Precious Handful

photo taken May 13, 2007 • title thanks to Sybann

You guys made me melt with your entries on this one!  The references to wind-up toys, good hands, and morning sunshine were so great.  “Ready… Set… GROW” in all its incarnations was a darling pun.  And then there were the random ones. “The force is strong with this one.” Seriously???  Shanon, you are awesome.

Sybann, I chose yours.  You say it all in just two words!  The double meaning of “handful”… it applies so perfectly to this photo and to Charlie in general!  Thank you.  And thank you all ~ you make Mondays extra fun.

• • • By now you know how Mondays go ’round these parts: enter your title, caption, or Charlie commentary for the photo above in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running for a Wyoming care package ~ including but not limited to a naturally shed deer antler, a petrified squid, some sage, a few pieces of chert, and a Wyoming quarter.  And those of you who aren’t feeling particularly creative?   I recommend reading through the comments for some serious chuckles – they are a gift unto themselves.

398 Responses to “Precious Handful”

  1. Celia Says:

    Static ‘Lectricity

  2. Craig Says:

    Ahhhh .. morning sun! Warm home! Gentle hands! The smell of bacon and eggs in the air! Life is good!

  3. Pat from east TN Says:

    Ready, set, goooooo!

  4. misha Says:

    Where’s breakfast?

  5. John Says:

    Brrrr! Cold Feet! Where’s the carpet mom?

  6. Joy Says:

    Baby Steps

  7. Kate Says:

    Training wheels, guiding hands

  8. Alpphy Says:

    Wyoming Wind-Up Toy

  9. Tina Says:

    There’s the roadrunner. Let me at him!

  10. Katherine Says:

    “Now where is that OTHER shoe?”

  11. Barleysoup Says:

    First your right paw…..

  12. Bobbie Says:

    Helping Hands

  13. David Says:

    He’s got the whole world in his hands.

  14. Claire Says:

    On Guard!

  15. Hannah Says:

    Uuh! I like Kate’s… I don’t know if I can be any more precise and poetical than that.
    Hmmm… I suggest “I got your tum” (instead of “I got your back”… )

  16. sara Says:

    start here?

  17. Lana Says:

    Ready to take on the world with the help of a friend

  18. Jia En Says:

    In Safe Hands

  19. Emma Says:

    Oh yeah, I got it now! I’m movin’ alright! Watch out!

  20. Annemiek Says:

    Legs? How do they work?

  21. bogus Says:

    Let me at ‘em!

  22. sybann Says:

    Precious Handful

  23. Courtney C. Says:

    The Beginning of Letting Go

  24. Glenys Says:

    St-e-a-d-y now….

  25. Claudia Says:

    The Age of Innocence

  26. Donna Lee Says:


  27. Hans-J Says:

    A dreamer meets realty

  28. Kim Says:

    Don’t let go yet . . . . . please?

  29. Teresa Says:

    Baby steps.

  30. Cathy Thompson Says:

    No clever caption ideas (though I adore baby Charlie pix), but wanted to tell you that I loved the photo of studly Ranger – he’s a handsome fella!

  31. Dusie Says:

    “So you just pull him back like this, and then let go?”

  32. Sandy F Says:

    Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you got to do is call and I’ll be there. Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend? Courtesy of James Taylor

  33. The-MaxX Says:

    Human training wheels, by Acme.

  34. Wo Says:

    Loving Handful

  35. pam Says:

    Ok I’m up Dad, let me at em.

  36. Kelly Says:

    First Steps

  37. Sandy F Says:

    “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, All you got to do is call and I’ll be there. Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend? Courtesy of James Taylor

  38. Kristan Says:

    Wobble Head

  39. stéphanie Says:

    Come on, Cow boy, Saddle up !

  40. Deanna Says:

    “Balance…I’ve got it now”

  41. Melissa Says:

    Helping Hands

  42. Laura Says:

    First Steps

  43. The Mef Thing Says:

    Walk on the wild side

  44. Ingrid Says:

    One small step for man, one giant step for Coyote.

  45. Jackie Brwon Says:

    Standing on my own four feet! .. well mostly

  46. m leggett Says:

    Hold me back or we will be having Roadrunner for lunch!

  47. Emma Says:

    Still on Stabilisers

  48. Katie Says:

    In his mind, already HUGE

  49. Stacey Says:

    A solid start to a shinning day!

