“In Thy Nature, Everything Is Worth More Than Gold”

photo taken July 23, 2007
title thanks to Pam, from the poem In Thy Nature by Stephanie McGrath

Poets and Punners, all of you.  I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but your entries are incredible!  So much greatness there, impossible to excerpt here.  I urge you to read them all!

Because I love Yeats, and Into the Twilight by William Butler Yeats was quoted by Jayne, I am copying it front and center:

Come, heart, where hill is heaped upon hill:
For there the mystical brotherhood
Of sun and moon and hollow and wood
And river and stream work out their will; . . .

Ombre Hombre by Kristine is honorable mention (I say it out loud and crack up)

And Pam, I chose your entry.  Something intangible about the words meshes with something intangible about the photo (though there are blatant corresponding links between the words and the imagery as well).  And the words are True.  For all of us.

• • • This photo seems a bit more challenging than the past weeks caption contests…. but I know you will all prove me wrong, as you blow me away each Monday with your imaginations ~ I must say, I love the way you all see Charlie’s pictures.

As always, leave your title, caption, or Charlie-thought-bubble in the comment section of this post.  The winner will receive a signed copy of my book and a lucky horseshoe I found yesterday.  Let the games begin!

483 Responses to ““In Thy Nature, Everything Is Worth More Than Gold””

  1. Claudia Says:

    Do you see what I see?

  2. Helen Says:

    I love the colours in this photo! How about:
    “Golden boy” or “Honey hound”

  3. C Whipple Says:

    Range Finder Activated

  4. Glenys Says:

    Call of the wild.

  5. DrLoco Says:

    Deer Spotting

  6. dawn Says:

    Hark, Bark! Who goes there?

  7. Patty Says:

    Love Light

  8. Tymell Says:

    Coyote-Man: The Golden Knight watches over us!

  9. Hector Says:

    “Oh lord! What fools these mortals be!”

  10. The Old Man Says:

    “Post 738 reports no activity, sir. Awaiting further instructions.”

  11. Michelle Says:

    Fields of Gold

  12. Britney Says:

    Little Dog on the Prairie

  13. Krysta Says:

    Listening to the sunrise

  14. Em Says:

    Hope on the Horizon

  15. Chino Says:

    Now where did that roadrunner go?

  16. Hannah Says:

    This picture reminds me of the time I used to live in the countryside. I’ve always loved those afternoons with the breeze in your hair and the warm fading sun on your skin.
    This picture looks like freedom and that calm feeling when you know everything’s just perfect. My caption would be: “I’ll watch out for you”.

  17. Frannie Says:

    Antenna Ears

  18. Dano Says:

    I found it, can I chase it now?

  19. Hinode Says:

    “All Quiet on the Western Front”

  20. Tom Says:

    I don’t have a caption today but I needed to tell you what a wonderful picture this is. Back lit ears and hinney. I just love that you care for this wonderful living pup. (as well as the others)

  21. ilana Says:

    “is that the icecream truck i hear?”

  22. Bobbie Says:

    Golden Sentry

  23. Susan Says:

    Sweet possibility!

  24. sara Says:

    ah, my wilderness –

  25. Bethrusso Says:

    Good morning, Sunshine.

  26. Bethrusso Says:

    Honey, I’m home.

  27. Bethrusso Says:

    The golden ticket.

  28. Alicia Says:

    Wild morning sun.

  29. Courtney Says:

    All Ears

  30. Paladin Says:

    Fielding all calls

  31. student Says:

    Young ranger

  32. Karen Says:

    Country Roads, Take Me Home

  33. Lannan Says:

    Golden Boy

  34. Tsaiko Says:

    This reminds me of all the times my cats see or hear something I don’t outside the window. They suddenly go still with their ears up and their muscles tense. I always start speaking to them when I see it. “What is it Nadia? What’s that? Do you see a bird? Is it a bird?”

    So in honor of that, my suggested caption is: What’s that?

  35. rhonda Says:

    To Serve and Protect!

  36. Denise Says:

    Golden Sentinel

  37. Courtney C. Says:

    Amber Waves

    RESINating Harmony
    RESINating Serenity

    Freedom – Found

  38. Annemiek Says:

    “Im all ears”

  39. Annemiek Says:

    That should be “I’m all ears”

  40. sybann Says:

    Incoming! I should see them soon…

  41. Meg Says:

    He looked off into the distance, aware of the magnificent sunset, and sighed, he was home.

  42. Charlene Says:

    The day coming to an end and all is golden.

  43. Bethrusso Says:

    Invisible fence

  44. Jan Says:

    This hide-n-seek thing is harder than I thought.

  45. tigeron Says:

    I Am Coyote!!

  46. Pat Says:

    Coyote Radar

  47. janice Says:

    Amber Alert

  48. Emma Says:

    Wild Glow

  49. Pam Says:

    “In thy nature everything is worth more than gold”

    from the poem, “In thy Nature” by Stephanie McGrath

  50. Sherri Says:

    My vast kingdom!

  51. Susan Says:

    Land of the free…

  52. Have the T-shirt Says:


  53. Kathy Says:

    “I could swear I heard something over there….”

  54. Paula Says:

    September Sentry
    To Protect and to Serve
    Ochre Audition

  55. Shara Says:

    I live how his ears are all perked up, and this is what popped into my head.

