Resting on the Path to Brotherhood

photo taken May 23, 2007 • title thanks to Dianne

My my my… it was hard to choose one this week!

Final contenders were:
“Between a rock and a hard place,” left by several, so great for this shot.
“Just walk on by,” left by two, quoting two very different songs. Yes!

“Look, if I put my ears like this my shadow looks like a cat.
“Mom told Eli to take me for some Rocky Road. I don’t think this is what she meant.”
Have I told you I love your brains?

Kit & Bit; Rock, Puppy, Whiskers; Dear in the Headlights~ clever and cute.

“Oh, Brother!” comes in as a very close runner-up….
And Dianne, I chose yours. You are good – tying together the visual elements of the photo and the history of Charlie and Eli and the scene itself – it is fantastic!

Thanks, thanks, thanks to one and all!

• • • I don’t know about you, but I need more weekend.  Or more time in bed.  Milking a cow is a full-body workout.  But I’ve got the two-handed rhythm down, and Daisy is an absolute doll and hasn’t kicked me in the head.  She’s a very cuddly cow, really.  While I’m out with my cow, continuing to perfect my technique, it’s up to you to give this photo a title, caption, or dialogue.

I can’t wait to see your brilliant brains take on this pic.  My favorite entry will get a naturally shed deer antler – this particular one is remarkable because it is a four-point horn (ie, there are four points), but it is only about six inches across – mini! – and two of the points have been gnawed on by fox or coyote.  It is a treasure in its imperfections.

364 Responses to “Resting on the Path to Brotherhood”

  1. Chris Says:

    When I grow up – I wanna be just like him!

  2. Meg Says:

    I’ve put a spell on you…

  3. Akialyn Says:

    Moooom, Eli won’t play with me…I hid for HOURS but he never seeked!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Guarding the Treasure

  5. Jan Says:

    You nap,…I’ll guard.

  6. Hef's Mom Says:

    Is this the line for returns?

  7. Melissa Says:

    Eli’s cold shoulder.

  8. Claudia Says:

    Cats scowl but coyote’s HOWL

  9. Vanessa Says:

    “Eli, you watch that way and listen this way, and I’ll watch this way and listen that way, then we have the area covered!”

    PS Who ever said a cow couldn’t be cuddly>> ;>)

  10. sybann Says:

    Little Buddy


    Nutty Buddy

    and Daisy is beautiful. What kind of bovine?

  11. Jacqui Says:

    But I don’t want to “bond” . . .

  12. Melissa Says:

    Big brother, little brother

  13. Rhonda Says:


  14. Moira Says:

    Eli: You’ll never be top cat if you keep following her around like some dog!

  15. Bethrusso Says:

    I’ve got your back

  16. Bethrusso Says:

    Baby got back.

  17. Kristie Says:

    ….maybe one day I’ll be as big as Eli…………or evEN BIGGER………..

  18. danielle Says:

    “Are you my mother?”

  19. Chris K Says:

    In the shadow of the Almighty.

  20. Jeff Says:

    maybe – if I’m reallllly quiet…

  21. Cait Says:

    I don’t have a great caption, but here goes:

    “The Sun-Warmed Shoulder”

    And for the record, I thought Daisy might be a duck (“Daisy Duck” anyone?). But I knew I probably wasn’t right because I can’t imagine a duck would last long among Charlie, Chloe and Eli…though my bets are on Eli to get first dibs. Plus, the whole lack of ponds/lakes/rivers/water thing…

    Daisy DOES have a great smile! Are you going to make cheese?

  22. Annemiek Says:

    Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away!

  23. Eloise Says:


  24. Kelly Says:

    “Are you … sure he won’t bite?”

  25. Denise Says:

    What have I gotten myself into???

  26. Liz Says:

    Caught red-handed

  27. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Is this really my family? Nobody looks like me….

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Guarded indifference

  29. Sue Says:

    I didn’t mean to be anonymous!

    Guarded indifference

  30. Phyllis Says:

    (word balloon)
    “I think I’d better let him soak up some rays—-he’s bigger ‘en me, and I think he’s in charge!”

  31. Stacy Says:

    Shhh…I don’t think he’s had his morning coffee yet…

  32. Pat Says:

    You didn’t listen to me, so you find your own way home.