  50. Kelly Says:

    Wind-up Wild Thing

  51. Sandy Says:

    It’s okay, baby – don’t be afraid. Mama’s here.

  52. mj Says:

    Canis latrans incredibilis adorabilis

  53. Debi Says:

    On your mark, get ready, set……..

  54. Jim Says:

    It’s all so new!

  55. Tsaiko Says:

    A hand to help and hold

  56. Janice Says:

    “Ready, on your mark, get set, GO!”

  57. Julie Says:

    Wide-Eyed Anticipation for All

  58. Jeff Says:

    The epic journey began with just baby steps…

  59. Feral Boy Says:

    Just Wind Him Up And Let Him Go!

  60. Justin Says:

    Baby Steps

  61. Liana Says:

    Lending a hand.

  62. Patty Says:

    Poised For Life

  63. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Land of the giants…

  64. Rick's Cafe Says:

    WOW – So this is my world?!

  65. cassie Says:

    little old soul

  66. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Fuzzy wuzzie wuz a coyote!

  67. Christine Says:

    The proper placement of a coyote is essential in home decor…

  68. Stacy Says:

    Training wheels…

  69. Moni Says:

    … and it WALKS!

  70. kat Says:


  71. carol Says:


  72. IrisM Says:


  73. Lynnsey Says:

    S’alright world. I got this.

  74. Judy Says:

    The Adventure Begins…

  75. Janet in NYC Says:

    Tiny Stance

  76. Evelyn Copley Says:

    (as in for his first “dog show”)

  77. megan Says:

    I love his little dolphin smile in this pic!!

    ‘first steps of the energizer coyote”

    “are these things on?”

    “let me at ‘em, I’ll murderize him!” (paraphrasing Daffy Duck I think!)

    Charlies first flyball trial…

    cutest windup toy ever!

    fully charged, ready to go

  78. Angie Says:

    The world in his hands

  79. karen Says:


  80. tigeron Says:


  81. Juliene Says:

    “every journey begins with the first step”

    “a whole new world”

    “what happens when you rub your feet on the carpet”

    “animal magnetism”

    “cold feet”

    “one step at a time”

  82. Cristina Perelman Says:

    Whoa!!! That’s an awfully big world out there!!

  83. Michelle Says:

    Baby’s First Steps

  84. Jennifer S. Says:

    Whoa Doggie!

  85. Eija Says:

    Wobbly-ee Coyote

    “I think I can, I think I can!”

  86. Gay Says:

    “Best in Show”

  87. Terry Says:

    Coyote Pokey – Put your right fuzz out and shake it all about.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    First Walk!~

  89. sally stroud Says:

    S’ Ok… I got it now….

  90. penny Says:

    light sweet heart……

  91. Hans-J Says:

    “Charlie? … Come … Just go … It’s all good …”

  92. KC Says:

    Orphan Redemption

    Loved the book!

  93. Bruce Evans Says:

    “Face Life Forward”

  94. Michael Johnston Says:

    Watch where you’re grabbing, creep!

  95. Jan Says:

    Loving hands know when they must let go.

  96. Cait Says:

    Bright-eyed and Bushy.

  97. Owen~ Says:

    Charlie is like a little boy learning how to ride a bike, without his training wheels. So, of course, he would say-
    “Don’t Let Go, Don’t Let Go!”

  98. Cait Says:

    Forgot to add that this picture was taken on my birthday of that year, just 2 days before I got a kidney transplant! New life all around…

  99. Lois Says:

    Hold me closer, tiny growler.

  100. Deborah Ziegler Says:

    it’s o.k. mom, i can do it by myself!

  101. Leah Says:

    On your mark, get set, go!

  102. jen Says:


  103. Tony Says:

    Strike a Pose

  104. Tony Says:

    Presenting Charlie

  105. jennyc Says:


  106. Sarah Says:

    Puppy Steps

  107. Scott Says:

    “Welcome To Your World!

  108. Tony Says:


  109. Mareike Says:

    I have no caption. What I do have is tears in my eyes as I look at precious little Charlie. He’s a lucky Coyote. Thank you Shreve.

  110. Cornelia Says:

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

  111. arescuemom Says:

    “I think I can, I think I can”

  112. Lauren Says:

    Handle with care.

