Splendor In The Grass… & The Dirt & The Sun

photo taken May 2009 • title thanks to Craig

Tied for first-and-a-half place:
coyote spring roll

the sun is my alpha
the good earth
sunny-side pup
spring rollin’
canis latranscendental

• • • It’s impossible for me not to smile when I see this photo.  A smile that starts at the mouth and extends throughout my whole being.

It’s for you to name.  Leave your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running to win an 8×10 print of what may be my most popular photograph (click HERE to see), which also happens to be the cover image for the German translation of my book!  (OMG!!)

Your entries knock me off my chair weekly, can’t wait to see what your marvelous minds conjure today!

350 Responses to “Splendor In The Grass… & The Dirt & The Sun”

  1. Leffe Says:

    My belly is a solar cell!

  2. Claudia Says:


  3. Evelyn Copley Says:


  4. Nicole Says:

    Charlie’s Life Lesson #1

  5. PJ Says:

    Must. Lose. Tan lines.

  6. JE Says:

    Wake Me Up When September Ends.

  7. Nancy Latimer Says:

    As soon as my ‘tan’ is even, I will get up and find my head.

  8. wbm Says:

    Miles to go before I sleep.

    Just checked the odometer.

    I’m there.

  9. Jeff Says:

    coyote spring roll

  10. Craig Says:

    Celebrity life can be so exhausting!

  11. Craig Says:

    Charlie playing possum.

  12. Nicole Says:

    “You WILL rub my tummy NOW.”

  13. Steven Swanson Says:

    Ah, sunshine!

  14. Craig Says:

    Here we find Charlie applying his eu de parfum of the day, musc de mort varmit, a favorite of the ladies.

  15. Brianna Says:


  16. Joy Says:

    Soakin up the sunshine

  17. Shanon Says:

    Belly Up


    Where’s My Cocktail!

  18. belle Says:

    HAPPY!!! HAPPY!!!! HAPPY!!!!

    Ode to JOY!!!!

  19. Robin N Says:

    It’s good to be… ME!

  20. Dori Says:

    “Coyote Contentment”….

  21. dawn Says:

    Warm, From the Inside Out

  22. Kristie Says:

    “belly up”

  23. Mary Says:

    I submit – the sun is my alpha

  24. Kristie Says:

    Oops, sorry Shanon, you already said that…

  25. denise Says:

    loving life

  26. finnegansmom Says:


  27. Rick's Cafe Says:

    She’ll really like this new perfume!

  28. Wendy Says:

    If you think my Downward Dog is good, getta load of my Sivasana!

  29. Sherri Says:

    Life is good!

  30. Glenys Says:

    Sunny side up

  31. Jocelyn Says:

    Charlie’s ass is grass

  32. Corinna Says:

    Life is fun!

  33. Aunt Sam Says:

    The universe gives Charlie a belly rub….

  34. Vanessa Says:

    Natures Belly Warmer

    Congrats on the “new” book!

  35. Jan Says:

    Coyote-ness in the Sun


    Invitation for loves

  36. Bess Says:

    “Soaking up the Sun” before Winter comes…

  37. Dru Says:


  38. Danielle Says:

    Livin’ the Good Life


  39. Anna Says:

    Let the Sun Shine In

  40. Becky Says:

    Saving some summertime.

  41. Jackie Brwon Says:

    “See mom this is how a coyote takes a bath we prefer a sunbath”

    See pics of C getting a water bath after he got into really stinky stuff if you don’t believe me.

  42. Elyse Paul Says:

    Sunny Tummy

  43. Nico Says:

    Leaving la vida loca

  44. Nico Says:

    living la vida loca…

  45. J. J. Says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep….

  46. Wo Says:

    Soft Patch

  47. Wendi Says:

    Sunny side up

  48. Tracy Says:

    No thing but a chicken wing.

  49. Saxon Says:

    Sunning T-Rex

  50. Ingrid Says:

    Life is good.

    Love the German cover – I’ll try to post a review on the German amazon site. My translation skills are a bit rusty after all these years, but I’ll give it a shot!

  51. Bethrusso Says:

    Chillin’ in the heat

  52. Kathleen Says:

    Sunny side up

  53. JannyCat Says:

    “Sunshine on my belly makes me happy!”