    “Something tasty this way comes….”

  56. Ingrid Says:

    Lots of layers to this one!

    “Into the Great Wide Open”

    “Coyote Dreaming”

    “Morning Meditation”

  57. Claire Says:

    The Prince of his Domain!

  58. lightlou Says:

    …you stepped out of a dream…

  59. Roxanne Says:

    “Highly Tuned”

  60. Meghan Says:

    It has to be the ears:

    “Listen with Your Heart”

  61. Frannie Says:

    A Toast To My World: Ears To Ya!

    Ok Shreve, you’ve really got me hooked. I left a comment two hours ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this picture, so here I am back again. Will I get any work done today? I doubt it, but this is way more fun!

  62. pete o.peteandgena@charter.net Says:

    “Can you come over to play with me ? “

  63. Pat Says:

    Are Shreve and Daisy making ice cream again??

  64. beth Says:

    Ears to a Good Morning

  65. Stephanie Says:

    The Sentinel

  66. Lesli Says:

    Big Eared Sentinel

  67. Pam Says:

    I forgot to post this one with my earlier comment:

    “Waiting for Eli”

  68. Tanja Says:

    Give me a little of that “Coyote Sunshine” music. :)

  69. Helene Says:

    Should I stay or should I go?

  70. Patrick Harvey Says:

    Do I Hear — An ELF LEG ???

  71. Heather Says:

    “Golden lining.”

  72. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Blended still…

  73. Kim Says:

    “Stay gold.”

    A la The Outsiders.

  74. Cheryl Says:

    Eavesdropping on nature

  75. margeaux Says:

    “Perspicacity, so vivid, so rich”

  76. wo Says:

    Hark…. who goes there?



  78. Skimmie Says:

    Golden Gazer.

  79. Dena Says:

    Great picture, as always!

    Surveying his Kingdom

  80. Jenna Says:

    “Distant Howl’s”

  81. Lisa Says:

    Silence is Golden

  82. Penny Says:

    Always learning

  83. Linda Says:

    “The better to hear you with, my dear…”

  84. Bess Says:

    Life is golden

  85. Terry Says:

    Splendor in the Grass.

  86. Patty Says:

    The reception is much better over here

  87. Angie Says:

    The Lone Ranger

  88. Heather Says:

    Eye Spy in the distance


    On The Lookout in the Grass

  89. Catherine Says:

    Wind Song [wonderful photo, Shreve!]

  90. annbb/TSannie Says:

    Golden Boy

  91. Kristan Says:


  92. Sandra Says:

    The Call of the Wild

  93. Linda Says:

    Amber waves of grain, and coyote!

  94. Lisa from Kentucky Says:

    “Ears to ya!”

  95. Leah Says:

    Golden Boy
    Coyote Camo
    King of the Prarie

  96. Jax Says:

    Morning glory

  97. CaliGirl Says:


  98. Stacey Says:

    Watchman forever in training.

  99. Polly J Says:

    The Ears Have It!

  100. Keith Says:

    “Locked On”

  101. Eve Says:

    Ears lookin’ at you, kid.

  102. LN Says:

    Charlie hears the Call of the Wild, but chooses Home

  103. Jia En Says:

    Gazing into the wilderness.

  104. Rick's Cafe Says:

    ‘Intriguing…you’ve got my attention’

  105. Isa Says:

    I love the smell of Coyote in the morning

  106. Sandi Says:

    Waiting on Friends

    Morning Glory

    Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy (ode to John Denver)

  107. sharfa Says:

    I Spy, with my Coyote eye…….

  108. Rebecca R Says:

    Sunny Outlook

  109. Isa Says:

    Tune in to the wilderness

  110. Kristine Says:

    Summer Sentinel

  111. Laura Says:

    Did someone say CHEESE?!

  112. Scott Says:

    Halcyon Harmony

  113. Linda D. Says:

    Ready for whatever comes my way.


    Small soul, big world

  114. karen Says:


  115. Jayne Zabala Says:

    Sara Teasedale:


    Dreamily over the roofs
    The cold spring rain is falling,
    Out in the lonely tree
    A bird is calling, calling.

    Slowly over the earth
    The wings of night are falling;
    My heart like the bird in the tree
    Is calling, calling, calling.

  116. Norman Niendorf Says:

    Your photos are wonderful as was your book.
    This one is simple. SENTINAL

  117. Nic Says:

    Field of Dreams

  118. chris Says:

    “go west young man”

  119. Jayne Says:

    Into the Twilight by William Butler Yeats:

    . . . .

    Come, heart, where hill is heaped upon hill:
    For there the mystical brotherhood
    Of sun and moon and hollow and wood
    And river and stream work out their will; . . .

  120. Jo Says:

    Hearing the approaching chorus at dawn.

  121. Ed Says:

    Was that the dinner bell????

    Alert & Ready!

  122. Erika Says:

    If these ears could talk.

  123. Luci Says:

    Do you hear what I hear?

  124. Tina Says:

    I hear Chloe and Eli and Jake and Pita . . .

  125. Julia Says:

    The promise.

  126. Laura Says:

    The focus and golden light on this one is so dreamlike, I had to do a little play on words…

    Dreams of Fields

  127. Amy Says:

    riding amber waves

  128. Kiri Says:

    It’s a UFO!

