“WWED?” (What Would Eli Do?)

photo taken May 9, 2008 • title thanks to Ava

Ava, I cannot stop laughing at your entry.  I laughed when I saw it yesterday morning, I laughed when I read all the entries last night, laughed when I read over the new+saved ones this morning, and laughed again just now as I was narrowing them down.  LOVE IT.  Pure genius.  Hilarious.

Other fav’s:
Pointing the Way
Two step
Are you staying?
Toddlin’ and Ogglin’
A tot in tow.
Stumped by stumpy
Completely Puplexed
Wild and Beguiled
Pup, two, three, four…
Puzzled by the new muzzle
Confused, bemused, and a little amused
Shall we prance?
Her entrancing entrance.
Ears Looking At You, Kid

Of course I love all of you for entering, hopefully that goes without saying.

• • • I found an old folder.  In it, this photo from Chloe’s first day with us. She is so cute and confident!  And Charlie… Charlie was so perplexed; that first day he was actually worried this fat little puppy might hurt him.
They are so amazing together (then and now…)

Leave your title, caption, or thought-bubble-commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running for a batch of petrified squid and a stunning arrowhead deftly made by MC this weekend with nothing but a bit of stone and the point of a deer antler.  And some beautiful feathers I found.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for this one!

377 Responses to ““WWED?” (What Would Eli Do?)”

  1. Laura Hubbard Says:

    High-stepped into my heart

    “Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus

  2. Claudia Says:

    I’m with you.

  3. spicyapple Says:

    Learning the Steps

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Walk this Way

  5. Ashley L Says:

    Wander & wonder.

  6. dave Says:

    Hey Shorty!!

  7. Pat in TN Says:

    Left, left .. left, right left!

  8. Glenys Says:

    Where did this come from?


    That’s it…..steady…..

  9. dave Says:

    Dell cow?

  10. Theo Says:

    Chloe shows Charlie how to do The Moonwalk.

  11. Pippa Says:

    Baby Steps

  12. The Old Man Says:

    “HUP- two-threep-foe-ah… HUP-two-threep-foe-ah….”

  13. Ida Says:

    The cutest lodger

  14. Jeff Says:

    Canis latrans training day one

    but who’s training whom?

  15. dawn Says:

    You put your left foot in…

  16. Rose Says:

    You put your right foot in….

  17. Mark Says:


  18. Tina Says:

    What the hell is that!?


    Go away kid, you bother me.


    Sibling Saunter

  19. sybann Says:

    Every step you take

  20. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    “Stepping Out Together”

    “Stepping Into A New Life”

    “Paw-fect Buddies”

  21. Gindy51 Says:

    That’s it…one step at a time.

  22. simone Says:

    Me ‘n my Shadow

  23. vicka Says:

    you can do it!

  24. Tina Says:

    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walking cross the floor
    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walking out the door

    You never will get where you’re going
    If you never get up on your feet
    Come on, there’s a good tail wind blowing
    A fast walking man is hard to beat

  25. Jan Says:

    Look here kid,..we is going to be buddies, but first,……

  26. Patr Says:

    Curiously cautious about baby steps.

    We just finished babysitting 2 – 3 month old – red heeler puppies. Our 4 year old beagles were very afraid of them. Red heelers are amazing dogs.

  27. Fran Wolfe-Johnson Says:

    New world order.

    I love his wise and worried expression, just beautiful.

  28. Jan Says:

    Charlie says: Looks like me,….walks like me,…..dont smell like me.



  29. Mona Says:

    “Je règle mon pas sur le pas de mon père”.

    It’s French and it means “I adjust my step to that of my father”.

  30. DANA Says:

    Sizing up the situation

  31. Betsy Says:

    Okay, follow me… You put your right paw out, you put your right paw out, you put your right paw out and you shake it all about….

  32. Cyn Says:

    Let’s just try this out.

  33. Lindsay Says:

    “My name is Charlie, and you are…?”
    or just
    “And you are…?”