  54. Stacey Says:

    The itch that only Home can scratch right.

  55. Lisa Says:

    Mid-Season Bliss

  56. Lucy Says:

    “Free Belly Rubs Here!”"

    “Belly Rubs, Five Cents!”

  57. Tinare Says:

    Scratching an itch.

  58. Bethrusso Says:

    A pooped pup

  59. ida Says:


    Darn! Missed again!

  60. Jayne Z Says:

    One with the earth

  61. P.Kim Says:

    The Simple Things In Life…

  62. Bethrusso Says:

    A dog and a cat-nap

  63. Plumpest Peach Says:

    Snuggin’ in the scrub!

    I’ve visited your blog everyday for about a year. Never miss it because it brings me so much happiness to see how loved and happy these animals are! I find there is nothing better than the relationship between humans and animals. My husband purchased your book for me knowing I had to know more about your life out there, I’ve read it twice. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Cheers, Jess

  64. Feral Boy Says:

    Sun-Dried Coyote

  65. Eve Says:

    Hold all my calls.

  66. Lesli Says:


    That’s what I see when my dog does this – that’s what I see in the photo.

    Coyote Bliss.


  67. Anonymous Says:


  68. Bethrusso Says:

    Tanning the hide

  69. allison Says:

    The Paws That Refreshes

  70. Felicia Says:

    The soft spot

  71. Aisha Says:

    If I’m cute enough, maybe the sun will stay this time. or

    They’re *totally* not going to expect me getting into trouble once they see this. or

    The charmed life. or

    Can I get a belly rub?

  72. hpmama Says:

    It’s “Throw your head back in the warm sand and roll through the grass with all your might” good.

  73. Paul Says:

    Sweet Repose

  74. Laura Says:

    The Good Earth

  75. lucky Says:

    Belly up to the World

  76. joycebell Says:

    O glorious day!

  77. Barbara S. Says:

    Coyote Corpse Pose

  78. jon Says:

    Splendor in the grass.

  79. Laura Says:

    Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

  80. ariel Says:

    happy happy scrubble-time!

    A roll in the the sun

    Fuzzy belly, warm heart

    Dirt. Sunshine. Joy.

    Belly, over easy.

  81. Kim Says:

    I love ‘sunny side up.’

    How about:

    Rollin’, Rolling’, Rollin’

    Solar energy

    Tanning bed – Wyoming-style

  82. Laura Says:

    A little bit of Life

  83. patti Says:

    Prone to chaos!

  84. Trebor Says:

    Divinely Supinely!

    Loopy Lupus Lovin Life!

    Prairie Roll

    Canis Lupus Joyous

  85. Deidre Says:

    Bear back tree scratching doesn’t even compare to this back scratch!!!

  86. Kelly Says:

    Supine Canine.

    Glückwünsche on the new market!

  87. Anne Says:

    would you like to go for a roll in ze grass?

  88. Angie Says:

    ROGLOL (rolling on ground lauging out loud)

  89. Lisa Says:

    100% All-natural, Sunny Delight

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Heck – who needs a tanning booth when you have the entire BIG SKY!~

  91. Mol Says:

    Gettin’ my daily dose of Vitamin D!~

  92. Lisa Says:

    Sunny-side Pup

  93. dawn Says:

    Sun Salute

  94. Shannon H. Says:


    I’m only here for the savasana.

  95. Ashley Says:


  96. LHays Says:

    Good Luck comes to those who rubs Charlies Belly!

  97. Kristan Says:

    I too love “Sunny Side Pup”!

    Or how about “Belly Bliss”?

  98. KRae Says:

    The Secret of Life is RELAX!!!!!!!!!

  99. Scott Says:

    Sun Salutation

  100. Gina Says:

    Back Scratch Fever

  101. Shannon H. Says:

    “Layout” of The Land

  102. Dave Z. Says:

    Rollin’ his own

  103. Deidre Says:

    Back scratchin’ walk in the sky

  104. Debby Ziegler Says:

    coyote bliss. . .

  105. Heather Says:

    Having a Field Day

  106. Deeann Says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

  107. Deeann Says:

    SPF 30 please!

  108. Trebor Says:

    Oops, i just realized that i used Lupus which is the latin name for wolf in an earlier post so please disregard and apologize to Charlie for me.