  129. Tony Says:

    Listening to the Field

  130. Dusie Says:


  131. wyoming lover Says:

    “Stay Gold, Charlie. Stay Gold”

    The line is from the book The Outsiders,(which was taken from a poem written by Robert Frost) and instead for “Charlie” it should say “Ponyboy” It about embracing youth, and never losing your child, things that Charlie will always do. Hugs for everyone!

  132. Arthurus Says:

    Sir Charlie-Prince of the plains, Knight Protector of the Red hills.

  133. Rita Says:

    Who Has Seen the Wind?

  134. dawn Says:

    “what light through yonder window breaks?”

  135. jackie Says:

    Yes, young Charlie, change she is a-comin’

  136. Mia Young Says:

    The Call….of the wild.

  137. Riley Says:

    Now… bring me that horizon.

  138. Marquand Says:

    One with nature.

  139. Starwoodgal Says:

    ‘Be Vewee, Vewee Quiet. I’m huntin’ Wabbits!’

  140. Dave. Z Says:

    “Golden Dreams”

  141. jen Says:

    The Golden Compass

    The movie was on the other day so maybe it was just stuck in my mind…

  142. Kimmers Says:

    I spy…

  143. schatze Says:

    Prairie Radar

  144. Mary Says:

    Midas’ touch

  145. Chris K Says:

    Coy, watching and waiting.

  146. nimisha Says:

    Constant vigilence

  147. Kalli Says:

    Listening for Mother Nature’s secrets

  148. Maggie Says:

    Ever Vigilant

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Among Amber Waves

  150. b Says:

    Courtney and Annemiek beat me to it! I vote for “I’m All Ears.”


    “Wow. Those folks over in Cheyenne are up early today…”

  151. Birdy Says:

    Silence Is Golden

  152. Kathy F. Says:

    “I’am all ears”!!

  153. mlaiuppa Says:

    If I turn my head slightly to the left, I can pick up KTLA.

  154. Icksy Says:

    Son’s Wake.

  155. teetotaled Says:

    field of dreams

  156. V Lee Says:

    “Golden Moment”


    “Sunshine on my shoulders” (makes me happy)

  157. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Who goes there?

  158. TomR Says:

    Where dat wabbit go??

  159. Sylvia Says:

    Coyote Concentration.

  160. berthamae Says:

    home, home on the range…..

  161. Deeann Says:

    “Where the wild things are”

  162. Kathy F. Says:

    Here is another…since “I’m all ears” is alrealy stated…
    “But Charlie, What big ears you have.” “The better to hear you my dear”

  163. mlaiuppa Says:

    I wanted to add what a very sweet cow Daisy seems to be. I am so happy she found a good home with you. “Low producer” makes me think her worth might be on the line at some time at her previous employment and she would end up at McDonald’s. Now she’s part of a family and will have a lovely life. She can roam free, no BGH or antibiotics; just sun and grass and water. And a kiss and hug or two. Please give us an occasional update on Daisy. I’m sure Charlie won’t mind.

  164. Diane Says:

    Young Guardian

    Distant Alert

  165. Anonymous Says:

    Look out on alert.

  166. Melissa Says:

    Ten Hut!


    Still be my heart

  167. Kathy F. Says:

    I’m having a hard time being unique…Here’s another…
    “Fine tuning”

  168. Tina Says:

    Alert in the Golden Field

  169. Jennifer S. Says:

    Two big ears, One fluffy tail and no fear at all

  170. lhays Says:

    “Dawning of the morning Son”

  171. Meghan Says:

    Nature’s Sentry

  172. Rachel Says:

    Against the Grain

  173. amandarin Says:

    Boy Scout

  174. Stephanie K Says:

    On alert

  175. Cheryl Says:

    Just beyond the sunset…

  176. sarah Says:

    translucent transcendence

  177. Holly Says:

    Charlie`s en Point!

    This field is so vast, I am so small!

    If I start now, I`ll be home for supper!

    Your Charlie is such a beautiful boy Shreve, and your menagerie is growing.Daisy is gorgeous, and I would love to smell her neck .Hope Eli and Chloe are well, and keeping everyone in tow.
    I so look forward to Mondays!

  178. Paul Says:

    Lord of the land

  179. Lee Says:

    “We walk in fields of gold”

    My first thought was “amber waves,” but then the song, “fields of gold” (by sting or eva cassidy) popped into my head and its the perfect love song for the indescribable love between you and charlie. I won’t post all the lyrics here, but I definitely suggest you look them up. The song always brings tears to my eyes.

  180. Rebecca Says:

    Landscape With Ears

  181. Emily Says:

    Peaceful, Pensive.

    Where do I send you an email? I can’t find the address. I have something for your hands that might help the ache!!!

  182. Stacey Says:

    prairie dog

  183. Sue Divjak Says:

    Look Homeward angel

  184. Jessica Says:

    Golden Child

  185. Eija Says:

    Cameo appearance

    “My domain”

    Golden camouflage

  186. Diana Says:

    We were born before the wind . . .

