Resting on the Path to Brotherhood

photo taken May 23, 2007 • title thanks to Dianne

My my my… it was hard to choose one this week!

Final contenders were:
“Between a rock and a hard place,” left by several, so great for this shot.
“Just walk on by,” left by two, quoting two very different songs. Yes!

“Look, if I put my ears like this my shadow looks like a cat.
“Mom told Eli to take me for some Rocky Road. I don’t think this is what she meant.”
Have I told you I love your brains?

Kit & Bit; Rock, Puppy, Whiskers; Dear in the Headlights~ clever and cute.

“Oh, Brother!” comes in as a very close runner-up….
And Dianne, I chose yours. You are good – tying together the visual elements of the photo and the history of Charlie and Eli and the scene itself – it is fantastic!

Thanks, thanks, thanks to one and all!

• • • I don’t know about you, but I need more weekend.  Or more time in bed.  Milking a cow is a full-body workout.  But I’ve got the two-handed rhythm down, and Daisy is an absolute doll and hasn’t kicked me in the head.  She’s a very cuddly cow, really.  While I’m out with my cow, continuing to perfect my technique, it’s up to you to give this photo a title, caption, or dialogue.

I can’t wait to see your brilliant brains take on this pic.  My favorite entry will get a naturally shed deer antler – this particular one is remarkable because it is a four-point horn (ie, there are four points), but it is only about six inches across – mini! – and two of the points have been gnawed on by fox or coyote.  It is a treasure in its imperfections.

364 Responses to “Resting on the Path to Brotherhood”

  1. marm Says:

    “Mom told Eli to take me for some Rocky Road. I don’t think this is what she meant.”

  2. cj Says:

    Lessons in sunbathing.


    Big Cat Country

  3. Ellen Says:

    All I could think of was Dionne Warwick singing “Walk on By!”

  4. Janice Says:

    Two drama Queens

  5. Liz Says:

    Cautiously seeking approval

  6. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    My second attempt – before the total hits 400. LOL

    Bushed Baby

    Learning Shadow Casting

    Paws to Reflect

  7. Paula Says:

    Brother from another mother

  8. Holly Says:

    Hellooooooo, I`ve set the ground rules, and I have seniority!When you see my back, stay away!

  9. Paladin Says:

    Claw Caution

  10. Hans-J Says:

    I am reading your eyes.

    ( … still often they spell HOME with the alphabet of his and my heart.)

  11. Janice Says:

    ohhh–the winner is great–but it has inspired me to say “on the rocky road to brother hood” which is even better! hehehe

  12. Allie Says:

    Moooom, Eli won’t play with me…

  13. smb Says:

    How cute

  14. Patricia Long Says:

    Eli says: “Don’t worry, little one, I’ve got you in my sight.”

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