Bracken Back

photo taken March 2009 • title thanks to betharoopie


Your entries were fab.  So varied in sentiment, loved them all.

Sage, left first by Wo, was a very close second.

And Tina’s Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed made me smile…

And so many more…. just read ‘em all if you haven’t yet.

Betharoopie, you came out on top, your title is so clever.  And I love the word “bracken.”  And the real Brokenback Mountain (pronounced Brokenback, not Brokeback, by locals & those in the know) is just to the right, outside the frame of this photograph.

• • •

The reins are off ~ you all know how this works!  This photo has no name which is up to you to remedy by leaving your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary in the comment section of this post, thereby entering into the running to win a signed 8 x 10 print of THIS image, which in itself is a bit of a miracle as I’ve had many requests for prints of this particular picture and always wrote back apologetically stating I didn’t have a file size large enough to make a print from ~ I was certain I had glanced up while working from the couch to see the three peas in a pod, and, not wanting to disturb them, simply held up my laptop and used the embedded camera to take the shot; one year later, I am cleaning out my hard drive and find the high-res real-camera file of this image and realize I am getting old and my memory is failing me and it’s time to load up on superfoods and omega-3s, and fast.  And there is a sentence-turned-paragraph to rival the great Virginia Woolf.  Hopefully you will be a bit more succinct with your captions!  Giddyup!

365 Responses to “Bracken Back”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Nature’s camouflage

  2. dlperry Says:

    Being the Bush.

  3. jennifer Says:

    bushy tail

  4. Mary Says:

    Charlie says, “What do you mean this can’t be our Christmas tree? It’s just the right size!”

  5. Nancy Says:

    Bushed or Bushman

  6. Dave Says:


  7. Steven Swanson Says:

    Naturally bushy

  8. katie Says:

    A little privacy, please?

  9. Tina Says:

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed

  10. John Says:

    I hear the camel look is in this year

  11. Lana Says:

    “hide and go seek”

  12. David W Says:

    In-between and Beyond

  13. Craig Says:

    Mountain Sage and Desert Bush is all the rage this year!

  14. Denise Says:


    It looks like his body is floating me…

  15. Craig Says:

    And here we have ANOTHER picture of Charlie, needing a brush-out in the worst possible way!

  16. Emma Says:

    How Not To Be Seen

  17. Bobbie Says:


  18. DANA Says:

    Scientists discover a rare, new plant…. calling it the trickster tree

  19. Nancy Says:

    1. “Homeland Security”
    2. “Commando”
    3. From his post, a camouflaged Charlie spots unauthorized visitor and radios Shreve

  20. Jessica Says:

    Codename Charlie

    He’s being a super spy, peering around corners and looking for his target! :D

  21. Jeff Says:

    Coyote Cammo

  22. Julia Says:


  23. Dybbuk Says:

    Bush Baby!

  24. Sarah W. Says:

    I like “Totem.” He looks like a coyote spirit manifesting from the bush, to me. It’s a really neat picture.

  25. Craig Says:

    To bush or not to bush, THAT is the question: Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the burs and matted hair of bushiness or to be a good coyote and not have Shreve be mad at me … ay, there’s the rub.

  26. Helene Says:

    Peek-a-boo, I found you!

  27. mj Says:

    Being one with the bush

  28. Ingrid Says:

    Master of His Domain

  29. Diane Says:

    Time out, nature calls…..

  30. saxon Says:

    the emporors new clothes

  31. carol Says:

    Note to self…don’t roll in the sticky stuff.

  32. Stephanie Says:

    “This humidity makes my fur all bushy.”

  33. Guard Guy's Gal Says:

    From a camo t-shirt my husband has…

    Ha! Now you can’t see me!

  34. Bess Says:


  35. Bethrusso Says:

    Tush in the bush

  36. Lis Says:

    Burning Bush

  37. Bethrusso Says:

    Hide the hide

  38. Janet Fate Says:

    Hey Chloe Hand me the T.P.

  39. Kira Says:

    Charlie: “What did Shreve tell me once? About the birds in the bush? Two is worth one in the bush? No that’s not it… I don’t see any birds in this bush anyway, what a dumb saying…”

  40. Charlene Says:

    “In the Still of the Day…..”

