Howl Meets Bark

photo taken June 13, 2007 • title thanks to John

Comments on this photo were oh-so-“S’NIFFTY” (love it karen!), I was laughing out loud and in total awe of your collective cleverness all day long – thank you so much for sharing it with me.

John, I chose yours.  It’s flippin’ brilliant and, dare I say, EXTREMELY cute at the same time.  Honorable mention goes to Ashley for “Oh hello there Kate Moss.” That killed me.  Thanks to all!

• • • I love starting the week out this way – what a lovely habit it’s become!  So glad you all are loving it too.  Leave your caption, photo title, or “Charlie conversation” in the comment section and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will post the Permanent Title for this image.  This week’s booty: a signed 12 x 12 print of Eye Spy (click HERE to see the shot) ~ the perfect prelim to the season of sunshine.

321 Responses to “Howl Meets Bark”

  1. cj Says:

    Wyoming Waypost

  2. simi Says:

    Dances With Branches

    – Loved the Book, Shreve, and have passed it on a good few times now :)
    x from Eire

  3. Anonymous Says:

    A Whiff of Things to Come

  4. Paladin Says:


  5. dru Says:

    Coyote Communing

  6. Jayne Z Says:

    Al dente — perfect!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Morning news..

  8. docrobin Says:

    whoa! That’s some tall dude!

  9. Jim Says:

    Hmmm. This is new.

  10. Faithful Reader Says:

    Nothing clever– just happy birthday to you both and many, many happy returns of the day.

  11. Hans Says:

    “paying respect to a signed branch”

  12. Isa Says:

    *Snif snif* Aaah definitely…a coyote passed this way

  13. dlperry Says:

    Checkin’ his Pee-mail

  14. Cait Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    Just wanted to say that I loved, loved, loved the audio of Charlie and Chloe. My Basenji (who howls and doesn’t bark) immediately jumped up beside me and crawled over me to get to the computer. He howled once, as if tentatively saying hello, then began a thorough sniff exam, tilting his head this way and that in puzzlement.

    I read your site everyday, and it helps me to feel a little freer from my own concrete downtown wilderness.

    Thanks for all that you do,

  15. Roxanne Says:

    I just titled a Blog entry yesterday: Ayla hears a who
    SWEAR I didn’t steal it, just saw it here *LOL*
    The chosen title is SO cute!

  16. Roxanne Says:

    After reading these through also have to add. Ayla barked and hit every window and door in the house when she heard the audio!

  17. TiTO Says:

    ….WAAIT A MINUTE….!!!!!!


  18. Cathy Says:

    I, too, wanted to let you know how fascinated my dog (female German Shepherd) was with the audio. I wish I had been able to video her head tilting from one side to the other as she stared at the computer!
    Shreve, I so enjoy your site – I check it every day – thanks for the smiles!

  19. Pete Says:

    It was ~ Oct 1980 – I was working a communications job = installing phone systems in 3 nuclear plants in Alabama Georgia and Tennessee. I had no dog or pet no wife no kids at the time all gone for various reasons = it was all work and $ and no time to smell the roses.I was living in Dalton Ga. about 45 miles from Watts Bar nuclear plant and would go home only when I could stay there a few hours.We would stop at this 711 store each morning for coffee before we went through the security gate at the plant.One morning there were 3 puppys= maybe 6- 8 weeks old hanging around the 711 begging for scraps of bread or anything people would give them.They were all cross breeds of a border collie/austrailian shepard from a farm close by – a girl told me the farmer dumped them because they weren’t sellable as cross breeds and he didn’t want them.I always bought them something to eat but never wanted to get involved by taking them in as I had no time for anything but my stinkin job.One day when I arrived there were only 2 pups as one was killed on the road out front.The next day when I arrived another one down = dead in the road – I was sick at the sight of this and I took the remaining little puppy and put her in a box – she had mainge and stank like a sewer so I put her in the bed of my pick up.
    I brought her back to Dalton thinking I’ll get her fixed up at the vet and a bath then expose her the kids around the condos and be done with that chapter in my life.I never dreamed in a million years how that little girl changed so many lives everywhere she went.So many stories I could tell – but this is already way too long.The point of this story is how attached we can get to these animals and what they teach us in the time they spend with us – loyalty love happiness kindness peace and rules (dog rules) an endless list of richness they give us.I’m on my 3rd aussie dog now each of them well worth more than I could tell ya!
    ENUFF! Pete

  20. mark Says:

    I want to say – thank you for this!

  21. Poppy Says:

    Hello! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you’ve got right here on this post. I shall be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

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