  33. Kelly Says:

    I can’t wait until I’m bigger than him!

  34. Scott Says:

    Orphan Daze

  35. Scott Says:

    Minimum Safe Distance

  36. bec Says:

    some privacy please? we are TRY-ING to have a private conversation here!

  37. mick Says:

    Who were you expecting, Pixie and Dixie?

  38. Jayne Says:

    The road less taken . . .

  39. Luci Says:

    “Are you sure?”

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Will be interesting to see how Eli handles milk. My cats are lactose intolerant! Daisy is a beauty and her name suits here well! I’m sure butter and cheeese will be next on your list of accomlpishments!

  41. Audra Says:

    The cat did it!

  42. Debbie Says:

    You take the high road, I take the low road!

  43. Jayne Says:

    You take the high road and I’ll take the low road . . .

    The lactose intollerant cats belong to me! They really like it, but promptly throw up!

  44. Wincey Says:

    This simply CAN’T be my mommy!

  45. margeaux Says:

    Mooom, Eli said I smell like coyote poo….

  46. janice Says:

    Between a rock and a hard place…

  47. Heidi Says:

    We weren’t doing anything wrong….HONEST!

  48. Guadalupe Says:

    C: Quick, quick, she’s coming…!

  49. Catsquatch Says:

    “MOM, Eli says Im the milkmans kid!
    Its not true, is it?

  50. Nancy Says:

    Pup vs. Paparazzi

  51. Pat Says:


    Poor Charlie has his tail tucked, legs cowered and ears back. He is so unsure in this photo.

    Daisy will be a great addition to the farm. Farm Butter! Yum!!!!

  52. Michel Says:


  53. Ann Says:

    Eli to Charlie- “Go away, Little Pup; I don’t want to play right now.”

  54. Patty Says:

    Mom..are you SURE one day I’ll be bigger than Eli?

  55. Glenys Says:

    Make him play with me!!!


    Mom!!!! He won’t be my friend!!

  56. AmandaAmandaAmanda Says:

    Smitten Kitten

  57. Caligirl Says:

    Purrrrrfect buds!

  58. Catherine Says:

    “Nothing Personal”

  59. Laura Says:

    I love the body language in this picture – Charlie is so clearly submitting and trying to be liked, but Eli is just as clearly not impressed by this little gangly furry thing. I can’t even point to what about Eli’s bearing says it, but he’s feeling stand-offish and while not about to even bat at Charlie, definitely ready with a growled warning and keeping an eye (and ear) on him!

    I wish I could come up with a caption that fits them, but I’m drawing a total blank! Maybe later today…

  60. Molly-B Says:

    Frozen in his tracks


    Getting by Eli

  61. katblue Says:

    Kerfluffled and Begging

  62. Hans-J Says:

    lost in translation

  63. KC Says:

    “Is this the way to your hearts?”

  64. Tony Says:

    Between a Rock and Safe Place

  65. Sarah Says:

    Eli: If I ignore him, surely he will go away…

    Charlie: Oh yeah! A game of hide and seek!

  66. Penny Says:

    “Sticking close to home”

    Mine isn’t quite what I wanted to say… just the idea that Eli is home and safety. Dawn really encapsulated my feeling when I looked at this: “Guarding the Treasure”, so if you take votes, count one more for Dawn!

  67. Tony Says:

    Teetering on Acceptance

  68. Beth Says:

    I thought Eli was my friend!

  69. Debi Says:

    Tip Toeing by for safety sake…..

  70. Janet in NYC Says:

    This is a photo narrative:

    “As Eli demonstrates his natural proclivity for unguarded sunbathing, Charlie stands by tentatively, and wonders if he should do the same.”

  71. JulyAries Says:

    “His tail was here a second ago…I swear I didn’t take it!”

  72. tigeron Says:

    Well…My Shadow is Bigger Than Yours!!!

  73. Polly J Says:

    My Protector!

  74. Heather Says:

    The little shadow’s shadow

  75. MaggieMNM Says:

    His ears point to home.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Feeling small in a big, big world.

  77. Erica N Says:

    I’m no longer allowed to play with the tail.

  78. IrisM Says:

    The Watcher

  79. Jennifer Says:

    Submissive = Acceptance?

