Jaws’ Bone

photo taken March 2009 • title thanks to Bruce

What I find so amazing is the multitude of {hilarious} ways you all see this photo.  A few of the many that brought me laughs and thoughts of the “wow, these people are weird” variety:
Pac Man Simulation Failed Because Eli Refused To Play Blinky
Just Like PacMan Finding His Cherry
Deep In His Heart, Charlie Had Always Dreamed Of Being An Opera Singer
Singing For His Supper
When Charlie Took Up Opera…
“I’ll Have A ‘Grande’ Rawhide, To-Go!”
Sleepy Sherlock Bones Almost Misses a Vital Clue!
Chloe: “Gettin’ warmer, warmer… keep your mouth open wide and you’ll get it!  No cheating!”

Also great-with-a-capital-G:
Coyote Proverb:  Snow Goes – Bone Shows
Half Awake in Ten Sleep
LIMBering Up

And the very difficult decision for a final title ended with Jaws’ Bone.  There were many references to Charlie-as-Shark, and, separate even from that, the fact that Charlie can open his mouth to nearly-90-degrees is a feat that deserves some honor.  And separate from that, it’s a nice pun.  Thanks Bruce!  And thanks to all who entered ~ these contests would be pretty dull without you!

• • • OK y’all, go crazy with this one.

Leave your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary for this image
in the comment section of this post & you’re in the running to WIN!
This week’s prize is a batch of baby squid and a fossil shell;
squid seemed appropriately bizarre for this shot.

{by the way, squid are once again restocked in the etsy shop}

Do me proud, people!
I will be eagerly reading your entries all day long!

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