  109. Miss Holly Says:

    The dog days of summer

  110. Heather Says:

    “Happiness is Having a Scratch for Every Itch”
    Ogden Nash

  111. Beaser Says:

    Happiness is a warm tum.

  112. Heather Says:

    Back to Basics

    Start from Scratch

  113. Heather Says:

    Dirt Bath

  114. Donna Says:

    I wonder what the poor coyotes are doing…oh yeah rolling around in the grass….

  115. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Sunbathing, Wyoming style.

  116. Karen Says:

    a headfirst slide to Alice’s hole

  117. Trebor Says:

    Lovin La Vida Latrans

  118. Rhonda Says:

    Sunny Stretch

    Sunward Dog

  119. Kathy F. Says:

    Four Paws Up for a Beautiful Wyoming Day

  120. Marquand Says:

    A delicious roll with no calories!

  121. Janice Says:


  122. Kay Says:

    “I feel good.” Chubby Checker

  123. Susan Says:

    Sunbathing in the meadow.

  124. Sarah Says:

    Sun submission

  125. Susie Says:

    If you listen carefully, only a quiet blissful sigh can be heard.

  126. Holly Says:

    Ahhhhh, the sun feels so good on my soft spots!

    Moments of one with the sun!

  127. Glynis Says:

    I am loved–

    happy contentment–

  128. Eija Says:

    Rolled over ecstacy

    Extollment of Charlie, the carefree coyote

    Submitted to “sunny delight”

    La Vita e Bella

    Happy Paws

  129. Danae Says:

    Funny-side up


    Sunny-side up

  130. Kathleen Says:

    The real grassy knoll

    Seasons in the sun

    “Just a quick baste and I’ll be done”

  131. marsha Says:

    Coyote Solo

  132. Kathleen Says:

    oops, think I forgot the email address on the last entry *blushes*

  133. Sylvia Says:

    Summer Bliss

  134. Penny Says:

    Oh I love love LOVE my life!!!!

  135. jovi Says:

    red roller, red roller, send sunshine on over

  136. Jennifer S. Says:

    Nature’s Backscratcher

  137. Lynn Says:

    Okay! Five more minutes of sun on this side oughta do it!

  138. Deeann Says:

    Wyoming Roll

    (play on words for the California Roll)

  139. Jay Simser Says:

    Gee, it is harder doing the backstroke without water.

  140. MaggieM Says:

    To tan lines here.

  141. Stephanie Says:

    Sun Stroke…

  142. Anonymous Says:

    Sunshine Tummy Tickle

  143. Stephanie Says:

    “Ohh!!! Look at that cloud there’s a Coyote!!!!!!!!!”

  144. Brad in Texas Says:

    “Rub – A – Dub – Dub”

  145. Meredith Says:

    I surrender to the All!

  146. Snobahr Says:

    And… I… almost got… that… itch… AAAAAH! relief!

  147. Dena P Says:

    Sunshine on my belly makes me happy!

  148. stuck@work Says:

    Swimming in the grass

  149. Julie Says:

    Calgon, take me away!

  150. Dogmom Says:

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  151. maureen Says:

    Coyote happy

    pethouse pet of the month

  152. J. Bo Says:

    I love the sun, and the sun loves MEEEE!

  153. Barbie Says:

    “I love the feel of Dew in the Morning”

  154. Alexia Says:

    Huevos Frescos
    “If you don’t give me the antlers I’ll die, I’ll just die, Look I’m dying!”
    Paws up
    Drama Paws
    >>He looks so dramatic, like he’s acting in a play:
    “Then I defy you, stars!”
    “Death, that hath suck’d the honey of thy breath
    Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.”
    ~coloring my roots~

  155. Sandy Says:

    I fear not, for I have had great joy!

    Charlie has left himself so vulnerable here that I can tell he feels happy and secure (and I think of so many other coyotes in the wild that would not be able to assume this position). It reminded me of the Bible verse: “Fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy..” Not an exact parallel of the verse but it is what came to my mind when I first saw this picture of Charlie in such a vulnerable position.

  156. Tina Says:

    Butt Scratcher! (for the Family Guy fans)

  157. Patr Says:

    Belly rubs for world peace?

    Warm Hart, Warm Belly, Warm life!

    Sunshine! Time to feel free!