    What a beautiful photo! I am torn between calling this something like “Quiet Beauty” or “In the Still of the Day….” I can just ‘hear’ the quiet of the moment and then the ethereal beauty becomes apparent. Should I win today’s contest, could I pretty, pretty please instead have a copy of this print? It is wondrous!

  41. Ali Says:

    “Peek-a-boo! Can’t see me!”

  42. Jenny C Says:


  43. Erika Says:


  44. Sheila Says:

    Coyote Tree

  45. Judy Says:

    Domain Master or Master of His Domain

  46. Tess Says:


  47. John Robben Says:

    Looking Ahead.

  48. Wo Says:


    How’s that for succint? :)

  49. Bethrusso Says:

    The urge to emerge

  50. ursula Says:

    need a bigger bush…

  51. Jocelyn Says:

    “The only bush I trust is my own” or “Impeachy bush”

  52. Karen Says:

    Hiding in plain sight

  53. Tia Says:

    One with Nature

  54. DeeBee Says:

    Privacy, please.

  55. tina Says:


  56. Denise S. Says:


  57. Linda D Says:

    “Are they gone, yet?”

  58. Sara M Says:


  59. Kathy F. Says:

    A-Head of the Bush

  60. Eve Says:

    Brush ‘em, brush ‘em, brush ‘em! (the commercial song from “Grease”)

  61. Amy C. Says:

    “Look Ma, no legs!”

  62. Kris T Says:

    Bush Beast

  63. Ursula Says:

    Blending in..

  64. Lisa W. Says:

    Oh, shrubbery, what big ears you have!

  65. Trisha Says:

    Hiding in plain sight!

  66. Kim Philpot Says:


    Cammo-Sage… (pronounced cammo-sawj, like camouflage)

    Coyote Sage…

    “I AM hiding”

  67. Patr Says:

    Ole Sage

  68. BeckyMonster Says:

    Bush Baby!

  69. Elizabeth Says:

    Sage Shifter

  70. Rebecca Says:

    One with nature.

  71. Myrialynn Elder Says:

    Hide and go Peek

    Serious Intent to Hide My Business


    -He looks very Intent to me about whatever he is doing behind that bush.

  72. LHays Says:

    Charlie’s Dunny (outhouse)

  73. ChrisP Says:

    Shhhh! I’m hunting wabbits!

  74. Pamela Says:

    Nature Calls

  75. ChrisP Says:

    Bad hair day

  76. Terry Wall Says:

    Some privacy, please!

  77. Heather Says:

    Coyote Fan Dancer

  78. Pussytoes Says:

    Does this bush make my butt look big?

  79. Heather Says:

    “Where’s Charlie?”

  80. Heather Says:

    “I Spy a Coyote Head”


    Come Out! Come Out! Wherever You Are!

  81. Meggan Says:

    Retro Bush (it’s a little risque, but it is what immediately came to mind when I saw the picture! :))

  82. Erin Says:

    Hidden Gem

  83. Heather Says:

    A Head Above the Rest

  84. Leo Says:

    Born of the Brush

  85. Becky Says:


  86. Chelsia Says:

    “Promising to keep watch”

    over the land, you, chloe, and all the things you love…

  87. betharoopie Says:

    Bracken back

  88. Justin Says:

    Consulting the Sage…

  89. vicka Says:

    “and a coyote came from the bush….” :)

  90. tarja Says:

    you found me

    use a somewhat sad voice as if you just found someone while playing hide and seek.

  91. Beth Says:

    Darn, you found me!

  92. Janey Says:

    Sage counsel.

  93. meg Says:

    How about: Sneak Peek

  94. Britni B. Says:

    First let me say I absolutely love this photo. I would adore a print of this one!
    It reminds me of the dichotomy of fire and ice, with the warm tonal range on the left and the tangle of branches like flames flickering around Charlie; and the cool tonal range of the right, with the blue of the mountains and the sky. It also seems immensely spiritual as if Charlie is the pivotal point between both worlds. It reminds me of the story How Coyote Stole Fire (

  95. Robin N Says:

    Ollie ollie all in free!!!!