  113. Lannan Says:

    You’re not going to let go, right?

  114. Barbara Says:

    Quarter Pounder at breakfast time

  115. Leah Says:

    “You can let me go now; I can handle this!”

  116. Anonymous Says:

    When Charlie met Eli. See the smile?

  117. Anita Says:

    Mighty Mite!

  118. darci Says:

    Put one foot in front of the other…

  119. John Seed Says:

    A Brave New World

  120. Melinda Says:

    gotta go see do

  121. nina Says:

    Three turns of the key outta do it!

  122. EL Fay Says:

    Training wheels.
    I has dem.

  123. Kwalee Says:

    Clutch Coyote
    Coyote Clutch

  124. Maggie Says:

    coyote cute

  125. MNM Says:

    What happens when you rub a balloon on a coyote.

  126. msdramateacherlady Says:

    Nothing creative, just…


  127. Anonymous Says:

    Morning Hair or Bed Head

  128. b Says:

    “Hello World!”

  129. Anonymous Says:

    Stacking a show coyote.

  130. Erika Says:

    Wind Up Coyote

  131. MaggieM Says:

    Ankle High

  132. Patr Says:

    How beautiful is youth! how bright it gleams With its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend!
    - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  133. Ava Says:

    Exploring a new world–both of you

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Muppet Fur

  135. Anonymous Says:

    Hint of A Smile

  136. Sarah Says:

    Perky Little Fuzzlet

  137. Farmer Lady Says:

    Stand tall, little man

  138. Michael Says:

    Go Forth & Conquer

  139. Patti Says:

    On your mark, get set, GROW!

  140. Karen Says:

    ‘Practicing Dog Show Stance’

  141. Teresa L Casey Says:

    Tender Loving Care

  142. Alicia Henderson Says:

    Cute Baby Fluffer Nutter!

  143. Mike B Says:

    Was he Fuzzy or Wuzzy Fuzzy

  144. steph Says:

    Static Clingy.

  145. Jo Says:

    ” as soon as he lets go…I’m aaaaa gonna get that slipper….yep I am!!! “

  146. Jennifer Says:

    So much to explore

  147. Andrea (noricum) Says:

    Ready… set…

  148. Ember Says:

    Pioneering Spirit

  149. Amber Says:

    Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.

  150. Paladin Says:

    Rub Tum Fuzzie!

  151. kinta Says:

    “OK. I’m ready. Wind me up and let me go”

  152. Kim S Says:

    Static cling

  153. Rebecca Says:

    I haven’t read through the other comments yet (so I apologize if this is taken), but this was the first thing I thought:

    Windup Toy

  154. Jude Says:

    “Welcome Home”

  155. Kinta Says:

    “I can do it, I can stand, just let go”

  156. SC Says:

    Who needs training wheels? Not me!

  157. Kathryn Says:


  158. Rose Says:

    Sunny Side Up!

  159. Sherri Cox Says:

    1) Bathed and ready to roll!

    2) Keep scratchin’ and when my leg goes up, that’s the spot!

  160. Holly Says:


    Ranger is pretty handsome too!

  161. MK Ray Says:

    the on switch is right here

  162. Sue Says:

    warm and fuzzy

  163. Janet in NYC Says:

    Tiny Stance – Winsome Glance

    An update to my original submission.

  164. Deeann Says:

    Sole Embrace

  165. Milaka Says:

    1) Getting his sea legs.

    2) Wind him up and let him go!

  166. Caroline Says:

    “Here I am to save the day”

  167. Margaret Says:

    “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” from John Denver–one of my favorite artists, and a great song! :) Loved the picture of Ranger! Thanks Shreve!

  168. Kathy Says:

    “Great coyote posture, learned from Mom”
    Charlie is such a handsome boy! Love his pics!

  169. Laura Says:


  170. Mashka Says:


    Get it get it?

    like “Hey!” and “Halo” combined :)

  171. Heather Says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzy apparently was not a bear.

  172. Susan Says:

    Helping hands for the bright world ahead.

  173. laney Says:

    Greeting the light of day.

  174. janice Says:

    shake me… i rattle, squeeze me …i cry

  175. Sylvia Says:

    Watch out world.. here I come!

  176. Michelle Says:

    A piece of ” Handfuls” by Carl Sandburg

    Blossoms of babies
    Blinking their stories
    Come soft
    On the dusk and the babble;
    Little red gamblers,
    Handfuls that slept in the dust.