    From “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison

  187. alisa Says:

    The Possibilities are Endless

  188. Jeffrey Says:

    “Friends, Romans, Charlie, lend me your ears….I come to bury the elf leg, then dig it up and rebury it”

  189. Suz Says:

    “Pure gold”

  190. MNM Says:

    Watcher in the Weeds

  191. Teresa Says:

    The Catcher in the Rye

  192. Lisa Says:

    Little Coyote on the Prairie

  193. Kathie Says:


  194. Spain Says:

    Golden Guardian

  195. Dog-geek Says:

    Radar Love

  196. rebecca "B" Says:

    “Gold grass at night, coyote’s delight”

  197. Alicia Henderson Says:

    “All Points Bulletin”

  198. maureen Says:

    “field of dreams”

  199. Dailyn Says:

    What Dreams May Come…

    In fields stained of gold.

  200. Vicki Says:

    Watching Spring

  201. Susan Says:

    Admiring Nature’s Art!

  202. bonnie Says:

    sound periscopes…up!

  203. Sylvia Says:

    Brother Eli – Where art thou?

  204. Melissa Says:


  205. Deb H. Says:

    On the verge

  206. Becky Says:

    Early curiosity

  207. Missy Says:

    Silence is Golden

  208. Dennis Says:

    Gossip in the grain

  209. Larraine Says:

    Gazing into Forever

    Love the light reflections!

  210. Ticia Says:

    Captian of his Prairie Land

  211. kunkmiester Says:

    “All his life, the Lassie videos called.”

  212. beth Says:

    Hat tip to Ray Bradbury: Golden Apples of the Sun

  213. Sheilagh Says:

    Listen to Anubis Calling Across the Aeons

  214. Ronna Says:

    …they call me mellow yellow…

  215. Sheilagh Says:

    (True, coyote != jackal, but the gilded glow and the could-be-Africa grassland echo more Anubis than Coyote-Trickster, in this image!)

  216. ashleas Says:

    “Go Forth…”

    :3 *would love a horseshoe.. already has two* >D

  217. Shannon Says:

    Mike’s home!

  218. Sharon Says:

    It might look like just a field to you, but I can’t stop looking at it!

  219. Anonymous Says:

    Everything the light touches.

  220. Deven Says:

    sorry, didn’t put my name on that :P

  221. Jaimie Says:

    “I ears somethin”

  222. Anne Says:

    Dreams in the distance

  223. Emily Says:

    Two paths diverged in the brush…

  224. Cynthia Says:

    Ears Akimbo

  225. Bria Says:

    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word

  226. Wordgirl Says:

    Fields of Gold
    (credit to Sting)
    Golden Apples of the Sun
    (credit to W.B. Yeats)
    And it’s mine, all mine
    (credit to Wordgirl?)

  227. Debby Ziegler Says:

    I hear the truck, she’s coming back now!

  228. alex Says:

    Big Country. Big Ears.

  229. Julie Says:

    Golden Haze, Heedful Gaze

  230. Nancy Says:

    “Halt. Who Goes There”?

  231. Sherri Cox Says:

    Tall eared and bushy tailed!

  232. Anonymous Says:


  233. Kelly Says:

    “I’m all ears!”

  234. Jen A. Says:

    Golden Sentinel

  235. Dawn Bowers Says:

    Field of Dreams

  236. i-ching-a-ling Says:

    “The Lookout”

    or “Field of Dreams”

  237. Joyce Bell Says:

    Golden hour.
    Golden Mile.

    Golden Mile is a song sung by Mary Black.

    Here’s part of the lyrics from her webpage
    http://www.mary-black.net/disco/songs/39.htm :

    I know no power on earth nor up above
    That would alter the way things are
    You are my love
    You’re my pride and joy on the golden mile

  238. Martha 3782 Says:

    Watching His World

  239. Anna Says:

    Deer in the Headlights

  240. Meredith Says:

    Call of the wild. The listening end.

  241. DKM Says:

    “Hearing the Happy Song of the Future”

    (Yay, alliteration!)

  242. Caro Says:

    Prairie Home Companion


    With all the world beyond, and golden tail behind
    coyote sets his compass, off to explore and find.

    Which begs the question. Out here on the plains of Colorado, we say coyote as ky-oat, while most the world has settled on ky-o-tee as a pronunciation. Which do you use up there? The bit of rhyme here works on the Colorado pronunciation.

  243. fish Says:

    Oh oh oh! It’s the ice cream truck!

  244. Barbara Says:

    Antennae up! Receiving signals from outer space!

  245. Wehaf Says:

    Golden reception.

  246. Eric Says:

    Ah, the world is my domain. What will we do today?

  247. Erin Says:

    Should I stay…or should I go?

  248. Deb Says:

    He wears his halo with grace.
    He walks in beauty.

  249. Jenny Current Says:

    I hear, therefore I am…

    There are so very many excellent entries today – love them all!

  250. Diane Says:

    On Alert for Loved Ones

  251. K Says:

    This picture reminds me of those slightly blurry, sepia vintage photographs.

    My caption would be a simple: “Into the distance” . Little Charlie’s innocently tumbling onwards, looking and listening to whatever is in the distance, but there’s also the metamorphic into-the-future sort of distance for him to look forward to.

  252. Kelli Says:

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

  253. Anonymous Says:


  254. Paula Says:

    woops! Bit-O-Honey was me!

  255. Nan Says:

    “They said if I turn my head in just the right direction I’ll pick up thirty more channels.”

  256. Sasha Says:

    Not yet golden in the years, just golden in the ears.

