submit “Hey, you awake?”

  464. Aldyth Says:

    “Shhhhhhh. She’s still watching and you know how she gets with that camera.”

  465. karen b Says:

    On another note – I bought some curtains from you and my cats have gone crazy for them. They can’t stop smelling and snuggling them. Why do you suppose that is?

  466. Ed Says:

    Yes Pope John, this is what angles look like when they are asleep!

  467. Liz Says:

    Goodnight Eli, love you forever, ever and always, no matter what.

  468. KAREN JOHNSON Says:


  469. Roxanne Says:

    Congrats Juliene! Truly clever, funny and sweet! Hmmph, I had plans for the deer antler…*L*

  470. Mary Kathy Says:

    This is just so wonderful. It is better than any doctor can prescribe. Thank you.

  471. andi Says:

    Charlie looks like he’s thinking or saying: “Eli, are you asleep?” or “After you wake up, lets go romp around.”
    so cute~

  472. Pat D. Says:

    “We’ll always have Ten-Sleep.”

    Great photo! Reminds me of how my cat Nyssa wanted nothing to do with the kitten Maggie. Maggie would wait till Nyssa was sleeping and then inch closer and closer to her until they were touching. Nyssa would later wake up and look horrified at the situation. Funny thing is, after Nyssa was gone, when Maggie was grown, I brought home a new kitten, Emma, who did the same thing!

  473. Patricia Long Says:

    an odd yet charismatic-wonderful-mysterious and heavenly love between two who were supposedly born to be enemies yet lived to be heart to heart friends!

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