  177. Diana Says:

    There is a young coyote he lives on the range
    His humans and his cat are his only companions
    He works in the cabin and he sleeps in the canyons
    Waiting for summer, his pastures to change

    Adapted from “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor

  178. Annie Says:

    Light Foot. :)

  179. Julia Says:

    Ready for anything, with a little support.

  180. Marquand Says:

    Stand by me.

  181. Doug Says:

    Okay world, here I come!

  182. Shanon Says:

    The force is strong with this one.

  183. Carrie Says:

    Downy soft.

  184. Karissa Says:

    Golden fluffball

  185. Sylvia Says:

    Oh dear! I hope these skinny things attached to me can hold me up!

  186. Tracy Says:

    Please don’t squeeze the fluffball”

  187. Littlebobina Says:

    Welcome Home, Little One.

  188. Emerson Says:

    He’s practicing on his training legs!

  189. Karen Says:

    Sure Fire

  190. Amelia Says:

    “Fast Forward”

  191. Cassandra Says:

    When you smile, anything is possible…

  192. DiPhi Says:

    Ready, set, go!

  193. Suzette Says:

    Release the dustbunny predator!

  194. Sandy Says:

    “A soft touch”

  195. beth Says:

    Foot-seeking Charlie Missile.

  196. joy Says:

    Fluff-o-matic. Wind him up, watch him go [after Eli].

  197. Wehaf Says:

    Windup coyote

  198. domenico Says:

    in good hands

  199. Crow Says:

    ♫ Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today…♫

    (John Fogerty: Centerfield)

  200. Kelly Lewis Says:

    Fluffy Baby’s First Smile

  201. Colleen Greco Says:

    Warm and Fuzzy Inauguration


    Genesis of Fuzz

  202. Autumn Says:

    Mother’s Guiding Hands

  203. kris Says:

    Eli look! I’m tall now too!

  204. Jennifer Says:

    Brave new world

  205. Cyndi W Says:

    Spring breezes blow fuzz balls from under the bed!

  206. Cyranetta Says:

    “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

  207. sara Says:

    “1. Reposition 2. Wind up 3. Secure free-standing cheese 4. Release”

  208. Liz Says:

    Can’t hold me back!


    Dear diary, Today my world got bigger…

  209. Christy Says:

    These paws were made for walkin’!

    Cuter than words can say.

  210. Emily D Says:

    Morning Fuzzies…

  211. Laura Says:

    Holy Coyote!

  212. Edal Says:

    “Charlie, it’s now time for you to walk on your own.”

  213. Jessica Says:

    “Look Ma, No hands!”

    I also really liked “In good hands…”

  214. karen Says:

    Little Fluffernutter!

  215. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Just add water and watch it grow.”

  216. Feng Says:

    “Wind him up, and watch him go!”

  217. Rose Says:

    Coyote Rising

  218. Beth aka EweMamab Says:

    Ankling for a better look.

  219. Stacey Says:


  220. Natalie Says:

    Ready, set, rumble!

  221. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Correcting my name … (Charlie was such a precious little pup back then).

  222. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Just thought of another – Four on the Floor!

  223. robbi Says:

    hey, mom….pick up some ‘frizz ease’ on the next grocery run, will ya?!?!

  224. Beth aka EweMamab Says:

    Ankles, away!

    (Oh, WHY couldn’t I have put these comments all together? LOL)

  225. Sylvia Says:

    Ohhh ..look at that tiny little coyote… Adorable… How long have you had him? (from the Burger King Commercials)

  226. Tessa Says:

    Fuzzy Innocence

  227. Aisha Says:

    “Born to run,” because he looks like he’s going to take off after something as soon as you let him go.

  228. theroadrunnerla Says:

    Graduation Day, The Training Wheels Are Off!

  229. Suzanne Miranda Says:


  230. Christine Says:

    morning legs

  231. Stacey Says:


  232. Elizabeth H. Says:


  233. Helioprogenus Says:

    I can see the finish line

  234. Hana Says:

    On a Mission.

  235. Molly Says:

    At the starting gait

  236. svensto Says:

    I love it when those two hands touch me

  237. Nancy Says:

    Tiny new friend

  238. Molly Says:

    Make that, “In the starting gait”

  239. mattozan Says:

    “Now, how to win her heart?