  96. dave Says:


  97. dave Says:

    “Coyote in bush worth two in hand”

  98. Shannon H. Says:

    1. Acme Camo Gear

  99. Jonathan Says:

    The Young Sage

    Wily Sage

    In His Element

  100. Audrey Says:

    Sneaker Peeker


    Tamed In The WILDerness

  101. JayneZ Says:

    Head and bush above the rest

  102. Lindsay Says:

    “Coyote Concealer”
    “Dashing Disguise”
    “Natures Vail”
    “Coyote Cloak”

  103. Catsquatch Says:

    While on safari the documentary team happened upon a rare sight, a Zen Master, performing his daily ritual of practicing the mantra “Become The Bush”.

  104. Heather Says:

    Captain of the S.S. SageBrush

  105. Jan Says:

    This is MY bush, Go get your own……

  106. Abigail Says:

    Hey there, little red riding hood!

  107. Terry Says:

    When I first looked at the photo, my immediate thought was “nature’s camouflage” and saw that was the first entry. So, I’ll try…


  108. Ashley Says:


  109. Laura H. Says:

    Sentry Sage.

  110. Laura H. Says:

    Sentry in the sage.

  111. Chakolate Says:

    …And it did happen that The Coyote did appear in the bush…

  112. Jonah Says:

    Shape Shifter

  113. K Says:

    Muted Tones, Vivid Life

  114. Christina Says:

    Trappings of the wild.

  115. Holly Says:

    Sneak Peek

    This is a truly beautiful picture. Quiet, serene and so totally blended.
    You can`t see his legs, but he is there. Reminds me of a Robert Bateman print, called the “Midnight Black Wolf” It looks like a landscape at night, but if you look carefully you see the Black Wolf in amongst the trees. At night, he disappears into the picture. During the day, you see his outline. Truly amazing!
    Charlie is there for sure, but only a part of him.
    Fabulous shot! You have a way with that camera of yours!

  116. Jessica Says:

    Bernini’s “Charlie and Daphne”

    (as in Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne”)

  117. Karen Says:

    That was me–Muted Tones, Vivid Life

  118. Laura H. Says:

    Sentry in the still.

  119. Jane Stanley Says:

    Silver-tipped Sleuth
    or just plain
    Silver Tips

  120. PJ Says:

    Coyote Bloom

  121. bonnie Says:

    Country collage.

  122. bonnie Says:


  123. Laura H. Says:

    Forgot my other two versions:

    Still Sentry

    Sentry still

  124. sharfa Says:


  125. Paul Says:

    Magic Bush

  126. Skimmie Says:

    Feeling bushed

  127. Skimmie Says:

    Moses looked, and behold, the bush burned with coyote, and the bush was not consumed!

  128. mlaiuppa Says:

    Charlie practices the Birnam Wood scene from Henry V.

  129. Shanon Says:

    The Call of Nature

  130. b Says:

    Master of all he surveys

  131. Shari from PA Says:

    Peek a boo!

  132. Mary Says:


  133. Lizard Says:

    Saliva and Salvia

  134. Lizard Says:

    “Some Privacy, Please?”

  135. mlaiuppa Says:

    Cancel that. Should have checked my citations.

    Charlie practices the Birnam Wood scene from MACBETH, Act V, scene 4.

  136. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Why, hello little girl. And what do you have in that picnic basket?”

  137. mlaiuppa Says:


  138. keepcarlson Says:

    Invisibility Cloak

  139. Teresa Says:

    Peek a boo bush boy

  140. Sun Rock Says:


  141. Nicolas Says:

    ‘If Moses drops by, I’m toast.

  142. Evan Says:


  143. keepcarlson Says:

    Charlie! Are you splinching? Do you require the assistance of the Ministry’s Accidental Magic Reversal Squad?

  144. Nico Says:

    At One with the World

  145. Marissa Says:

    Shape shifter

  146. emily Says:

    They Do It With Mirrors

  147. theredbaron Says:

    Preening Peacock — Wyoming Style

  148. moondoggie Says:


  149. Wendy Says:

    “I definitely need to practice my morphing skills.”

  150. schatze Says:

    Charlie does his Western version of Daphne turning into a laurel tree.