  34. pam Says:

    Come along, one so little…

  35. Laurie Says:

    Puppy Love

  36. Kristan Says:

    “What is it?”
    “I’m watching you”

  37. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    That’s putting your best foot forward!

  38. Debi Says:

    Marchcing to a new and different beat.

  39. Erin Says:

    New Girl In Town

  40. Jennifer Says:

    knows to nose

  41. Mark Says:

    Son, do you know how fast you were goin’?

  42. aokanaka Says:

    Did your Mama kill sheep, too?

  43. sue Says:

    come on, little darlin’

  44. dutchman from ohio Says:

    Just put one one foot in front of the other “NO WORRIES” the back ones will follow!

  45. angela Says:

    Soon, Student Shall be Teacher.

  46. Meg Says:

    But what IS it?

  47. kristin Says:

    Easy does it.

  48. Nancy Says:

    “Girl Power”
    “Batteries not Included”
    “Pointing the Way”

  49. Jaynez Says:

    Soneone to watch over me!

  50. candace Says:

    Semper Canum (Always Canine)

  51. Jay Says:

    Come on kid, Keep up!

  52. Santiago Says:

    “Here kiddo, let me teach you how to catch roadrunners!”

  53. Bethrusso Says:

    Thank Heaven for little girls

  54. Lyn Says:

    Is this for me?

  55. Vanessa Says:

    The farmily: it keeps growing and growing and growing…

  56. Alyxx Says:

    “put one foot in front of the other…” (singing)

    “shall we dance, little girl?”

  57. cfritz Says:

    Charles in Charge

  58. Lydia Says:

    This toy walks by itself!!

  59. Courtney Says:

    “Follow Me Little One”


    “A Walk In Eli’s Shoes”

  60. Sherri Says:

    Don’t worry, it’s just carpet. I was afraid to touch it too.

  61. belle Says:

    this stuffed toy is a little different than the others – it moves!!!!! on its own!!! very interesting…..very interesting!!!!!

    (do you remember the little german guy on Laugh-In?) His name escapes me right at the moment.

  62. Sun Rock Says:

    Long road two heads.

  63. Laffindog Says:

    Right foot forward, dude, like this!

  64. Ann J. Says:


  65. Bethrusso Says:

    Big Brother is watching

  66. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Am constantly amazed at your photos. Not only that your mind “sees” the image, but that you’re technically capable of transfering that mental image to a print.

  67. Patris Says:

    Keeping an eye on her

  68. Laura Says:

    Two step

  69. MJK Says:

    play or prey …?

  70. mdiehl Says:

    Are you staying?

  71. patty Says:

    guardian angel

  72. Clint Says:

    Do the Hokey Pokey

  73. Shanna Says:

    Goose-step Guidance

  74. Bethrusso Says:

    “Mommy, I want an oompa loompa!”

  75. J. Bo Says:

    “Arthur Murray taught me the Hokey-Pokey in three short lessons!”

  76. Eija Says:

    The beginning of a beautiful…everything!

    Canine bonding…the very special kind

    Charlie’s wonderment

    The little hound’s homecoming

    In step…already!

  77. Ticia Says:

    A little Angst

  78. Judy Says:

    You Can Do It

  79. Judy Says:

    Who Are You?!

  80. Ava Says:

    Learning Curve

    Charlie: “Uh, WWED?” (“What Would Eli Do?”)

  81. Patty Says:

    You do the hokey pokey…….

  82. Suzanne Miranda Says:

    One Step at a Time

  83. craig Says:

    This is NOT what I ordered

    It looked bigger in the catalog

  84. Tina Says:

    Mom, it followed me home. Can I keep it?

  85. Chris P Says:

    Did this thing come with a manual?

  86. Shannon H. Says:

    Drill Sergeant

  87. Angie Says:

    Puppyhood in the Stockton House.


    Growing under Charlie’s Eyes.

  88. Angie Says:

    Something puppy this way comes

  89. Cyrus Simpson Says:

    See, you put your right paw up and your left paw down. Now do the hokey-pokey!

  90. Elizabeth J. Says:

    This is serious stuff.I will do my very best to understand and protect this little girl.She is family.