  257. Christine Says:

    pensive curiousity

  258. Katie C. Says:

    The Golden Guardian


    The Sandy Sentry

  259. Christine Says:

    I meant “pensive curiosity”

  260. Sarah S Says:

    Perked and Poised

  261. Susannah Closs Says:

    Look West, Young Son

  262. Sophie Says:

    The call of the wild.

  263. Donna Lee Says:

    The Sound of Silence

  264. Karissa Says:

    To catch the rabbit, you must become the rabbit

  265. Nancy*McKay Says:

    …with a heart of gold & prairie soul…

  266. Michele Says:

    Nature’s first green is gold

    (from Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold can Stay”)

  267. KA Says:

    OOOOOOhhhh, what an arrogant duck! He looks like he needs to be shaken!

  268. Jayne Says:

    Patience – coyote!

    Play on Kung Foo’s Patience – grasshopper.

  269. janet Says:

    As of June 12, 2009 coyote ears will replace rabbit ears, and can be used to receive digital cable TV without a separate set-top box.

  270. Kathleen Says:

    Missed you!

  271. Anonymous Says:

    The ears have it…my contribution:

    “H’ears” (Here’s) lookin’ at you kid!

  272. Brad in Texas Says:

    That was me…sorry, forgot to log in…

    The ears have it…my contribution:

    “H’ears” (Here’s) lookin’ at you kid!

  273. Jeff Says:

    Sunset Sentinel

  274. Stacey Says:

    I hear the wind Mariah.

  275. Brynn Craffey Says:

    “On Point.”

  276. Jo Says:

    big ears at the foot of the Bighorns!!!

  277. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard”. 1 Corinthians 2:9


    They tell me of a land so fair,
    Unseen by mortal eyes,
    Where spring in fadeless beauty blooms,
    Beneath unclouded skies.


    “Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard,
    Neither hath it entered into the heart of man,
    The things which God hath prepared for them,
    Prepared for them that love Him.”

    They tell me of a land so fair,
    Where all is light and song,
    Where angel choirs their anthems join
    With yonder blood-washed throng.


    No radiant beams from sun or moon
    Adorn that land so fair,
    For He who sits upon the throne
    Shines forth resplendent there.


    O land of light and love and joy,
    Where comes no night of care,
    What will our song of triumph be
    When we shall enter there!


  278. heather em Says:

    should i stay or should i go?

  279. Hans-J. Says:

    Completing the Prairie Rug

    Prairie’s Golden Child

    Devoted to the Life in the Weed

  280. jeanne Says:

    Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the sun, and Charlie is lying in it…!

  281. cath Says:

    prairie protector …

  282. Susan Says:

    Hi Shreve. I don’t have a caption to submit. I wanted you to know that I just finished a book called Don Coyote. It was written by a gentleman in southern Oregon and details how he raised coyotes to get the predator cycle back up and how that affected his acres. Are you familiar with it? It was so interesting and he sure was attached to them. Take care, Susan

  283. Donna Says:

    Do you hear what I hear?

  284. jeanne Says:

    oops! what was supposed to be “…and Eli is lying in it…!”

  285. Heather Says:

    “Still Life”

  286. Kristine Olsen Says:

    Pointed Contemplation

  287. Michel Says:

    Ears perked to the sound of Mike’s howling dogs, Charlie waits in excited anticipation for the arrival of Mike’s truck.

  288. Wendi Says:

    Homeward Bound

  289. Marlene Says:

    Amber waves of grain

    Charlie’s gold

  290. Heather Says:

    “You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
    When we walked in fields of gold”

  291. Allie Says:

    There were at least 6 other coyotes hiding in the grass, but try as he might, Charlie could not see them.

  292. Kat Says:

    New Verizon Tech: Can you ear me now?

  293. Katie Says:

    I have two:

    Sun Salutation

    The Coyote Lightness of Being
    (Milan Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’)

    Beautiful images, beautiful writing, beautiful life!

  294. Randi Says:

    The grass is not always greener……

  295. Amelia Says:

    ‘life in the ‘Golden Hour”

    ..with reference to that special hour of the day where the sun seems to turn the world into a photo set.

  296. Wendy Says:

    Captured in Amber

  297. Vanessa Says:

    Natures’ Camoflague
    Wyoming Prairie Camoflague

  298. Riley Says:

    Let the wind whisper in your ear.
    It’s the view you won’t forget..
    Kissed by the sun

  299. Helioprogenus Says:

    Alert to the color coded nature of the landscape, a lone Coyote looks upon the future with curiosity and trepidation.

    Alas my friend, you’re in good hands.

  300. Kate Says:

    What’s that?! That over there?!

  301. TFLS Says:

    “Bacon? Did somebody say Bacon?”


  302. Breane Says:

    “Sunrise Sentinel”

  303. Carmen Says:

    A Distant Point I see

  304. Breane Says:

    Looking more closely at the quality of light, it might be more “Sunset Sentinel”

  305. Liza Lundell Says:

    sunshine and coyote thinking

  306. Nancy P. Says:

    “Wild Child”

  307. Ida Says:

    Coyote Radar System Alert

  308. Erica Says:



    Listening to the siren song of the wild

  309. Bruce Evans Says:

    “Over the hills and far away”

  310. Skimmie Says:

    “The stain of love
    Is upon the world.
    Yellow, yellow, yellow…”

    (from A Love Song by William Carlos Williams)

  311. Francina Says:

    watching & waiting & anticipating

  312. Ashley Bravin Says:

    All Quiet on the Coyote Front.