  240. Nicole Says:

    I think I’m ready. You can let go now.

  241. Terry Says:


  242. Donna Says:

    You are my sunshine.

  243. Dave Cox Says:

    “I’m in good hands now.”

  244. Stephanie Says:

    “Just one foot in front of the other and I’ll catch Eli in no time”

  245. Sylvia Says:

    Playing with Baby

  246. Laurie Says:

    Fuzzy side up


    Handful of Tiny Coyote

  247. Simon Says:

    Time to take off the training wheels!

  248. Katie C Says:

    Best In Show!

  249. Connie Says:

    Xtreme Adorable Defined

  250. Pamela Says:

    OK, Micro Muffin, come to mama…

  251. gigolokitty Says:

    A man and his boy.

  252. Rebecca Says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Coyote

  253. Lauren Says:

    One small step for Charlie….

  254. L Says:

    In Allstate guy’s voice:

    “Are you in good hands?”

  255. Carrie Says:

    Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a coyote’s [person's] character lies in their own feet [hands].

    Anne Frank

  256. rootsgirl Says:

    Feeling the transfer of love energy!

  257. Erin Says:

    “Angel, in the early morning”

    –adapted from Emily Dickinson

    (also, great shot!)

  258. Cristina Says:

    Fuzzy Bunny

  259. Beth Says:


    Powder puff


    With a little help from my friends

  260. heather em Says:

    ::in Attenborough voice::

    “The first morning tickle is lost on the young coyote, who sees a new box in the corner, one that he hasn’t explored behind yet. As you can see, his legs are stouter every day, and soon his snout will begin to lengthen, engaged in a perpetual race with his ears. A handsome fellow indeed.”

  261. Ellen Says:

    (1) Wind up. (2) Place all four paws on floor. (3) Let go.

  262. Tinare Says:

    Baby’s first steps.

  263. Darcy Says:

    That’s one small step for coyotes, one giant leap for caninekind.

  264. Kristine Says:

    Weeble’s Wobble, but they don’t fall down.

  265. Ed Says:

    I’m tough!
    I’m confident!
    I believe in myself!

  266. i-ching-a-ling Says:

    World, meet Coyote. Coyote, the World…

  267. Schroe Says:

    Teeter Totters

  268. Elizabeth Says:


  269. Dave Z. Says:

    “The Chia Charley”

  270. Susan Says:

    Holding on to the domestic, letting go of the wild.

  271. Karen b Says:

    But it’s too cute for words.

  272. Stace Says:

    I think I can! I think I can!

  273. FK Says:

    A Prince is Born.

  274. Juliene Says:

    Thought of more..

    “Helping Hands”

    “Give him a hand”

    “We all need a little support sometimes”

    “We could all use a little support”

    “Somebody to Lean On”

    Also, Ranger! Since reading your book I’ve always wanted to see a picture of him! More please?

  275. Laura Says:

    Ready? Steady? …Go!

    Bright-eyed and Bushy Furred

    I love how he looks tiny enough to fit in a teacup, but already so handsome and confident! Maybe not a cock of the walk… A Coyote of the Mosey?!

  276. Katie Says:

    “Carry on my way-ward son”

  277. April Says:

    I’d like to second this one:

    “Christine Says:

    April 13th, 2009 at 9:36 am
    The proper placement of a coyote is essential in home decor…”


  278. Nancy Says:

    “I’m too fuzzy for a caption”
    “Too fuzzy for a caption”
    “So I thought of this adaption”

    Adapted from “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred

  279. schatze Says:

    Wild Baby, New Den

  280. Megan Webster Says:

    “Baby steps.”

  281. julie Says:

    “first light, first steps”

  282. David Says:

    Steppin’ Lightly

  283. Monica Says:

    “Brave New World”

  284. molly Says:

    Down he goes

  285. Marquand Says:

    Forwardly placed.

  286. Susan Says:

    bringing a little bit of the wild inside

  287. Michelle Says:

    Two hands tall

  288. TJ Says:

    this is the correct coyote Feng Shui placement.

  289. Joanne Stark Says:

    “Angelface Aglow”

    “Shimmering Sweetpea”

  290. Molly Says:

    Big foot and tenderfoot

  291. Liza Lundell Says:

    Just startin’ out

    Golly he’s cute. I’m so glad you have the coyote and take the pictures, so I don’t have to!