  91. Bill Says:

    Outa my way Charlie Coyote!!!

  92. Diane Says:


  93. Diane Says:

    watchful eyes

  94. penny Says:

    Cautious glance, carefree steps

  95. Tinare Says:

    “So, um, hi, um, I’m Charlie, um, just a few ground rules, um, hey, are you listening?”

  96. Karen Says:

    “Big Steps, Little Sister”

  97. Lydia Says:

    For now, you are Mini-Me.

  98. Melissa Says:

    Marching to the Beat

  99. Melissa Says:

    Toddlin’ and Ogglin’

  100. Eve Says:

    Hmmmm, does this make me Mary Poppins?

  101. Sara Mook Says:

    Are you just visiting?

  102. Donna Says:

    What if the hokey pokey is what is all about?

  103. Jo Says:

    guarding her steps…

  104. Angie Says:

    So. Do you come her often?

  105. sailorjohn Says:

    Someone to Watch Over Me

  106. Jocelyn Says:

    Catcher in the eye

  107. Marquand Says:

    I’ve luckily been a winner before so don’t put me in officially, but an old verbal puzzle phrase came to mind when I saw this shot:
    “What’s black and white and ‘read’ all over?”….of course it’s not a newspaper in this case, but i’ts Chloe with Charlie trying to read what Chloe is all about.

  108. LHays Says:

    Follow the Leader

  109. Dena P Says:

    This is a, WHAT?

  110. hpmama Says:

    Paws in Time

  111. Farmer Lady Says:

    First Day, First Steps

  112. Karen Says:

    Paws (Pause) Ahead

  113. Kathy F. Says:

    Coyote Boot Camp…”Right, Left…”

  114. Linda Says:

    Wonder what THAT tastes like?

  115. Kathy F. Says:

    “You’re good kid, real good, but as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best, see?”
    Quote from Jim Carey in “The Mask”

  116. Linda Says:

    Come on Chole I will show you all the good napping places

  117. Lisa Says:

    Leading Her Straight

  118. Whisker Kisses Says:

    Under a Sheltering Eye

  119. Linda Kalend Says:

    “It takes two to tango…”

  120. Jeremiah Atkinson Says:

    WOW… The toy walks!

  121. Martha Says:

    A Small But Mighty Creature Has Entered Charlie’s Life

  122. Deidre Says:

    Charlie: “Me and Baby-boop”

  123. Danielle Says:

    The Coyote and the Hound
    Canine Two Step
    It Takes Two to Tango

  124. Deidre Says:

    Brand New and Already In Step

  125. Jennifer S. Says:

    “It’s only a model”-Monty Python

  126. Bruce Small Says:

    Drill sergeant and a new recruit.

  127. b Says:

    “I think I’m in Love”

  128. Deidre Says:

    P.S. I’m still cracking up over “Are You Staying?”!!!

  129. Rebecca Says:

    Not quite sure…

  130. Janet in NYC Says:

    The Courageous and The Cute

  131. Laura H. Says:

    Synchronized Siblings

    Walking in Wonderment

    When two worlds meet…

    Curiosity + Confusion = Love

  132. Bruce Small Says:

    Not as part of the contest, but just as a comment: The photo is just like our Border Collie “supervising” our cat, who often has drool on his back from the dog looming over him. Not to worry. Generally the cat couldn’t care less about the dog. He is completely insolent and has an aura of, “You wouldn’t dare touch me.”

  133. Melissa Says:

    Every journey [friendship] begins with the first step

  134. Sandi Says:

    You can do it Sis. I’m right here beside you all the way.

  135. Deidre Says:

    My turn to watch her, Mom

  136. Erika Says:

    You put your left paw in,
    You put your right paw out.
    You do the Coyote pokie,
    And walk yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!

  137. Lisa Says:

    “Here’s looking at you kid.”

  138. domenico Says:

    Big foot, little foot.

  139. Patte Says:

    Following in your Footsteps

  140. Morgan Says:

    Calamari is this way

  141. Rhonda Says:

    Twinkle in his eye.