  313. Mellissa D. Says:

    a sight among the unseen

  314. Kaerl Says:


  315. Tiger Says:

    Against the grain.

  316. Brenda Says:

    You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
    Upon the fields of barley
    You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
    As we walk in the fields of gold

    From : Sting – Fields Of Gold

  317. MM Says:

    “Mom….. is that you?”

  318. Maggie Says:

    Herd of hearing…

  319. Val Says:

    Is something happening without me?!

  320. Rosemary Says:

    Golden Boy.

  321. Amanda Burns Says:

    Do You Hear What I Hear?

    These Ears are Made for Hearin’

    Lend me Your Ears…

  322. kathleen Says:

    Look to the Horizon.

  323. Randi Says:

    Morning Glory

  324. Kristine Says:

    Ombre Hombre

  325. Carol H Says:

    This week on “In Search Of” pup reporter “Coyote” Charlie Stockton goes undercover to locate the remote site of…….The Little House on the Prairie.

  326. bobbie Says:

    A-A-H-H-R-R-R-U-U…..(Charlie listens to the echo of his howl)

  327. Sue Baldry Says:

    “The Tall & Pointy of it”

  328. FyreNWater Says:

    “I know I left my elk leg around here -somewhere-…”

  329. Cait Says:

    Prairie Dog

  330. cfritz Says:

    Gifts of Golden Glory

  331. Kathy Says:

    “He was ours before you got him, and we want him once again.”

    by Robert Service in the Spell of the Youkon: The Lure of Little Voices

  332. Cathryn Says:


  333. annbb/TSannie Says:

    The Golden Guy at the End of My Rainbow

  334. Randi Says:

    Golden Spirit

  335. lilly Says:

    Radar up. Coyote Ready…

  336. Elena Says:

    Channeling Thoreau


    Dusk Glow, Serenity Bestowed

  337. Masha Says:

    All Focus.

  338. sha Says:

    eyes, ears, nose and glow.

  339. Cindy Says:

    Prairie Dog

  340. Zach Says:

    Naturally Blurry.

  341. J. Jeffrey Says:

    Be still! Don’t move!

  342. Allison Ober Says:

    Dream Big

  343. Eija Says:

    One in one with his domain

  344. Kelly Lewis Says:

    My what big ears you have!

  345. Maria Says:

    nothing is as excting as what’s yet to come

  346. Penny Says:

    teenage tenacity

    focused in the field

  347. Sandy F Says:

    Haiku honey dappled sun glows on tender innocence wains on golden grass

  348. Melissa Says:

    He walks in fields of light.

    (I’d also just like to say thank you for all of the pictures and stories you post. I’ve worked with rescued wolves and wolfdogs for many years, and your Charlie stories are so similar to my own).

  349. Sandy F Says:

    Didn’t work first time Trying agian. Haiku honey dappled sun glows on tender innocence wains on golden grass

  350. Sandy F Says:

    Haiku honey dappled sun glows on tender innocence wains on golden grass

  351. Marva Says:

    The ears have it!

  352. Jennifer Rahe Says:

    Oh the places you will go….

  353. Tanya Says:

    Watching, being watched, being watched…

  354. rootsgirl Says:

    Nothing Gold Can Stay.

  355. Micaela Morris Says:


  356. Ron Hager Says:

    A Study in Golden Brown

  357. Melissa Allen Says:

    24 carat gold…like mom’s hair.

  358. Robin Says:

    Total Body Nimbus

  359. Penny Says:

    Faraway focus afield

  360. Littlebobina Says:

    “Ears Pert; Coyote on Alert”

  361. Ed Says:

    I hear you! You don’t have to repeat yourself, I’ll come when I finnished.
    Gee Wiz, with these ears , why would she think I couldn’t hear her?

  362. Edal Says:

    “Prairie wind blowing through my head…Trying to remember what Mommy said…There’s a place on the prairie where evil and goodness play…Mommy told me all about it but I don’t remember what she said…It might be afternoon and it might be the dead of night…But you’ll know when you see it ’cause it sure is a hell of a sight…” —>(Parody of the Neil Young song Prairie Wind.)


    Or on the lighter side of things, “Looking for my leopard!”

  363. Melissa Says:

    Teenage Wasteland

  364. Carolyn Says:

    Call of the Wild came immediately to mind for me (and several others), but even better is Jaimie’s contribution: I ears somethin’ . . . gotta love that one.

    One more, from me: I Am Called

  365. kin Says:

    “born a poor young country boy, mother nature’s son”

    “not all that glitters is gold”

    sepia dream

  366. kin Says:

    awash with the deep buzz of fading summer

  367. Karen Says:

    Easy Listening

  368. Sue in SC Says:

    24 carat coyote

  369. Jennifer Says:

    As I look around, I feel peace, for this is home.

  370. Janet Says:

    to quote Bruce Cockburn in his song… “wonderin’ where the lions are…”



  371. kyra moulton Says:

    Sage and Gold, son.

  372. Melissa Says:

    Gilded Prairie

  373. The Mef Thing Says:

    No enclosures.