  80. IrisM Says:

    Primitive Tollroad

  81. Dori Says:

    “Picture of Innocence”…

  82. Patt Says:

    Mommmmmmm….Eli won’t play with me !!!!!

  83. Shelley Says:

    “Who farted?”

  84. Laieanna Says:

    Stuck between a rock and a cat place

  85. juliana Says:

    “tomcat trepidation”

    ps – i need another weekend too!

  86. LHays Says:

    “Eli told me that it is my turn to stand guard!”

  87. Bonnie Says:

    All he hopes to be

  88. Cheryl Says:

    I’d title it “Giving Back” because that’s what Eli is doing and all cats do it well!

  89. Barbara Says:

    True bedfellows

  90. Barbara Says:

    I’m a little teapot…

  91. b Says:

    1) “We’ve replaced Eli’s usual cat toy with this cute little coyote pup. Let’s see what happens….”

    2) Lesson on why you don’t bite Eli’s tail in 3, 2, 1….

  92. Kim Says:

    Just walk on by…

    I really like Dawn’s caption as well…

  93. Whisker Kisses Says:


    or the better known


    Love this picture, it says it all. Eli was showing you how to handle Charlie, Shreve, LOL!
    Happy cow!!!

  94. Priscilla Says:

    Eli and his posse of one

  95. Maggieface Says:

    Puppy eyes not workin’ for Eli today…

  96. Wo Says:

    “It’s a Small World After All….”

  97. Have the T-Shirt Says:

    Mom, Eli won’t play with me! :(

  98. Patti Says:

    David and Goliath

  99. Maggie Says:

    Needing protection

  100. Micae Says:

    Tucked Tail Trepidation

  101. Robin Says:

    Cat Attitude 101: Chapter one, page one

  102. Michel Says:

    I’m adding to my first entry from 9:54 am.

    “The Sun-God & his Worshipper”

  103. Brandi Says:

    I just wanna be loved! Is that so wrong?

  104. Deeann Says:

    Eli– “If I don’t see him, maybe he isn’t there!”

  105. Cornelia Says:

    Me and my shadow.

  106. Joan Says:


  107. EL Fay Says:

    U pway wit me?

    Eli: She feeds me, shelters me, and cares for me. Therefore, I am God.
    Charlie: U gives meh fud an roof an luvs! U iz God!!!11!!1!

    (LOL, Eli looks like a dog in this one!) That second caption wasn’t quite original – I adapted it from a LOLcats picture of a cat and a dog.

  108. KA Says:

    Mommy? Mommy? …….Where’s my mommy??

  109. Katie Says:

    I wasn’t playing with the cat… I swear. Please don’t tell the other coyotes! Please!!!!

  110. Laura M Says:

    Less hissing on this side.

  111. Kim Says:

    “Boy someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

  112. Maya Says:

    I’ll be bigger than him one day, right?

  113. Alex Says:

    The Bubble: You’re Not in It

  114. Siobhan Says:

    Caught in the act

  115. ash Says:

    maybe if I ignore him, he’ll go away.

  116. Toni Says:

    Go away kid, ya bother me.

    /W.C. Fields voice

  117. Paladin Says:

    Sheesh, all my lazy brother wants to do is Catnap!

  118. Hans-J Says:

    … looking for the short way home.

  119. Pam Says:

    “Um…Mom? I don’t think Eli wants to play anymore. Can we go inside now?”

  120. Stephanie Says:

    Hi! I don’t have a caption but wanted to say that I just borrowed your fantastic book from a friend and it is amazing so far! I have 2 huskies. One of which might be part coyote which is what initially made me want to read the book. I also live in a town of about 300 in Wyoming and am originally from Tampa, Florida so can understand the culture shock aspect somewhat! I am looking forward to picking up your gluten free book soon as I just found out that I too need to live a gluten free life! So glad that I found your site :) Gorgeous pictures!!

  121. Meghan Says:

    Cute and fuzzy only lasts so long; you’re gonna need street smarts, so stick with me…

  122. kat Says:


  123. Christina Says:

    “Shadow pup(pets)”

  124. Ed Says:

    Between a rock and a soft place

  125. Allison Says:


  126. Julie Says:

    Tough Love

  127. wyomon lover Says:

    Charlie: ” Eli why won’t you play with me?”
    Eli: “Because you’re pint sized, and it will make me look bad, wait till Shreve leaves ok. Quick look sad for the camera, just look sad” *Whew nobody said being a big brother was easy*

  128. Linda Says:

    Sneak past the cat ever so slowly…

  129. Helen Says:

    Between a rock and a hard cat.