  158. R Marino Says:

    Oh feel’s so good now that I’m home/local New Orleans song

  159. Jenna Says:

    Sun Worshipper

  160. Keri Says:

    Daily Coyote Snooze

    Sleepy Hot Spot

    Coyote Snuggly

    Roasty Toasty

    Toasty Toes

    Resting in the Rust

  161. Amy Nahirny Says:

    ahhhh this is the life

  162. Mary Palazzo Says:


  163. Kate Says:

    When I look at this picture I wish I was Charlie. My comment…

    Pure Bliss

  164. Sharon Says:

    Solar panel almost at maximum capacity….

  165. Alisa Says:

    Mani Pedi Please

  166. Dawn Says:

    Ooohhhh, yea, right there…

  167. Laura H. Says:

    Coyote Rapture

    Appeased, at ease, and thoroughly pleased.

  168. Meghan Says:

    Charlie’s Paws for a Belly Rub

  169. Laurie C Says:

    Happiness is a bed of grass, and a belly rub.

  170. AmandaAmandaAmanda Says:

    To follow my heart or my head, that is the question.

  171. Diana Says:

    I’ll show MC he’s not the only one with a buff bod to display to all those coyote / cowboy deprived fans out there!

  172. Laurie C Says:

    Snorgle Target, acquired.

  173. Jude Says:

    Ahh sunshine, the best tummy tickler.

  174. Sun Rock Says:

    Sunnin’ Chill

  175. Rhonda P Says:

    Drop and Roll Coyote Style

  176. Jerry Says:

    Pink Belly!

  177. The Girl Nerd Says:

    The Grassy Roll

  178. Suzanne Miranda Says:

    Oooooh! What a night!

  179. Carmen Says:

    I’m in the grass, sunning my belleh.

  180. jeff2 Says:

    “Eau de Coyote”

    or maybe,

    “Yo Shreve, this is how we roll”


    “Uh oh Mike, where’s the doggie shampoo?”


    “I roll, there for I am”

  181. Shanna Says:

    Sweet Surender

  182. Shanna Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to add my e-mail address! It’s in this comment.

  183. Theresa Says:

    Will someone rub my tummy?


    Tummy rub, pleaaaze?

  184. Shanna Says:

    And now I feel like an idiot because I realized I left out an “r” in “surrender.”

    “Sweet Surrender.”

  185. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    “Sun, meet Belly.”

  186. robbi Says:

    roly, poly, oly~~~

  187. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Or, “Sun-day”

  188. Jonathan Says:

    Oh yeahhh! Shreve and Daisy are definitely on to something here.

  189. Deeann Says:

    A day without sunshine is like…. A Day Without Sunshine!

  190. mlaiuppa Says:


  191. mlaiuppa Says:

    Trust. Peace. Contentment.

  192. mlaiuppa Says:

    Playing dead….coyote style.

  193. Joy Says:

    Life is good!

  194. mlaiuppa Says:

    Coyote solar panels.

  195. Lary Says:

    Sunny surrender !!!

  196. mlaiuppa Says:

    Just read a July 11 entry about Charlie playing with a grape.

    Do not give Charlie grapes or raisins. They’re toxic to dogs and I’m sure to coyotes too. Do not give him onion of any kind, raw or cooked. Onions cause anemia. They are even worse for cats. And of course, do not give him chocolate.

    If coyotes can get Parvo, I’m sure their body chemistry is similar enough to a dog to be poisoned by the same foods that dogs can succumb to.

  197. Yvonne Says:

    In honor of your german cover: Das angenehme Leben! (translation: the good life)

  198. sybann Says:

    “Get ON my belly”

    I seriously didn’t even see that movie.

    Pat the Charlie (take off on best baby book ever: Pat the Bunny)

  199. shreve Says:

    mlaiuppa – yes, grape thing was dealt with long ago and in the book…. not to worry!

  200. astro-horse Says:

    Coyote Tummy Tan

    Sunny Tummy

    “Hey Look! I Can See My House from Here!”

    “Why? I’ve Put on my Cutest Face, But my Belly STILL Doesn’t Get rubbed!”

    -or just-

    “Why? My Belly Still Doesn’t Get Rubbed!”