    (inspired from this quote: I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.

  374. Randi Says:

    Coyote Intent

  375. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Was it Little Red Riding Hood who said. “My…what BIG ears you have grandma”..Oh wait…that was a Woof..Wolf..whatever..NOT a coyote. :)

  376. Sophie Says:

    “Daylight Will o’ the Wisp”

  377. Kara Says:

    Field of Dreams

  378. Anna Says:

    I think my radars are picking up a signal.

  379. riosmom Says:

    Golden (y)ears

  380. Christine Says:

    At Ease Soldier!

  381. Mimi Says:

    “What You’re Missing”

  382. IrisM Says:

    When Amber calls

  383. allison Says:

    Ear Jordans

  384. KJHassing Says:

    Be Still and Know that I am

  385. Patricia Says:

    Eli, Eli, Where are you??

  386. Alice Says:

    Pondering Beauty

    Also thought of : “O beautiful, for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain” Lyrics from “America the Beautiful”

  387. Randi Says:

    Prey for Charlie

  388. Mary Jane Says:

    Who says the world ends at the curve of the earth?

  389. Judy Santos Says:

    Nature’s sonar!

  390. RS Says:

    Hidden Glow

  391. amy Says:

    Waiting for the Horizon

  392. Kerry Says:

    Golden Boy

  393. Lesley Says:

    Golden Retriever

  394. Naomi Rivkis Says:

    Truly outstanding in his field…

  395. Randi Says:

    My Sweet,Wild, Honey Field

    or Wild Honey Field

    (My, meaning Shreve’s, of course!) :)

  396. Cher Says:

    This reminds me, 2 of my Great Danes are congenitally deaf. No matter if they roam, they never let me out of their sight…

    Looking forward, but never losing sight of what matters most


    The compass of the heart, always true, points straight home.

  397. Terrie Tschetter Says:

    Caught between two worlds.

  398. Dianne Says:


    Coyote Compass: Nose to the West, Ears to the North, Tail to the East, Paws to the South

  399. Shanna Says:

    Sonar Activated

  400. Lisa R. Says:

    “Master of All He Surveys”

  401. Chris R. Says:

    Sun God!

  402. Justin Says:

    “Morning Without You Is A Dwindled Dawn”

    Quote from Emily Dickinson

  403. Mental P Mama Says:

    The Sentinel

  404. Marquand Says:

    Wyoming Wonder

  405. Hans-J. Says:

    My ears so big, my nose precise – my heart so wild.

    The adventure of being fully alive.

  406. Beth Says:

    Halcyon Days

  407. evanna Says:

    8….9….10! OK, I can hear you!

  408. Violet Says:

    Amber Alert

  409. Richard Says:

    Hey, wait a minute. I think I hear the ice-cream man.

  410. Heidi Says:

    Can you hear me NOW?

  411. Arcene Says:

    Charging Solar-Powered Hyperdrive…

  412. domenico Says:

    completely focused

  413. Sandy Says:

    “Eli told me that the ice cream man didn’t come out this far…now I know why he wanted that dollar this morning. Buying me a present, phew!”

  414. Doug Thompson Says:


  415. domenico Says:

    when time stood still

  416. r Says:

    Bright eyes and bushy tailed!

  417. domenico Says:

    on pause

  418. Simone Says:

    Field of Study

  419. Laura Says:

    A golden future.

  420. Nicole Says:

    Eli Detection Services

  421. Shenanigans Says:


  422. Marcia Rempell Says:

    “Ears” looking at you, kid.
    BTW I love my Charlie calendar. This month’s picture is pricelss :-)

  423. Annie Says:

    I thought I saw a bunny rabbit.

  424. Stephanie Says:

    Listening to nature.

  425. Whisker Kisses Says:

    Call of the Wild

  426. Marina Says:

    Gilded statue come to life…

  427. Kristy Says:

    Winds of Change

  428. Cindy Says:

    Golden whispers….


    Well, I posted then read the comments and discovered that my original idea was original about four times today, LOL!
    So, my second thought was:


  430. Teddi Says:

    Is that Timmy I hear in the well?

  431. Dave Cox Says:

    Hello world, it’s me, Charlie.

  432. Colleen Greco Says:

    Charlie’s World

  433. Janet Says:

    quoting Bruce Cockburn… in his song, “Wondering Where the Lions Are”

    ‘wondering where the lions are?’



  434. Jenny Says:

    Shining Son… a Glimpse through a Mother’s Eyes

  435. Britni B. Says:

    My original thought was “Heaven’s Gold”, but after reading Hannah’s comment, “I’ll watch out for you”, or even “I’ll always be there for you” can’t leave my mind. They’re just so supportive and warm like this picture, exemplifying the feeling of love and warmth from both one another and nature on such a warm and wonderful day, kissed by sunlight.

  436. Marion Says:

    Sun Setting, Ending Scene

  437. JenniLu Says:

    Not all that’s gold glitters.

  438. Mandy Says:

    Oh, give me a home…

  439. JenniLu Says:


  440. laura Says:

    Miles to go before I sleep

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

    Robert Frost

  441. Kathy F. Says:

    “Charl E. Coyote”
    E for ears, that is.