  130. Shanna Says:

    Baby Brother Boredom

  131. Sherri Cox Says:

    1) Baby got back!

    2) Mommmmm…Eli just smacked me for no reason!

  132. Jaimie Says:

    “Cat? What’s a cat?”

  133. Lannan Says:

    Tentative steps.

  134. Sherri Says:

    Chill out, man!

  135. Erika Says:

    “Padding along”

  136. J. J. Says:

    “What does it take to get a little respect here??”

  137. Ava Says:

    Red Earth Brothers

  138. Bria Says:

    Oh, brother!

  139. Jane. Says:

    Mum, he’s ignoring me again:(

  140. Firefox Says:

    Hi Shreve,
    I just finished reading your book. It was excellent. I gained an understanding of how you have grown and matured through the experiences you’ve had with Charlie. Thanks for including the really hard-to-share personal introspectives in the book. I thought I was going to read a book about a coyote, but it turns out, it was much, much more.

    I think I’m the 124th commenter, and I hope your eyeballs are still able to read at this point, but I’d like to add my caption offering as well.

    “Are you sure about this? We’re just two tiny creatures in a big beautiful world!”

  141. Shoopuff Says:

    Who you love, and who you’re stuck with

    The hardest part of making friends

  142. Barbara Says:

    “Is that a lion?”

  143. Kristan Says:

    Momma, Eli Won’t Play…

  144. Julia Says:

    Between a rock and a hard place!

  145. Evelyn Says:

    Now, be brave little man!

  146. Eija Says:

    One just feels like to pick up this little coyote pup and tell him that cats are like that – they don’t really need you, unless they feel like it.
    For the photo title:

    Hurt and Rejected!

    The Face of Rejected

    Puzzled and hurt.

    “Why doesn’t Eli love me?”

  147. MashkaK Says:

    Look, if I put my ears like this my shadow looks like a cat.

  148. Ken G Tulsa OK Says:

    We can’t go on being seen like this. What will the neighbors think?

  149. Susan Says:

    I’ve been playing with my shadow…

  150. Jia En Says:

    Do Re Mi.

  151. Jayne Says:

    Scaredy cat?

  152. Sarah Says:

    Walking softly…

  153. Gwen Says:

    “It wasn’t me!”

    The picture reminds me of the Shaggy song. ;)

    I really enjoyed your book, by the way! It was such a privilege to get a fuller perspective on what it was to live your life during that time. In reading it, and remembering the frenzy the comments used to dissolve into, it was a really good reminder of how easy it is to judge and advise out of ignorance, and how completely silly the judgments and advice end up being with more information!


  154. Alyssa Says:

    “Stoic Gaurdian, Devoted Sidekick”


    “Silent Guardian, Devoted Sidekick”

    P.S. I’ve always wanted a cow! So jealous!

  155. Stacey Says:

    Whatever Eli says, I didn’t do it.

  156. Courtney C. Says:

    An Amateur in Comparison

    Eli knows how to deal with the paparazzi by now, but Charlie has so much to learn. ;)

  157. Annie Says:

    “Baffled by the Cheshire Cat”

  158. eric Says:

    Playing hard to get.

    Just walk on by . . . wait on the corner (for all the old CountryWestern fans out there).

  159. bonnie Says:

    are you sure this is ok?

  160. Sandy Says:

    Eli: “Don’t even think about it!”

    Charlie learned early in life that Eli had eyes in the back of his head…

  161. christine Says:

    ‘Mom, he’s doing it again..He is calling me that name….cayote pup..What’s a cayote?’

  162. Amy Mikelson Says:

    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brutha!

  163. Mareike Says:

    Caption: My Hero

    Daisy: Charolais ?

  164. betharoopie Says:

    “A Little Help Here…?”

    So adorable…

  165. Tina Says:

    I taught I taw a puddy tat. But maybe it’s just a furry rock.