  142. Susan Says:

    And you would be???


    Errr – have we been introduced?

  143. Deeann Says:

    “You got her for me!?!?

  144. Melissa Says:

    “Put one paw out of line pup and I will know”


    Pawin’ the line

  145. Melissa Says:

    “Hey Eli, one of your furballs is getting away!”

  146. Jay Says:

    A tot in tow.

  147. Beth Says:

    Fast food?

    Quickstep wonder

    Confuse-a-Coyote (by Chloe, aged 8 weeks)

    Stumped by stumpy

    The unknown best friend

  148. Paul Says:


  149. Stacey Says:

    The Mentor and the Mentored

  150. Toni Says:

    You’re going to like it around here.

  151. Mary Says:

    Heil Coyote

  152. Jenna Says:

    Pace yourself

  153. bonnie Says:

    You put your right foot in…

    Under his watchful eye.

    In step from the start.

  154. dmct Says:

    “thats right….your right foot, then your left…”

  155. Kristi Says:

    Right foot forward….Good.

  156. John Says:

    I’ve been outcuted, I need to speak to my attorney

  157. Tina Says:

    Come let’s mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks
    Or umbrellas in their mitts
    Puttin’ on the Ritz

  158. Sherri Cox Says:

    “How you doin’?”

  159. Sassafras Says:

    Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

  160. Trebor Says:

    Entranced by entrance.

  161. Susan Says:

    Stepping with the step sister

  162. mlaiuppa Says:

    Puppy Parade.

  163. mlaiuppa Says:

    As the Canines go rolling along.

  164. Audra Says:

    Slow and Steady


    The Queen Has Arrived

  165. Trebor Says:

    Completely Puplexed

  166. mlaiuppa Says:

    Chloe shows off her French manicure.

  167. mlaiuppa Says:

    She who must be obeyed.

  168. Rhonda Says:

    Puppy Parade


    Someone To Watch Over Me

  169. caroline Says:

    what am I supposed to do with this?

  170. Misia Says:

    Come on kid, Ill show you the ropes.

  171. tony Says:

    Edgy & Pudgy

  172. mlaiuppa Says:

    When do the batteries run down?

  173. tony Says:

    Fluster & Muster

  174. tony Says:

    Chicken & Little

  175. tony Says:

    Twitchy & Bitchy (sorry, couldn’t help it……meant in a good way!)

  176. Sandy Says:

    Stepping out

  177. mlaiuppa Says:

    Canine Corps: New Recruit

  178. mlaiuppa Says:

    Chloe was such a cute puppy. And I loved the picture of Daisy over the weekend. How about a little more news on Daisy. Looks like she’s settled in fine. And you still have the little bull (which we haven’t seen). Is Daisy affectionate? Does she display any preference for her new surroundings and her new family? Does Daisy get scratches too and does she like them?

  179. Amanda Says:

    I’ll take the lead big guy!

  180. Kelly Says:

    Big Brother In Training

  181. Sherri Says:

    That’s right…. left now your right…..I will be here beside you always!

  182. nancy Says:

    eli’s revenge now i’m the big brother

  183. Michelle Says:

    “Stick with me kid”

    “That’s right little one, one step at a time”

    “Just like me”

  184. Diana Says:

    Chloe, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship . . .

    From “Casablanca”

  185. K Says:

    “Oh my gosh, it moves!”

  186. Phoenix Says:

    Walk This Way (Think Steven Tyler)

  187. Stephanie K Says:

    I love how it looks like Charlie is keeping watch over her every move! Even if he was nervous about her, it looks more like he’s nervous she’ll topple over and get hurt as she toddles around. So, my caption is “The Protector.”

  188. Anonymous Says:

    Ode to Tony Bennett
    “Steppin’ out with my baby. Can’t go wrong cause I’m in right…”
    “Steppin’ out with my baby.”


    “There is much to learn little grasshopper.”
    “You still have much to learn, Grasshopper.”

  189. Aisha Says:

    “Silly coyotes, always watching me walk.”

