MC’s Hammer

photo taken April 2009 • title thanks to Nancy

You saw one picture of Charlie with the hammer last week ~ there are more…
Mike and I were working on something when Charlie spotted the hammer laying on the ground, dashed over, and grabbed it, very proud of his score.  I, of course, had to get the camera.

This week’s contest has a twist.  I not only need a title for this picture, but also for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s pictures as well.  Which you won’t see until they are posted.  I will choose a winner for today’s picture AND two other winners for the following two pictures based on the entries I get today.

The three winners will each get a Charlie-tested, Chloe-approved elk antler chew toy for the canine in your life: sawed lengths of a naturally shed elk antler, very alluring to dog-types and virtually indestructible.

So, put your creative powers to work (and any psychic powers you may have) and leave your title or caption in the comment section of this post!

360 Responses to “MC’s Hammer”

  1. E. Jolie Says:

    The devil made me do it.

  2. E.Jolie Says:

    Ok the camera does’t lie but you got some great pictures. That counts for something,right?

  3. Lynne Says:

    Can’t Touch This!

  4. candy Says:

    Bob who? (as in Bob Vila, hee hee)

  5. Diana Says:

    Picture 1 – The Usual Suspect
    Picture 2 – On the Lam – (Charlie racing away with his prize)
    Picture 3 – Brought to Justice – (MC retrieving his hammer)

  6. Barbara R Says:

    Charlie: The Quicker Picker-Upper

  7. R Marino Says:

    (If) I have a hammer….(from the song)

  8. Lana Says:

    nothing that Charlie can’t fix!

  9. Auri Says:

    This isn’t anything to do with the picture, but I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE your book The Daily Coyote, it is amazing. I just love the character of that little Charlie. He is so adorable !! All I can say is, you are incredible Shreve, your story is just dumbfounding and I am envious of your Charlie and your life :)

  10. pepe Says:

    Soy el rey de kla banana

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