  166. cfritz Says:

    He told me to wait right here until his mood changes

  167. Ticia Says:

    Dash and a Dot

  168. Molly-B Says:

    Eli: “grrrrrrrrrrrrrr……”

    Charlie: “Uh-oh…”

  169. Ember Says:

    Little Rascals

  170. ilana Says:

    Before the Friendship

  171. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    (I didn’t read all the earlier posts so if this is a duplicate I apologize.)

    Catnap? Catnip? I’m not moving until I know what’s Eli’s thinking …

  172. Icksy Says:

    You can’t spell Charlie without Eli.

  173. Wehaf Says:


    Summer shadow.

    Scared of his shadow.


  174. Kathy F. Says:

    “Pleasure and Guilt”

  175. Trudy Jewell Says:

    Sorry, Mom, I did it on an accident.

  176. Nichole C. Says:

    What? I wasn’t going to pounce on Eli!!!

  177. sha Says:

    Eli, keeping an ear on Charlie…Charlie, very aware of that ear.

  178. Amelia Says:

    “I don’t always know what he’s saying, but I ALWAYS know when he means it!”

  179. Karissa Says:

    Eli is thinking “If I ignore it, maybe it will go away.”
    Charlie is thinking “But I love him!”

  180. Lisa Says:

    “Do you think he likes me?”

  181. Kahuna Says:

    “Now Charlie, todays lesson on life is, what it feels like to be between a rock and a hard place.”

    (I too haven’t read all the comments yet….sorry if someone has used some variation of this)

  182. Susan Says:

    Brotherly companionship!

  183. Derek L Says:

    Cat & Mouse

  184. Penny Says:

    Seriously? HE is my big brother? Scary (shudders as he walks away…..)

    Daisy looks like a great addition!! Raw milk and butter!! wo hoo

  185. dutchman in ohio Says:

    “Thanks Eli”! I think “I” can handle it from here ! ?

  186. Maggie Says:

    Sheepish Coyote

  187. kjb Says:


  188. Taja Says:

    Coyote Angst
    Stone Cold Apprehension
    Standing Watch
    Guarded Coyote/Guarded Charlie

  189. kjb Says:

    First Crush

    Unrequited Love

    Treading Lightly

  190. kjb Says:

    Hasn’t started to make sense of the world yet but thinks it’s beautiful all the same.

  191. Alisa Says:

    Whatever you say Eli

  192. Bill Says:

    “May I sit at your feet and learn from your ways?”

  193. Alicia Henders Says:

    “Mooooooooommmmm! He won’t play with me.” He looks like he has his tattle tale face on. So cute!

  194. Helioprogenus Says:

    In the shadow of giants, the tabby is king

  195. SaraG Says:

    Do you think Eli will ever like me??

  196. Anonymous Says:


  197. Loretta Says:

    Oh man! I was almost past him! Now he’s going to do that spitty thing again.

  198. Jennifer L Says:

    Here There Be Tygers

  199. TFLS Says:

    “I made a booboo.”

    ” ‘Cat’-tastrophe”


    “As the dust settles”

    Daisy looks like a wonderful cow, my dear. I was lucky enough to live on a farm once (back when I was a kid). In Ireland. I remember getting up at zero dark thirty to help with all the chores. Milking was my favorite, actually (along with gathering eggs). As there were only a few cows, it was done by hand. Then all the fresh milk was driven down the road on the back of a pony and cart to the local co-op for pasteurization. I’d always go with. It was fun, listening to the farmers trade stories. I learned a little Gaelic in the exchange. I learned how to churn butter too (a WHOLE different taste than what’s available in the store!). Boy – talk about provoking a memory! You mentioned the butter and off I went.

  200. Rae Says:

    All I said was I ate his tuna…

  201. katie Says:

    MeWOW, that’s a big cat!

  202. Terri Says:

    Back track

  203. Guadalcanal Diary Says:

    Walking in the shadow of the big man
    Sleepers Awake
    Trail of Tears

  204. Jeff II Says:

    “Don’t even THINK about it kid, can’t you see I’m resting….. and I don’t care what Shreve said, I’ll deal with her later.”

  205. jan Says:

    idignation, tolerance, acceptance…in that order

  206. Janet Says:

    While the cat’s (turned) away…

  207. Cathy Says:

    “I thought I saw a puddy cat!”