  190. Karen Says:

    “She’ll call you Chloe, but I’ll call you mine…” <3

  191. felis_sidus Says:

    Friend, or foe?

  192. Patti Says:

    What do you mean I’m not the baby anymore?

  193. Kelly Planer Says:

    Diversity Training

  194. Amanda Says:

    Great Beginnings…these are what friendships are made of.

  195. Leo Says:

    In Step

  196. Alicia H. Says:

    “How long is it staying?”

    “What to do first?”

    “Is it mine?”

    “Can we return her?”

  197. J G Dalziel Says:

    Watching Out For Her

  198. Bess Says:

    Wee steps

  199. beth Says:


  200. beth Says:

    She had him at the first pace.

  201. Siobhan Says:

    “Ummmm … what ARE you?”

  202. Barbara R Says:

    Wild and Beguiled

  203. Sue Says:

    Every day brings something new.

  204. astro-horse Says:

    Get Along you Little Doggie

  205. Sandy Time Says:

    Curiosity Killed the Coyote, But the Puppy Brought Him Back!

  206. AW Says:

    America’s Next Top Model. Work it!

  207. Flowers:) Says:

    One in a Million Friendship

  208. blueiscool Says:

    “I’m Yours”


    “And Odd Couple”

  209. Liza Lundell Says:

    Self-propelled chew toy? or spawn of Satan?

  210. Jenny Says:

    You can’t run with the big dogs if you piss like a puppy!

  211. Sandra Says:

    High Steppin’ Highness

  212. Sandra Says:

    Watching His Destiny Stride In

  213. Sandra Says:

    One Small Step for Chloe; One Giant Leap for Charlie’s Mind!

  214. Holly Dare Says:

    Guide Dog


    You are not alone

  215. Julia Says:

    The confidence of the very young in the kindness of strangers.

  216. Sherri Says:

    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walkin’ ‘cross the floor
    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walkin’ out the door.
    (Insert music)

  217. Ava Says:

    Wild spirit meets blithe spirit

    “Wow! The blonde brought me a…what is it?”

  218. CarolC Says:

    Paw de deux

  219. Arthurus Says:

    Hup two three four
    Dress it up two three four
    Hup two three four
    Dress it up two three four

    By the right foot single file
    Over every Wyoming mile
    Oh we stamp and crush
    Through the underbrush
    In a military style!
    In a military style!

  220. Gwen Says:

    But Grandma! What big ears you have!

  221. Isobel Says:

    Stranger Danger? Hmmmm…… bit small to be scared of!

  222. Shannon H. Says:

    Just me and my shaaa-dow
    The Shadow… “Nose” (knows)

  223. Holly Says:

    Small, but mighty!

    My new B.F.

  224. Kristine Says:

    I will love her, and hug her, and I will call her Cloe.

  225. Teresa Says:

    Paw inspiring

  226. Evelien Says:

    see one, do one, teach one

  227. RS Says:

    Perplexed at Little Paws!

  228. Ava Says:

    Charlie: “I thought Holsteins were bigger.”

    (poor bemused Charlie obviously wondered if Chloe was your much-anticipated milk cow)

    “Who ordered the Gateway?”

    (because of their spiffy black and white ‘cow’ boxes)

  229. Cheryl Says:

    Move over world, here I come!

  230. Rose Says:

    Canis Cutest

  231. Nicole Says:

    “Hey, watch the paw, Squirt…”

  232. Juliene Says:

    “Coyote Can-Can”


    “Coyote Cha-Cha”

  233. Reza Says:

    Oh my god! It’s Zorro the dog! Thank god he’s forgotten his sword!

  234. Laura H. Says:

    A step in time.

    Steppin’ out.

    Love at first sight.

  235. Heather Glidden Says:

    Guarded Steps

    One Paw at a Time

    “Is this how Eli felt?”

  236. Laura H. Says:

    Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

    (to quote a song from the musical Kismet)

  237. Cathryn Says:

    “You put your right paw in…”

  238. Jen Says:

    I think the mouse went THAT way.