  442. Diane Says:

    Glow in the Light

    My Sunny Valentine

  443. Laura Says:

    Oye Como Va


    various translations-either it hears as it goes, listen to how my rhythm goes, or Listen How It Goes, My Rhythm I can just picture Charlie swaying to the beat of Carlos singing Oye Como Va….

  444. dutchman in ohio Says:

    Freedom Calling !

  445. mlaiuppa Says:

    Hind sight(ed)

  446. Isobel Says:

    Honey Child

  447. d-lo Says:

    Field of Dreams

  448. mlaiuppa Says:

    Anubis of the West.

  449. marianne Says:

    i can see for miles and miles

  450. minerva in ohio Says:

    What lies in wait ?

  451. Mariah Says:

    “Not all who wander are lost”

  452. Mark Says:

    Eli – I hear you!

  453. karen Says:

    Call of the Wild

  454. Della Says:

    The strong silent type.

  455. Angie Says:

    ” Wait, I know it Eli.” “That is the sound of Mikes truck, just wait and see”. ‘He is coming home”.

  456. Lisa Says:

    YES! I can hear you now! I can hear you now!

  457. Tina Says:

    Golden Years Ahead

  458. pinktootoot (anita) Says:

    Go West, young man, and grow up with the country. (horace greeley)

  459. christine Says:

    What’s a Dom – In-O’s? I smell something good..

  460. Cynthia H Says:

    I’m sure someone else has already said this but -
    “Freedom Rings”

    “Wait! I can hear the Dog Star!”

  461. Loretta Says:

    But soft, what light through yonder meadow breaks? It is the east, and Charlie is the sun.

  462. Chelle Says:

    In and Out of Focus

  463. Arthurus Says:

    The great over dog
    That heavenly beast
    With a star in one eye
    Gives a leap in the east.

    He dances upright
    All the way to the west
    And never once drops
    On is fore feet to rest.

    I am a poor underdog
    But to night I will bark
    With that great over dog
    That romps in the dark.
    -Robert Frost

  464. Pamela Says:

    Scent and Sensibility

  465. K Says:

    Fields of Gold

    From the song of the same name :)

    You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
    Upon the fields of barley
    You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
    As we walk in the fields of gold

  466. Robin L. Says:

    “Nature’s First Flower Is Gold”, from Robert Frost. Meaning that nothing can stay young and perfect forever, there will be change. Maturity and trouble will come but there is always that image of youth in the golden light.

  467. pogonip Says:

    Wind Song

  468. Mussette Says:

    Glowing Future Calls Softly

  469. Stacy B Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    Not sure if you have ever read The Sentinel, a short story by Arthur C. Clarke and one of his first ever published. It was apparantly the impetus for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Anyway, read it if you haven’t and you get a chance. The Sentinel was basically an object left for us to find on the moon to let it’s creator know we had come to a crossroads and intellegent life now inhabited the Earth. So when I see this picture of Charlie three captions come to mind: Prairie Sentinel, Golden Crossroads or Looking for Intellegent Life (BTW: You’ve got to wonder how much more he knows than we do, huh?)

  470. klimt Says:

    who needs radar?

  471. Kit Says:

    It’s the ice cream truck!

  472. Sue Says:


  473. Millionaire Acts Says:

    Lost Dreams

  474. alisha Says:

    I just want to say that you and your “farmily” helped me so much when I lost one of my “bugs”… I started with a cat that looked a lot like Eli (orange long hair tabby) who was 2 and 1/2 and had bad teeth after a car thing… Then a lab added but had to be a new pup since the (at the time) 7 yr old tabby hated all dogs (they bonded after the new pup finally after a month of being ignored grabbed him and forced him in the puppy crate (the vet said he was sharing his only thing with the cat)… Then a year later I added a severly abused additional dog (who loves all)… After awhile we all fit (the fireplace and winter helped a lot!) But then Brisco turned 17 (I got him when he was 2 or so they guessed). He went in 3 months. He tried so hard that he tried to hop on my bed as he was having a heart atack. It was horrible. I used to always look and many websites daily before that. The only on after that I would look at was yours to see Charlie daily. His little life daily stories helped me look on. I still loved my dogs and cared about them but to listen to someone talk about their pets “little” things that actually mean so much really helped me. I was able (though after a random dream I willl still cry) to again laugh and love the little things (My Diesel bypassing the child-proff lock on the garbarge) instead of getting mad… I hope to by your book once I get a roommate so I can afford my mortgage (not a sob story… I will get back on my feet on my own, Dogs get Evo while I eat Top Roman, My choice.) but when I can I will support you because you helped me… Just thought when you had one of those nasty emails you should have one from someone you and and “Farmily” made feel better… Keep up the good love….

  475. Cassandra Says:

    Nothing Gold Can Stay
    -Robert Frost

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

  476. Thea Says:

    Coyote Radar

  477. Scott Says:

    Dream of Fields

    (inspired by Dreams of Fields above)

  478. megan Says:

    pearls before canine

    the grass looks like pearls to me… lovely photo!

  479. maria Says:

    “Now that side was made for you and me.”

  480. Hitokage Says:

    “Everything the Light Touches”

  481. Angela Says:

    Overseeing his world

  482. Tracy Says:

    “The morning pouring everywhere, its golden glory on the air” -HWL

  483. Marlana Says:

    Ollie, Ollie oxen free!

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