  201. Amy Says:

    The Bearable Lightness of Being

  202. Craig Says:

    Making Dirt Angels

    Dirt Dance

    Prone Pup

  203. K.N. Says:

    Spring rollin’

  204. Nicole F. Says:

    Showing His Junk

  205. Randi Says:

    Splendor in the Grass

  206. Arthurus Says:

    Happiness is a roll in the green grass and the red earth.

  207. Helioprogenus Says:

    prairie belly tan


    sun worship, coyote style

  208. Jayne Z Says:

    Thought this little poem described Charlie’s joy in this photo – -

    “It was one of those perfect summer days — the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were singing, and the lawnmower was broken.” James Dent

  209. Kathleen Says:

    Ode to a lazy blissful day

  210. Connie Says:

    What more could a guy ask for? . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

  211. cath Says:

    paws-ing for a nap …

  212. Shannon H. Says:

    An homage to Eli.

    Canine becomes f ELI ne

    Eli’s shadow.

  213. Kathleen Says:


    …German for ‘excellent’, a nod towards Charlie, his stretch, and the release of the German translation!

  214. Laurie G Says:


    Sun Drunk

  215. Cyn Says:

    Wriggle Bliss

  216. Bob K Says:

    “Rollin in the cowpie”

  217. Sarah G. Says:

    Over Easy

  218. Maggie Y. Says:

    Belly-up With Bliss :)

  219. Erthshade Says:

    Happiness is a Warm Tummy.
    ^from someone in the country experiencing a record cold day for summer.

    Or if you pay attention to the paws:
    “Right here. You know you want to.”

  220. Kathy F. Says:

    A Thankful Coyote:
    Paws for Praise

  221. Deidre Says:

    “‘Dis is da life!”

  222. Sue Says:

    The best yoga props – - the earth and the sun.

  223. Deidre Says:

    “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on the…this is much better than the river!!!”

    “Wonder what the rest of the world is doin’”

  224. Kathryn Says:

    Happy Coyote back dance.

  225. kristine Says:


    “Sunshine of your love”

    60′s rock…

  226. Nicolas Says:

    Turn me arround, i’m pretending to be a turtle

  227. Eija Says:

    Aaah…it’s starting to feel like summer!

    This is life!

    “I feel sooo good!”

    Sun baked coyote


  228. Liza Lundell Says:

    Heeeeeee’s meeelllllllltttttttiiinnng….

  229. Rae Says:

    Sunshine on the South Side.

  230. Teresa Says:

    Roll, roll, roll in the hay. (In Terri Garr’s voice from “Young Frankenstein.”)

  231. Marya Says:

    For my next impersonation, The Possum.

  232. Kacie Says:

    Just Roll With It

  233. Lee Kottner Says:

    Waiting for the cosmic belly rub.

  234. Della Says:


    It’s probably been said… didn’t read through all.

  235. Anonymous Says:

    Pure Bliss

  236. Christine Says:

    That Anonymous was me pushing buttons too soon.

    Pure Bliss

  237. Christine Says:

    Oops… just noticed Kate beat me to Pure Bliss. So I’ll submit:

    Heavenly Bliss

  238. CatScott Says:

    Sweet Surrender.

  239. Wehaf Says:

    Supine in the Lupine
    Supine Lupine
    Lupine and Supine

  240. Cathryn Says:

    Finally! I’m “Dog Fancy’s” centerfold!

  241. Deeann Says:

    Sunny Belly Brunt

  242. Roxie Says:

    Counting Cloud Sheep

  243. Angie P Says:

    Sunny Side Up!

  244. Peggy Says:

    Doing the Full Monty :)

  245. Roxie Says:

    Earth as Hammock

  246. heather em Says:

    applause for a pause: paws.

  247. Kristin Says:

    Roll in the (green) hay!

  248. Deeann Says:

    Shreve’s Sonbeam

  249. JC Says:

    Bellllllllllllllllllly rubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!

  250. carolh Says:

    Soakin’ up some rays!

    I itch…therefore I scratch.

    U can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh
    U can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh)
    Break it down
    (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh)
    U can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh)
    U can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh)
    U can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh)
    Stop! Hammer time

  251. Deeann Says:

    Ode de Dead Animal

  252. Kari Says:

    Belly Basking


    Hell’s Bells
    (thats what I call my dog’s belly)

  253. Leffe Says:

    I love the life I live and I live the life I love

    (Muddy Waters)

  254. Debi Says:

    Ditch Dog or maybe Dirt Devil……

  255. Matt Says:

    The belly of the beast.