  151. sheila Says:

    Beating Around the Bush

  152. Anita Says:


  153. V Says:

    “Sagebrush” since he always looks so wise.

  154. Corinna Says:


  155. Martha Says:

    “What a Coyote Does in the Bush . . .”
    “What does a coyote do in the bush?”

    And thanks to Brinti B. for the story of How Coyote Stole Fire. It’s always nice to recognize a fellow UU.

  156. MJ Says:

    baccharis pilularis

  157. kevyn lynne Says:

    Runway in the wild: Charlie models the latest in seasonal brush

  158. Anonymous Says:

    I immediately thought of Monty Python when I saw this! Naturally, the title I thougth of is “The art of not being seen”

  159. marm Says:

    Hedging his bets.

  160. Gindy51 Says:

    Jeez, can’t a guy have a moment of privacy around here?

    Charlie looks like when my dogs need that extra bit of alone time to do their business.

  161. Maggie Says:

    The knight and his shrubbery… that looks nice, and is not too expensive.

  162. Rhonda Says:

    Out of the Bush

  163. kari Says:

    Making a Cameo-flage : )

  164. Danielle Says:

    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

    The Illusionist

  165. Says:

    Ready or not!
    Here I come, Chloe!!

  166. Connie Says:

    High Desert Blessing in Disguise

  167. Megan Says:


    Elemental or In His Element.

    This ain’t no burnin’ bush, it’s a coyote bush!

    Surveying the domain.

    Looking’ for lunch.

    How does this hide and seek thing work?

  168. Carol Says:

    Now you see me . . . .

  169. Patia Says:


  170. Erika Says:

    Waiting for the Birds in the Bush

  171. Suzette Says:

    “Bright Eyed and Bushy”

    “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral”

  172. Alicia Says:



    Blending In

    Where’s Charlie? instead of Where’s Waldo?

    Now you See Me…Now you still See Me!

  173. Cynthia Says:

    Charlie’s Privy

  174. mmgood Says:

    Waiting for Red

    At One with All


    The Importance of Belonging

    Love is Color Blind

  175. Donna Says:

    “Can you see me now?”

  176. Judith Purcell Says:

    Ollie-ollie-oxen free?

  177. Eija Says:

    Coy-boy’s serenity

    A portrait of wild’s serenity

    The hues of Charlie’s domain

    “The poetic side of me”

    Poetry in non-motion

  178. Stacey Says:

    Cheshire Coyote

  179. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “Does this make my butt look big?”

  180. kallimao Says:

    “Look, Ma, no legs!”


  181. Plainsman Says:

    Bad hair day

  182. MK Ray Says:

    Golden grass; Silver lining

  183. nancy Says:

    can you see me now?

  184. Carmen Says:

    I’m almost done mom!

  185. Sherri Says:

    What a tangled web we weave…

  186. dawn Says:

    Lustered Emergence

  187. Mental P Mama Says:

    Wiley Coyote

  188. BeckyMonster Says:

    Does this bush make my butt look big?

  189. R MARINO Says:


  190. Linda Says:

    Wheres Waldo? Er, I mean Charlie…

  191. sybann Says:

    You thought the bush was speaking to you? Who are you, Moses?!

  192. Susan Says:


  193. Jenn Says:

    Coyote Camo

  194. Diane Says:

    Wearing it naturally

    What a beautiful photo Shreve!
    (the bush looked like a costume to me…)

  195. Joanne Says:

    i am the bush…ohm…i am the bush

  196. Tina Says:

    So that’s what you get when you plant those magic beans!

  197. schatze Says:

    Cha Cha Cha Chia!

  198. Bethrusso Says:

    Surmising disguising

  199. Joanne Says:

    Beast bush blend

  200. josette Says:

    patient, I AM

  201. Bethrusso Says:

    Bark before dark

  202. Sue Says:

    “Trickster” – In Native American lore, the coyote is often the trickster.

    Or to go a whole different direction . . .

    “This area of Wyoming is not known for its agriculture”

  203. Sue (puck's mom) Says:

    Flora or Fauna?