  239. Barbie Says:

    Puppy Steps

  240. Shannon H. Says:

    Curiously charmed.

    Sizing her up.

  241. Kate S. Says:

    Come along little one.

  242. Kacie Says:

    A Walk On The Wildes’ Side

  243. beth Says:

    Pup, two, three, four…

  244. Anonymous Says:

    (charlie starts)
    These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…

    (chloe takes over)
    …one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

  245. lauren Says:

    (charlie starts)
    These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…

    (chloe takes over)
    …one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

  246. Helioprogenus Says:

    Pawing at the future

  247. littlebobina Says:

    Appreciating a short paws.

  248. Jayne Z Says:

    Friends from the first step


    One little step for Chloe, one giant leap of faith for Charlie!

  249. Sophie Says:

    “The Prince and the Pawper”

  250. katblue Says:

    Ankle Biter?

  251. Lhyzz Says:

    Putting Your Best Paw Forward

    The Coyote and the Careful Puppy

    Toddler Tracks

  252. mlaiuppa Says:

    How deep is your love for More than a Woman; you should be Stayin’ Alive Dancin’ the Night away in your Boogie Shoes because If I can’t have you I’ll have a Calypso Breakdown in the Disco Inferno on Saturday Night on Disco Mountain with a Fifth of Beethoven Jive Talkin’ at the Manhattan Skyline.

  253. Lisa W. Says:

    One step forward, two steps backward

  254. Kathy F. Says:

    (Charlie thinking)~
    To borrow a phrase from a song:

    “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound-dog”

  255. Desiree Says:

    “Is… Is It Lethal?”

    Puppy On Parade

    Pudgy Puppies Are The New Horror

  256. mlaiuppa Says:

    More than a woman…to me.

  257. mlaiuppa Says:

    Eli went thataway.

  258. Sue from New Zealand Says:

    “The Black & White Picture Show”

  259. mlaiuppa Says:

    “I’m part pointer. See?”

  260. carolh Says:

    Be mine sweet little canine!

    Dog gone, I finally got that puppy I asked Santa for!

  261. MK Ray Says:

    thought bubble for both, “you don’t HAVE to do everything I do.”

  262. Janet Fate Says:

    Do the Hokey Puppy and a turn yourself around..thats what its all about.

  263. Blog Princess G Says:

    Steppin’ Out with My Baby

  264. kaja Says:

    “watching you walk… away with my heart”

  265. Allie Says:

    “Don’t talk in Ranks!”

    This song plays in my head looking at this photo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBPuO4FyYLM

  266. Allie Says:

    Colonel Chloe’s March

  267. Anne Says:

    Uh hem…excuse me, excuse me….uh…this is my turf you know…right…uh..just so we have that clear. I uhhhh…Glad we had this little chat.

  268. Lindsay Says:

    Boy, you think carpet feels weird, wait till you feel snow!

  269. Mike Ostrem Says:

    Are you the boss of me too?

  270. Julie Says:

    Staggered Paws

  271. Joanne Says:

    Puzzled by the new muzzle

    Confused, bemused, and a little amused

  272. mlaiuppa Says:

    Struttin’ her stuff.

  273. Meredith Says:

    What do we do with this?
    Its moving!!

  274. bonnie Says:

    Starting off on the right foot.

  275. Craig Says:

    Step it out! Step it out!
    One two three four One two three four ..
    We like it here!
    We love it here!
    We finally found a home!
    A home! A home!
    One two three four One two three four.

  276. Diane Says:

    You put your left paw in,
    You put your left paw out,
    You put your left paw in,
    And you shake it all about,

    You do the hokey pokey
    and you turn yourself around
    That what it’s all about.

  277. Sue Says:

    Get those knees up, recruit!

  278. Carmen Says:

    Come little one, I will show you the way.

  279. MJK Says:

    first lessons

  280. Sue Says:

    Tiny Dancer

  281. Chakolate Says:

    Just follow me, big guy. I’ll show you how it’s done.

  282. christine Says:

    what the…. ????