  292. Jayne Zabala Says:

    Hands on relationship.

  293. Carol Says:

    Static Cling

  294. Keabird Says:


  295. mel Says:

    stuffed animal impersonation of charlie

  296. Gabby Says:

    “Hey Shreve, how ’bout a cream rinse next time!”


    “Harried orphan who found tender refuge inour hungry hearts.”
    - Robert Burns

  297. Sue Says:

    My kitty cat.

  298. Brigid Says:

    “Cowboy pick-me-up”

  299. Sophie Says:

    “Charlie’s First Massage”

    (Alternatively, “Turn Your Head and Cough,” although that might be a little too racy!)

  300. Owen~ Says:

    I thought of some more, after my first, ‘Don’t Let Go, Don’t Let Go!’
    “Safety Surrounding”
    “Aglow & A Fuzz
    “His Little Nose”
    “Sea Legs”
    “Baby’s First Steps”

  301. Jerry Johnson Says:

    A change of shampoo is in order.

  302. Jenn Says:

    Standing Gently

  303. Donna Says:

    “No more training wheels, Dad! I’m ready!”

  304. cfritz Says:

    Catch and Release

  305. Linda Says:

    Come on, lemee go, I can do it, come on, pleeeezzzeeee?

  306. Randi Says:

    K-9 Q-tip

  307. misha Says:

    A walk on the wild side.

  308. mlaiuppa Says:

    “No batteries necessary.”

  309. Dianne Says:


    Fuzzy: Handle with Care

    Charlie’s First Feat

    MC Setting Charlie Free

  310. DeeAnne Says:

    “On your marks, get set….”

  311. Carol Says:

    MC squared

  312. Bethrusso Says:

    Good morning, sunshine.

  313. Molly Says:

    Tender Mercies

  314. Charlie Says:

    “Steady Hands”
    “Many Hands Make Light Work”
    “One Step Closer”

  315. Craig Says:

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth .. and Charlie.

  316. Hunter Says:

    “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

  317. Gerry Hartsoe Says:

    These wind up toys are sooooo lifelike.

  318. Terri Dien Says:

    “Harnessing the Cute.”

  319. Kelly Says:

    You are leaving right before my eyes, but I can’t see.
    I can only feel. That’s what you’ve been all along.
    A simple feeling –
    That aches to stay.

  320. Craig Says:

    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  321. cfritz Says:

    Life cherished + Cherished life = Charlie

  322. jarebear Says:

    Would you pleeeeze let me go…how ’bout now? Now? How ’bout now?

  323. Craig Says:

    “Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

    Karen Ravn

  324. skaye Says:


  325. Paul Says:

    Bad Hair Day

  326. jeanna Says:

    baby steps.

  327. elaine Says:

    Powder Fluff!

  328. Allie Says:

    Baiting a Snuggle Trap

  329. Carrie Says:

    Re-charging Charlie

  330. Denise Says:

    “Tak’in it one step at a time” (like tak’in it one day at a time)

  331. Jaimie Says:

    No, YOU turn your head and cough!

  332. jin Says:

    I have spread my dreams under your feet,
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

    - William Butler Yeates

  333. Melissa Says:

    Reluctant Tenacity

  334. Steph Says:

    Fluffy Footing

  335. Laura Says:


  336. Cher Says:

    Sooo biggggg!!! <— this was the first thing that came to mind :o)

    Tentative and exciting first steps…

    Are you in good hands?


  337. Julie Says:

    Whiskers, wanderings, weaning, and wondering…the life of a pup!

  338. mlaiuppa Says:




  339. kerry Says:

    First steps…..

    Looking to the future

  340. cindy a Says:

    precious fuzz ball

  341. Alice Says:

    Wow! One sip of whiskey & I’m all weebly-wobbly. Good thing mom’s got me!

  342. Carolyn Says:

    In good hands.

  343. Craig Says:

    With encouragement and direction LITTLE Charlie is already beginning to dream of BIG coyote adventures.

  344. klimt Says:

    so face the future.

  345. Richard Says:

    First steps

  346. Barbara Says:

    Coyote’s Utterly Tiny Enboldenment
    Coyote’s Utterly Tiny Enterprise
    Coyote’s Utterly Tiny Endeavour

    (first letter of each word should be in boldface & slightly larger type, but I can’t do that here. Then you can see that those letters spell……..