  204. Shanna Says:

    Branches, Brambles, and Brush

  205. kristine Says:

    Cloaking device activation in..3..2..1

  206. Eddie Says:

    as I stated last week….

    Exit Sage Left

  207. Anonymous Says:

    Brush Wolf

  208. Jay Says:

    Aha the above one was me.

  209. Kelly Says:


  210. David Brown Says:

    a state of being

  211. Tiny Tyrant Says:

    At one with it all

  212. Penny Says:

    Hidden Treasure

  213. Beth Says:

    May I have some privacy please????

  214. Kristine Says:

    “Can you spare a square?” From Senfield

  215. jendragonhart Says:

    The Majestic

    Stunning Monochrome

  216. Kristine Says:

    “May the trail rise up to meet you
    May your heart rejoice in song
    May the skies be fair above you
    As you journey ever on”

    “Ever On” by Dan Fogelberg

  217. Barbie Says:

    Walking on Sunshine.

  218. Janice Says:

    Brush Back Mountain

  219. J. Jeffrey Says:

    I envision Charlie standing on top of the Big Horn Mountains looking north toward the Medicine Wheel, representing the wisdom of the ancestors, both two-legged and four-legged, and therefore I title this picture — Big Medicine!

  220. Deb McTavish Says:

    How about these 2

    “Coyote Dressup”
    “You can dress him up, but ya can’t take him out”

  221. Dena Patee Says:

    Be the tree. Be the tree.

  222. Roxie Says:

    Behind the Veil
    Veil and Vale
    Vale of Sighs

  223. cfritz Says:


  224. Allie Says:

    Chia Charlie

  225. jarebear Says:

    Charlie’s Birthday Suit

  226. Laura Says:

    Sage View

  227. Kelly Says:

    home is where the bush is.

  228. jessie Says:

    Where the wild things are.

  229. Deb H. Says:

    His majesty: “… above the fruited plain”

    Quotation from “America the Beautiful” lyrics by Katherine Lee Bates

  230. mlaiuppa Says:


  231. Cindy Says:

    The Lone Ranger

  232. Barbara Says:

    Put the tree back in country – Charlie’s country.

  233. melissa Says:

    caught short

  234. Isobel Says:

    King of the Hill

  235. Liza Lundell Says:

    A modest coyote.

    He looks like he just came out from skinny dipping and found his clothes had been stolen! Poor Charlie!

  236. Deeann Says:

    Brushed in Sepia Camouflage

  237. Sophie Says:

    “A Sage in the Sage Colored Sage”

  238. Christine Says:

    Camouflaged Coyote

  239. Lydia G Says:

    Escuse Me! A little private time please.

  240. Sandy Says:

    The Sage of the west

  241. Hilary Says:

    “Crouching sage, hidden coyote”

  242. Siobhan Says:

    I really ought to get after this earlier in the day; everybody already used the ones that immediately came to mind, but …

    Coyote Freeze Tag

  243. Barbara Says:

    Hey, how about just

    Put the Tree back in Charlie

  244. Bob K Says:

    “The Hills Have Eyes”

  245. Keri Says:

    *Charlie in the Trees (A bit politically incorrect maybe… ;)

    *Brushing Up On Camoflage

    *One With Nature

    *I Am Wyoming

    *Wispy and Tangled


    *The tiniest bit of humidity, and POOF! This is why Charlie lives in the desert, to minimize the bad fur days!

    *Charlie searches for a good Halloween costume; he has to get an early start before all the good ones are taken!

    This is an absolutely beautiful photo, Shreve! I am loving the colors, the textures, and the warmth it seems to radiate. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  246. Karissa Says:

    Be vewy, vewy quiet… I’m hunting Wabbits!

  247. Ben Hurwitz Says:

    *Time to go to the groomers…Charlie is getting a little “bushy”

  248. Nancy June Says:

    Goin’ Peeps…..

  249. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Can you see me now?”

  250. Victoria Says:


  251. Karen Says:


  252. venice kelly Says:

    “it’s all here for me”

    lovely photo. i’ve enjoyed all your photo’s. thanks for sharing them with all of us.
    i’m a wildlife rehabilitator in colo. you did such a fabulous job raising your pup and have written a wonderful account of it.