  208. janice Says:

    Guilty by association

  209. cfritz Says:

    Stand By Me

  210. Molly Says:

    Tiptoe quietly past. . .

  211. Cathy Says:

    Eli, Eli… Is that my mom?

  212. Liza Lundell Says:

    If I don’t look, Eli can’t see me.

  213. Julie Says:

    His First “Hey”….

  214. Amy Says:

    “Treading Lightly”

  215. Kathryn Says:

    Eli just told Charlie he is a Coyote, not a Cat.

  216. Kathryn (again) Says:

    Coytoes stand tall, ears up, and get your tail out from between your legs. You are not a chicken!

    Chickens have tails??

  217. bernard Says:

    on the run from johnny law

  218. Kelley Says:

    the true purpose of zen
    is to see things as they are
    and let things go as they go

  219. klimt Says:

    walk softly…

  220. Heather Says:

    “Walk on.”

  221. cath Says:


  222. Carrie Says:

    green light RED LIGHT!

  223. Anonymous Says:

    Waiting For Fresh Butter, the Three Stages: Blissful Ignorance, Anxiety, Acceptance.

  224. heather em Says:

    oops, that was me! forgot to log in.

  225. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Elie says I’m the ugliest cat he ever saw and he doesn’t play with ugly cats.

    Am I ugly, Mommy?”

  226. Aleta Says:

    Indifference and Indecision

  227. Jen G Says:

    “perpendicular friends”

  228. DiPhi Says:

    I guess Eli didn’t want to play “Coyote-pile on the Kitty-cat” after all.

  229. Janina Says:

    Is it looking at me? does it look mad?

    walking lightly, as the acceptance is not qutie there…

    (although the emotion in this photo is much greater than I could ever accurately put words to)

  230. i-ching-a-ling Says:

    “Nature’s New Siblings”

  231. mj Says:

    Just trying to blend in.

  232. Edal Says:

    As I had sent earlier before the captions were open,

    “Come on scaredy cat, we’re off to see the wizard!”

  233. Ed Says:

    Eli, why is mommy mad at me?????

  234. pansypoo Says:

    comment taken. but that is a cute cow, and i need more cow photos for my cow paintings.

    now what color? hmm. maybe pink. she looks like pink or peach to me.

  235. Cindy Says:

    Hide & Seek: Eli Pretends to be a Rock

  236. Hans-J Says:

    Eli: hope, this bush-leaguer doesn’t plop on me …

  237. Monica Says:

    “Why won’t he PLAY with me?”

  238. littlebobina Says:

    “If I only had the nerve.”
    “Guilty innocence”
    “Shy away”
    ” It’s never easy being the new kid.”

  239. sarah Says:

    double-dog dare me?

  240. Phyllis Says:

    (word bubble)
    “But Eli, I’m hu-n-n-n-gry. PLEASE show me how to get home.”

  241. Marquand Says:

    Path to Friendship
    Stepping toward Acceptance

  242. Kate Koala Says:

    “He… *sniff* He was mean to me…”

  243. polly Says:

    between a rock and a hard place

  244. Bruce Evans Says:

    O Brother where art thou?

  245. Lee Says:

    acceptance in progress, one sun-filled afternoon at a time.

  246. Amy Says:

    Can I touch him?

  247. valentine Says:

    Charlie the Kitten

  248. Barb C. Says:

    “Me and my shadow”

  249. Jenna Says:

    Brothers in Fur

  250. Keabird Says:

    Cat logic at work: If I ignore the problem it is magically gone!

    How is Eli coping with Daisy? Has he got the Oh No! happening again?

  251. Paul Says:

    Dear in the Headlights

  252. V Lee Says:

    “I’ve always got your back.”

  253. Jayne Says:

    I need to go pee! Aand all Eli can think about is catching a few rays!

  254. tracy bessire Says:

    Between a rock and a soft spot.

  255. Cyndi W Says:

    Between a rock and Eli’s place.

    Stones to the left of me, not sure what’s on the right, here I am back in the middle with you.

  256. Paris Anne Says:

    Sadly, not a caption. I “awarded” you on my humble blog, because I think the Daily Coyote is awesome! I’ve been a daily reader for a good long time. More than a year, perhaps? Keep up the excellent work!
    Your award is here:

  257. MollyB Says:

    Trust in Time

  258. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Red red whine.

