Bracken Back

photo taken March 2009 • title thanks to betharoopie


Your entries were fab.  So varied in sentiment, loved them all.

Sage, left first by Wo, was a very close second.

And Tina’s Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed made me smile…

And so many more…. just read ’em all if you haven’t yet.

Betharoopie, you came out on top, your title is so clever.  And I love the word “bracken.”  And the real Brokenback Mountain (pronounced Brokenback, not Brokeback, by locals & those in the know) is just to the right, outside the frame of this photograph.

• • •

The reins are off ~ you all know how this works!  This photo has no name which is up to you to remedy by leaving your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary in the comment section of this post, thereby entering into the running to win a signed 8 x 10 print of THIS image, which in itself is a bit of a miracle as I’ve had many requests for prints of this particular picture and always wrote back apologetically stating I didn’t have a file size large enough to make a print from ~ I was certain I had glanced up while working from the couch to see the three peas in a pod, and, not wanting to disturb them, simply held up my laptop and used the embedded camera to take the shot; one year later, I am cleaning out my hard drive and find the high-res real-camera file of this image and realize I am getting old and my memory is failing me and it’s time to load up on superfoods and omega-3s, and fast.  And there is a sentence-turned-paragraph to rival the great Virginia Woolf.  Hopefully you will be a bit more succinct with your captions!  Giddyup!

365 Responses to “Bracken Back”

  1. Meghan Says:

    A Sage Idea!

  2. Barbara R Says:


  3. ursula Says:

    I am bushed….

  4. stan Says:

    tawt i saw a puddy tat!

  5. AL Says:

    The Perfect Disguise, or the Mystery of the Wyoming Coyote Shrub.

  6. Trudy Jewell Says:

    Shades and Hues of Winter

  7. Kathy F. Says:

    In the Sage of his life

  8. jeff2 Says:

    The Changeling.

  9. Kathy Says:

    He’s in the Sage of his life

  10. Birdshot71 Says:

    Waitin’ and Watchin’

  11. marie in florida Says:

    Foxy Moxy and Cottontail

  12. J. Mark Korey Says:

    “Ever Vigilant”

  13. Kristie Says:

    “Not sure about this new hair stylist, what do you all think?”

  14. Kristie Says:

    “Having trouble shedding my winter coat this year”

  15. MC Etcher Says:

    Can you imagine having this sort of view on a daily basis? Sounds like a great way to live, to me!

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