  253. Sandra Says:

    I can see for smiles and smiles.

  254. Sandra Says:

    Coyote mountain high.

  255. Sandra Says:

    As far as I can see,
    The greatest pack are we.

  256. Gayzie Says:

    Everyone needs a to-to

  257. Craig Says:

    I can’t think of anything more clever to say but this pictures just makes me think of the Road Runner cartoons. With Wile E. Coyote hiding behind a rock or bush and waitin for the Road Runner to come by on the road .. and behind the bush you just KNOW there is some sort of ACME contraption that is going to catch him this time .. NOT!

  258. Kathy F. Says:

    Coyote Couture

  259. Steve Says:

    Behold! I am Sage.

  260. Meredith Bogen Says:

    After Eli made fun of Charlies coat he was seen hiding behind bushes more.

  261. Felicia Says:


    “BOO! …oh dang…. Nevermind.”

    Quiet Lookout

  262. Alison Says:


    What a beautiful and mystifying photo. All lines lead to his eyes! Charlie, tree branches, shrub and grass colors – all blend so sweetly. Ah. I feel better. Thanks to you both.
    This photo would be given a place of honor in our home.

  263. Kerry Says:

    Can you see me now?

  264. Monica Says:

    “Sage Wisdom”


    “Half-Coyote, Half-Sage”


    “The elusive mystical creature that is the Sayote” (Sage/Coyote)

  265. Sandra Says:

    Got glow?

  266. Ed Says:

    Coyote! Born of the brush.

  267. Bria Says:

    Green into Gold

  268. Celia Says:

    Solemn Sage

  269. Suzette Says:

    “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  270. TJ Says:

    . . . and a coyote in a pine tree. (not sure it’s a pine, but that fits the lyrics best)

  271. Vegas Princess Says:

    Branching Out

    Coyote Camoflogue

    Hide and Seek Winner

  272. Gerry Hartsoe Says:

    Hey! Can I get a little privacy here.

  273. Suzanne Says:

    Ghost Busher

  274. martha Says:

    Sage Advice

  275. Alice Says:

    Peekaboo! I see YOU!

  276. KevinH Says:

    I’m letting it grow out! So what?

  277. Gary R. Says:

    A little privacy please!!!

  278. CB Says:

    Branching Out

  279. Serena Says:

    BE the bush

  280. Gary R. Says:

    Chloe will never find me here!!

  281. Laura H. Says:


    Subtle Sage.

  282. Lesley Says:

    1. Two coyotes: one furry and wily, one wiry and evergreen

    2. A stand of Coyotes

    [would only work if that's a coyote bush he's peeking out from]

  283. Randi Says:

    Prairie Wolf


    Brush Wolf

  284. Laura H. Says:


  285. carol h Says:

    Chia Pet Charlie

    I’m having a bad fur day!

    Answering the proverberal question…. do coyotes pee in the woods?

  286. Laura H. Says:





    Covert Coyote

  287. Anonymous Says:

    see, you can hide behind trees without sticking out the other side.

  288. Laura H. Says:


    (eh – see what I did there….amBUSH….lol)

  289. Diana Says:

    Spirit Guide

  290. MD Says:

    Sagebrush shaman
    Path of gold

  291. cath Says:

    “whither thou goest”

  292. Nancy Latimer Says:

    A bird in the hand aint worth nearly as much as a coyote in the bush.

  293. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Does this bush make my butt look fat?

  294. Melissa A. Says:

    Branching Out

  295. Miriam Says:

    “Hide and Go Pee”

  296. Meghan Says:

    Beauty in the Bush

  297. Larry Says:

    I feel so much better now.

  298. Paula Regan Says:

    Be the bush, think like a bush. Come on birdie land on me. I don’t bite.

  299. Lisa Says:

    Hide it under a bush? Oh, no. I’m gonna let it shine.

  300. Julie Says:


  301. patty Says:

    blended splendid

  302. Diane Brown Says:


  303. Diane Says:


    I See you

  304. Kristin Says:

    privacy please.

  305. Kitty Says:

    Between Realms


  306. domenico Says:


  307. BPG Says:

    What does a fellow have to do to get some privacy around here?