  347. Bethrusso Says:

    Lean on me.

  348. sally stroud Says:

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!!

  349. Shanna Says:

    “Ooh…that’s the spot.”

  350. DeltaBluez Stockdogs Says:

    Walk This Way

  351. beth Says:

    Revision to my first: make that “Feet-seeking Charlie Missile.” Sounds better.

  352. Says:

    Let me help you.

  353. Lee Says:

    Tender Spirit, Curious Mind

  354. Rebecca Says:

    Bundle of Joy

  355. Beth Says:

    It takes a tough man to make a tender coyote.


    There’s first love, and then there’s coyote love.

  356. Jeff Says:

    Footprints on the floor, paw prints on your heart.

  357. Ollie Says:

    Knee High to a Coyot’ Eye

  358. Jodie Says:

    And they called it Puppy Love!

  359. Elyse Says:

    The Thousand Yard Stare

  360. Beverly Says:

    Little Stud……nothing to do with the pic of Ranger, Charlie looks like a Little Stud……lol……..

  361. Daniel Says:

    “Pawcity” of size but not heart

  362. jennifer Says:

    Yep, I’m gonna like it here. I’m home.

  363. Cindy Says:

    Wyoming Hand Dryer

  364. martha Says:

    and 1 2 3, 1 2 3, waltz!!!

  365. Whisker Kisses Says:

    For what it’s worth, I had three thoughts that popped into my head after I went “AAAAWWWWWWWWW!”

    “Support Staff”

    “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

    and lastly…

    “It takes a Cowboy”
    (on the theme of “It takes a Village”)

    Thanks for making my day, Shreve. Kisses to the boys, especially Eli and Chloe, too.

  366. Abby Says:

    A Sunny Disposition.

  367. Charlie H Says:

    Fuzzy Learning

  368. Sandy Keech Says:

    Down boy…it’s just your shadow!

  369. Joan Says:

    Fuzzy Wuzzy

  370. Robin N Says:

    First you walk, then you run…

  371. Cher Says:

    Ok, I just got a chance to come back and read all of these comments… Shreve, I don’t envy you having to choose– but I love the contests!! Also, I was about the third or fourth person with the Allstate commercial in mind.

    I do love his little smile. Almost a confident smirk…

    A glimpse into the future state of coyote?

  372. Danielle Says:

    Pocket coyote

  373. beth Says:

    in steady and capable hands

  374. Kasia Says:

    belly full of wild

  375. Vegas Princess Says:

    These Paws Were Made For Walkin’

  376. Connie Says:

    The Future

  377. Jane Says:

    In safe hands.

  378. Rae Says:

    ‘Told you not to put me in the dryer.’

    ‘Told you not to use the dryer.’

    ‘Towel dry only.’

    I dunno. First thought in my head, though.

  379. Sandee Says:

    Lemme at ‘em!

  380. velocibadgergirl Says:

    On your mark…get set…

  381. Debra Says:

    holding on to youth

  382. RG Says:


  383. Marlene Says:

    Free the fuzzy Pea

  384. Miri Says:

    Sepia fluff

  385. Akuma Says:

    Ready… Set… Go!

  386. Jonathan Says:

    Ok, look forward, good, chin down a little, perfect… click.

  387. DrLoco Says:

    First steps
    Exploration – The beginning

  388. Hans-J Says:

    “his first walk was like a dance”

  389. Kristina Says:

    Morale support.

  390. Fran Says:

    Powder Puff

  391. Sue Says:

    Four on the floor

  392. Zina Says:

    “I have you.”

  393. Eija Says:

    Wobbl’ E. Coyote

    Cutee-pie coyotee

    “thanks for those hands”

  394. Skimmie Says:

    1. The fuzzihood of puppihood.

    2. Clearly fuzzy.

    3. Fluff pup.

    4. Fluffability.

    5. Backlit baby.

    6. Here I am!

  395. Jo Says:

    Steady Now

  396. David Bridgen Says:

    What a marvellous picture. But then, all your pictures of Charlie are marvellous.

    I wish I had the privilege of living with him.

  397. Polly J Says:


  398. mary kathy Says:

    Isn’t God wonderful in his thoughts…………

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