  259. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for hanging in with me, Mom! I promise I’ll make Eli love me!

  260. Ingrid Says:

    Oops, forgot to fill out the Name field – this was mine:

    Thanks for hanging in with me, Mom! I promise I’ll make Eli love me!

  261. Jennifer Says:

    “Mom, he’s ignoring me again!”

  262. Dianne Says:

    Resting on the Path to Brotherhood

  263. Isa Says:


  264. kozzys mom Says:

    OOOkaaay, I’ll go get our snacks from Mommy…again..sigh

  265. Jo Says:

    just tryin’ to sneak by him…

  266. Sophie Says:

    Cat-Coyote Sundial

  267. ingrid Says:

    mama said there’d be days like this.

  268. pinktootoo (anita) Says:

    He & Me… Make We.

  269. Coyote Says:

    Um… Eli? I’m scared. That rock is pointing at me!

  270. ymp Says:

    “Do we have to keep him?”
    Just got the book, already on page 50 something (started this morning), loving it. I once worked in Wyoming, and grew up in the West, but went to school in the East and you capture the cultural differences so perfectly.

  271. Christy Says:

    Cat Shadow

  272. Stephanie K Says:

    Well, I wanted to put “Moooom, Eli won’t play with me!” but there’s already about half a dozen of those. So instead, I came up with “Fun and adventure lie ON the beaten path.”

  273. Spain Says:

    Caught in the act of being cute.

  274. penny Says:

    If looks could only speak…

  275. SuzieQ Says:

    “I’ll hide and then you come find me…OK?”

  276. Arcene Says:

    Chain of Command
    Line of Authority

    Because in the book you often mentioned how Charlie would willingly put himself at the bottom of the totem pole… such a sweet boy :)

  277. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    I don’t know why I’M in trouble. He TELLED me to do it.

  278. TJ Says:

    Tired tracks

  279. Amy Says:

    oooOOOooo … Is it safe for me to be walking here?

  280. Diana Says:

    Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people . . .

    Ruth 1:16

  281. TJ Says:

    Oops, I hit submit before I added my other two thoughts.

    Giving back


    Tired tracks

  282. kozzys mom Says:

    Huurumph…things are going to be a LOT different in 50 pounds or so Eli.

  283. The Mef Thing Says:

    Sneaky coyote

  284. Cheryl Says:

    The long road home…

  285. Colleen R in AZ Says:

    Treading lightly as I find my way.

    Friend or Foe today?

  286. Pat Conway Says:

    Between a rock and a soft place.

  287. Pat Conway Says:

    Daisy is such a pretty girl. And fresh milk and cream – aaah!

  288. Kasia Says:

    red, red, and red, in harmony

  289. Sophie Says:

    “The Front and Back of Two Very Different Coins”

  290. Shara Says:

    Staying close to his big brother

  291. rootsgirl Says:

    “Are you my mommy?”

  292. mlaiuppa Says:


  293. Ashley Says:

    Watchdog on duty.

  294. Kim Says:

    I want him to love me like a real brother.

  295. lisa eldred Says:

    Whatta grumpy cat! I’m going home so I can get all the attention! Jeesh!

  296. Kim Campbell Says:

    “Step away from the kitty….”

  297. Kristine Says:

    Stalwart meets tenacious

  298. Lea Says:

    Bit & Kit

  299. Lea Says:

    actually… I think I like it better as…

    Kit & Bit

  300. Sandra Says:

    All About the Ears.

  301. Sandra Says:

    Radar Love.

  302. Erin Says:

    “Judge and Charlie”

  303. Sandra Says:

    Rock, puppy, whiskers.

  304. Sandra Says:


  305. Cynthia Says:

    Can we get a milk cow? One of us needs to grow.

  306. Angie Says:

    Is it gonna eat me??

  307. LuLu Says:

    I TOLD you, that’s NOT the can-opener.

  308. Kathy Morrow Says:

    I cast a bigger shadow!

  309. Anonymous Says:

    Never too far from his shadow…

  310. Janet Fate Says:

    King of the Road

  311. Elena Parthenakis Says:

    Never too far from his shadow…

    (sorry I didn’t put my name the first time)

  312. Linda in NC Says:

    You dont see me. I don’t see you.