  283. taylor Says:

    Walk this way

  284. Sue Says:

    Trying to catch a glimpse under her mask

  285. karen hanson Says:

    THIS! is going to be my new best friend?

  286. Suzette Says:

    Starting Off on the Right Foot

    So many entries today — sorry if I’m repeating someone!

  287. Sue Says:

    Tender moment
    (or tender morsel?)

  288. Sandra Says:

    Chloe Golightly

  289. V Says:

    Kind of a long one, but…

    “Just one step at a time
    And closer to destiny
    I knew at a glance
    There’d always be a chance for me ”

    The first two lines popped into my head immediately. From Bryan Ferry’s song “Is Your Love Strong Enough?”

  290. Kit.e Says:

    Get along, little doggie.

  291. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Put your right foot in..
    Take your….

  292. Nancy Latimer Says:

    “Hokey Pokey”

  293. Bianca Horkan Says:

    Walk this way…

    as in the Aerosmith/Run-DMC song…

    Walk this way, talk this way
    Walk this way, talk this way
    She told me to
    Walk this way, talk this way
    Walk this way, talk this way
    Just give me a kiss…like this

  294. heather em Says:

    Chloe’s Cotillion.

    Leader of the Burly Girl Brigade.

    Perambulatin’ Paws.

  295. Kalli Says:

    love eternal just begun

  296. Maggie Says:

    You put your right foot out, you take your right foot out then you shake it all about….

  297. Meghan Says:

    Welcome to the Farmily.

  298. Alice Says:

    Taking the right steps together

  299. Mira Says:

    March of Time

  300. Vegas Princess Says:

    Left, Right, Left…Soldier! Watch your formation!

  301. Janie Says:


    (Charlie by Chloe and me by the photo. What a cool pair.)

  302. Tina Says:

    Guiding Right

  303. Siobhan Says:

    “Watching Her Step”

    “My new toy seems to be moving of its own accord…”

  304. Diane Says:

    Newfound friend or foe?

    Tentative welcome

  305. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a what, again?

  306. Ruby Says:

    Step by step—inch by inch

  307. moondoggie Says:

    Shall we prance?

  308. Suzette Says:

    Sister? Umm . . . I think one of us is adopted.

  309. LooneyTooney Says:

    Newfound Hound

  310. Catherine Says:

    Show me this battement frappé thing again, Chloe

  311. Wo of PDX Says:

    sentient beings


    beings… sentient

  312. Wo of PDX Says:

    From my hubby…. his take on this is….

    The Young… and Restless…

  313. patti Says:

    put one foot in front of the other…and soon you’ll be walking across the floor…

  314. Roxie Says:

    Charlie thinks:
    “Small like Eli,
    walks like Eli,
    ignores me like Eli,

  315. Bria Says:

    Who’ll come a-waltzing Mathilda with me?


    The First Dance

  316. Laurie Says:

    Just one small step for a pup…

  317. Shannon H. Says:

    Her entrancing entrance.

    The Trance Prance.

    Two (or too) entranced.

  318. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Queen and I.

  319. mlaiuppa Says:

    Waltz of the Howlers.

  320. Nicole Says:

    Past’s Reflection

  321. ilana Says:

    “How exactly does this thing work?”

  322. Laura Says:

    The Poky Little Puppy

    Chloe even looks like the pup on the cover of The Little Golden Book.

    I vote for Chloe Golightly!!

    and Belle- the Very Interesting Laugh In man was Arte Johnson :)

  323. LaurieH Says:

    Step by step, ooh baby, gonna get to you, girl…
    (New Kids on the Block)

  324. Elizabeth Says:

    Coy Puppy Love

  325. June Says:

    Look, but for God’s sake, don’t TOUCH!

  326. DDG Says:

    I’m not so sure about this

  327. goldfish Says:

    Wir sind die Hundesoldaten…

  328. ursula Says:

    Walking Oreo??

  329. Kathryn Says:

    Guarding her, already

    Let the learning begin

  330. Andrea Says:

    Guess you’re my new boss!!!