  308. Jannah Says:

    Wolf Coyote in Bushy Clothing

  309. joods Says:

    Now you see him…now you don’t.

  310. Lucky Says:

    Walk On

  311. Rosemarie Says:

    In the tangly tanglewood.

  312. Randi Says:

    Looking for Adventure

  313. Randi Says:

    A View From Above

  314. Randi Says:

    Nature Calls

  315. Randi Says:

    Coyotes Don’t Beat Around the Bush

  316. jeanna Says:

    the bushy bandit.

  317. Barbara R Says:

    The Maestro at Tanglewood

  318. Maegan Says:

    The Trickster and the Sage

    Vanishing West

    Now You See Me

  319. LoriO Says:

    “I’ll just be a minute…”

  320. RG Says:

    Glancing Homeward

  321. Amy Nahirny Says:

    Blending in

  322. mellissa d. Says:

    sky high

  323. Karen Says:

    omg, Shreve- how are you going to pick just one?? Almost every single entry had me giggling! Good luck.

  324. trebor Says:

    Charlie finds a Bush with actual value.

  325. Elaine Logan Says:

    I like Peek-a-bush the best, by Bess!

  326. ln Says:


  327. Cynthia Says:

    Color Blind

  328. Rianne Says:


  329. Erryn Says:


    instead of Camouflaged

  330. Barbara Says:

    Coyote Bush

  331. Coloradolady Says:

    “Can you see me now?”

  332. allie Says:

    Prickly Pup

  333. Donna H Says:

    Coyote-Sage Back Mountain.

    Sagebrush coyote costume.

    Bad Hair Day.

    Check out my new Summer coat.

    Coyotes do it in the sticks.

    It’s a wonderful photo. I love how Charlie seemlessly blends.

  334. Carmen Says:

    Coyote, Go Lightly

    The Gilded Age

    (I love how he shimmers in gilded sunshine)

  335. Ida Says:

    “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, Mulberry Bush, Mulberry Bush”….

  336. heather em Says:

    Prairie Pants.

    (i would just like to say, Shreve, that this might be my favorite photo of them all. i am simply blown away by the magic, and the reality, of this shot. Amazing. thank you so much.)

  337. Lana Says:

    Nature’s Guard

  338. olivetheoil Says:

    Bright eyes and bushy tail.

  339. Sue Says:

    Coyote Couture- Puffy Pants

  340. Kristi Says:

    All clear?

  341. dutchman from ohio Says:

    Shapeshifter—– Caught in the very act!

  342. Susan Says:

    Karma Coyote

  343. julie Says:

    Coyote Crossing

  344. Beth Surdut Says:

    Waiting for Chloe
    King in the Land of Grace

  345. Darlene Says:

    Hide and Seek

  346. Nancy Says:

    Sage Centaur

  347. MC Etcher Says:

    “Mom! Look at me, I’m picturesque!”

  348. Chris Says:

    You can’t see me!!!!
    I spy with my little eye…
    Hey!!!! No peeking!
    Be the bush….I AM the bush…..

  349. jeanne Says:

    i’m half the man i used to be…

  350. Larraine Says:

    At One With Nature

  351. Meghan Says:

    A Sage Idea!

  352. Barbara R Says:


  353. ursula Says:

    I am bushed….

  354. stan Says:

    tawt i saw a puddy tat!

  355. AL Says:

    The Perfect Disguise, or the Mystery of the Wyoming Coyote Shrub.

  356. Trudy Jewell Says:

    Shades and Hues of Winter

  357. Kathy F. Says:

    In the Sage of his life

  358. jeff2 Says:

    The Changeling.

  359. Kathy Says:

    He’s in the Sage of his life

  360. Birdshot71 Says:

    Waitin’ and Watchin’

  361. marie in florida Says:

    Foxy Moxy and Cottontail

  362. J. Mark Korey Says:

    “Ever Vigilant”

  363. Kristie Says:

    “Not sure about this new hair stylist, what do you all think?”

  364. Kristie Says:

    “Having trouble shedding my winter coat this year”

  365. MC Etcher Says:

    Can you imagine having this sort of view on a daily basis? Sounds like a great way to live, to me!

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