  313. Karen Hanson Says:

    Cautiously curious!

  314. Kelly Says:

    Eli pretends to ignore the new baby.

  315. Richard Says:

    Yikes! I think that cat just smiled!

  316. Vegas Princess Says:

    Two seconds before the roll over attack!

  317. Amber Says:

    Just follow the red dirt road!

  318. Maria Says:

    Snubbed again…

  319. Cynthia H Says:

    Mo-ommm! Eli’s NOT looking at me!”

    “Mom, Am I bad? Is that why Eli doesn’t like me?”

    I have a small girl cat that is always yelling when my bigger male cat is looking at her. I call it “Mo-oommm! He’s looking at me!” and sometimes “Mo-ommm, he’s touching me!!!” So it was natural to look at this and thing the first one.

  320. Bonnie Says:

    Don’t mind me, I’m just passing by.

  321. Teddi Says:

    Cat’s rule, coyote’s drool!

    This little brother stuff is scary.

  322. Jorgen Says:

    “Coyote whisperer and coyote”

    “Wild things”

  323. Carmen Says:

    “Me and my shadow”

  324. Karen Says:

    Red Dirt Reticence

  325. Monika Says:

    “What do you mean I’m not a kitten?”

  326. Milaka Says:

    “Eli told me to.”

  327. bec Says:

    Oh I thooo thcared Mummy!!!!

  328. Randi Says:

    All Ears

  329. Sally Says:

    Stop calling me pup — I’m a cat just like my big brother!

  330. Beth Says:

    I don’t know if its been said yet
    “Pass with caution”

    Loved the book, but my daughter lost it, I need to get a new one

  331. spicyapple Says:

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Brother!

  332. Sylvia Says:

    Oh shoot! What did I do this time! Why is he ignoring me again!

  333. Farmer Lady Says:

    Between a Rock and a Cat

  334. Randi Says:

    Walk Softly and Carry a Big Elk Leg :)

  335. Evanna Says:

    “Just keep on walkin’, kid.”

  336. Ida Says:

    Passing The King

  337. sara Says:

    tiny truce –

  338. Roocifer Says:

    Guiltily caught peeking at his brother (sun)bathing

  339. Dave Z. Says:


  340. Stacy B Says:

    Warm shouldered, cold hearted… Eli’s perogative.

    Thank you for sharing your family of fur babes. Blessings to you.

  341. Suzanne Says:

    He wants to be alone.

  342. Storm Says:

    Caught mid sneak-attack!

  343. Vanessa Says:

    Unsure footing in an unsure world…

  344. Storm E. Crow Says:

    Nobody here but us desert rocks!

  345. Keri Says:

    A purrfect pair.


    Purrfectly at ease

  346. Lisa I. Says:


  347. erin Says:

    brothers from another mother

  348. Mussette Says:

    Caught between a rock and a cat’s place

  349. Diane Says:

    Treading softly

  350. Mussette Says:

    between a rock and a hard-hearted place

    (fortunately the hard-heartedness was very temporary)

  351. marm Says:

    “Mom told Eli to take me for some Rocky Road. I don’t think this is what she meant.”

  352. cj Says:

    Lessons in sunbathing.


    Big Cat Country

  353. Ellen Says:

    All I could think of was Dionne Warwick singing “Walk on By!”

  354. Janice Says:

    Two drama Queens

  355. Liz Says:

    Cautiously seeking approval

  356. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    My second attempt – before the total hits 400. LOL

    Bushed Baby

    Learning Shadow Casting

    Paws to Reflect

  357. Paula Says:

    Brother from another mother

  358. Holly Says:

    Hellooooooo, I`ve set the ground rules, and I have seniority!When you see my back, stay away!

  359. Paladin Says:

    Claw Caution

  360. Hans-J Says:

    I am reading your eyes.

    ( … still often they spell HOME with the alphabet of his and my heart.)

  361. Janice Says:

    ohhh–the winner is great–but it has inspired me to say “on the rocky road to brother hood” which is even better! hehehe

  362. Allie Says:

    Moooom, Eli won’t play with me…

  363. smb Says:

    How cute

  364. Patricia Long Says:

    Eli says: “Don’t worry, little one, I’ve got you in my sight.”

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