  331. Lydia Says:

    Plush toy come alive.

  332. Kristie Says:

    Charlie: “Now I know how Eli must have felt.”

  333. Kit.e Says:

    Paws to make a point.

  334. ln Says:


  335. Karen Says:

    Anxious Coach

  336. Karen Says:

    PS- I vote for: Shall We Prance?

  337. Myrialynn Elder Says:

    Chloe: Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
    Charlie: Right Here Chloe!

    Or just simply

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

  338. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “Where’s the OFF button/!”

  339. mellissa Says:

    stepping to the beat of their own drum
    footloose and fancy free

  340. Kit.e Says:

    A variation on my earlier post:
    A little paws to make a point.

  341. sara Says:

    welcome home, I think.

  342. Icksy Says:

    I’m reminded of the children’s tale authored by Maurice Sendak, “Where The Wild Things Are”. And I recall the scene where Maxx is joining in with the huge Wild Things as they stomp about the forest creating fun-filled havoc.

    Therefore I enter, “Where The Wild Things Are”, ’cause puppies sure as heck can create havoc despite their tiny size. =)

  343. Isobel Says:

    Chloe learn Coyote or Coyote learn Chloe?

  344. Gwen Says:


    Chloe See Chloe Do

  345. Kathy F. Says:

    Paw Partners

  346. K Says:

    One small step for Chloe, One big step for Charlie

  347. Mary Says:

    Was I ever that small?

  348. Celia Says:

    Marching to their own beat

  349. Ava Says:

    Lithe meets Blithe

  350. Elaine Says:

    Does anybody know when the training wheels come off?

  351. Holly Says:

    “Baby Steps”

  352. cindy cheetham Says:

    Simple Paradise!

  353. kap Says:

    It walks too!

  354. Nicole B. Says:

    Blind Date

  355. saxon Says:

    the supervisor

  356. fop Says:

    “Do you have something you’d rather be doing than marching up and down the square?”


    “I….do not….. understand”


    “Stick with me, kid, and you’ll be alright.”

  357. Kristina Says:

    In-step to different tunes

  358. Julie Says:

    Synchronized Siblings

  359. Lani Says:

    Big and bold puppy steps into the world? Or Ginger and small puppy steps in the world?
    Sorry Uncle Charlie…it’s big and bold steps for me! Watch and learn!

  360. jackie Says:

    This-a-way, young lady….

    First steps

    Steppi’, canine style

  361. Barbara Says:

    Watchful Guide

  362. Chris Says:

    “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “Wisdom begins in wonder. ”

    “Courage is knowing what not to fear.”

    “Dignity is not negotiable. Dignity is the honor of the family.”
    Vartan Gregorian

    “To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before!”

  363. Cait Says:

    “Um, has anyone told you about Eli, yet?”

  364. Eileen Says:

    “..lift….lift…one at a time. Now you’ve got it….!

  365. Liz Says:

    Running with the big dogs

  366. Margo Says:

    You put the right foot in…
    You put the left foot out…
    That’s what it’s all about!

  367. AmyM Says:

    I’m a little teacup short and stout, here is my handle (pay out)…

  368. Deidre Says:

    Ears Looking At You, Kid

    Ears Up, Ears Down

  369. AmyM Says:

    I think I was temporarily brain dead when I sent that post. It should read:

    I’m a little teaPOT short and stout, here is my handle (PAW out)…

  370. m Says:

    And…..we’re off to see the wizard…

  371. Eija Says:

    The little bandit’s arrival

    Just follow me ‘coy-boy’

    “Are you real?”

    One so big and coy, one so small and cute

  372. Beth Says:

    Rolling with the coyote

  373. jeff2 Says:

    “The paws that refresh”


    “Want a friend?…. Get a puppy.”

  374. Darlene Says:

    My Shadow

  375. Ruche Marino Says:

    Harlem Shuffle

  376. Anonymous Says:

    I just finished reading your book,and loved it.
    How old is charlie now?!

  377. The Mef Thing Says:

    LOL “Ears Looking At You, Kid” Great one, Deidre.

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