  256. Isobel Says:

    Happiness Just Is…

  257. Marquand Says:

    A gluten-free roll

  258. Barbara R Says:

    Back to Nature Movement

  259. Deeann Says:

    Ode to Spring

  260. Laura Hubbard Says:

    They see me rollin’…

  261. Barbara R Says:

    Splay Time for Charlie

  262. Liz Says:

    Sleep E. Coyote

  263. Lois Says:

    Rolling in the green green grass of home.

    Happy Napper

  264. Courtney Says:

    ” ‘Bows & Toes”

    (‘bows = elbows; just fyi)

  265. Margo Says:

    Relaxed and Secure
    I know this won’t win but when a born wild animal lays out on their back it’s a testament to the security you have given him. He could lay out vulnerable and soak up the sun. What a wonderful sight. Thanks for sharing.

  266. Lisa Says:

    Sweet Surrender

    or, since I think Charlie’s limbs sort of look like a Kangaroo in this picture:


  267. Craig Says:

    Splendor in the Grass .. and the dirt and the sun.

  268. Laura H. Says:

    Worshipping the sun

    Welcoming a new day

  269. Gail Hawkins Says:

    Sun, will you rub my belly?

  270. Kim Says:

    Sunny on my tummy.

  271. Jo Says:

    coyoteeeee up !!!

  272. Judy Santos Says:

    tummy tan

  273. Diane Says:

    Charlie’s Joy

    Charlie’s Happiness!

  274. V Says:

    “Dirty Dancing”

    “Glorious Repose”

    “Coyote Cuddles with Mother Earth”

  275. Tai Says:

    High Plains Napster

    (With apologies to Clint Eastwood)

  276. Craig Says:

    This pic reminds me of warm sun, right? Bein lazy, right? A nap in the sun in the old west, right? Horses, wagon trains, adventure, coyotees belly up in the sun .. lol .. and singing cowboys! Remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans? Here is one of their songs, just put here to entertain, not compete for anything.

    It’s One Wonderful Day
    By:Foy Willing and Sid Robin

    (Dale)It’s one wonderful day,
    Old man sun’s here to stay,
    And the weather is warmer and fair.
    Can’t you see that I haven’t a care?
    It’s one wonderful, wonderful day.
    I keep humming a song.
    Won’t cha hum right along?
    So let’s shout it right out to the crowds.
    Come on everyone sing it out loud.
    Let’s keep humming and stumming a song.

    (Riders)Hooray for you.

    (Dale)Don’t you know this no time to brood?

    (Riders)Hooray for you.

    (Dale)And there’s nothing you’d do to change my mood.

    (Roy)It’s one wonderful day.

    (Dale)And I’ll keep it that way.

    (Roy/Dale)Yes, it been like that right from the start.

    (Dale)You can bet that it comes from the heart.

    (Roy)It’s radiant


    (Roy)A gorgeous


    (Roy/Dale)It’s a wonderful, wondeful day.

  277. Hilary Says:


  278. kallimao Says:

    Spring Sprawl

    Afternoon Delight

    or Kojoteschläfchen, which is Coyote Nap in celebration of your German publication!

    it is weekly fun reading all these brilliant, remarkable and entertaining entries. it’s like a bit of poetry to start off each week… kudos to all!

  279. Puck Lundergan Says:

    I can has spring roll?

  280. Suzy Says:

    Raise your paw if you are comfortable.

  281. kerry Says:

    Loungin’ in the Sun

  282. Deeann Says:

    Belly Dancer

  283. Dave Z. Says:

    Roller Toaster

  284. jarebear Says:

    Rolly-Polly… Coyote!

  285. cfritz Says:

    Red Rover

  286. Anonymous Says:

    Pedicure please


    Quick I need a pedicure, I have a date with Chloe

  287. Brandi Says:


  288. pansypoo Says:

    playing dopey.

    my cat does the same thing. i think it’s a guy thing.

  289. e.jolie Says:

    sun dance

  290. Suzette Says:

    “Canis Latranscendental”

    I wasn’t able to read through all the comments, so I apologize if If I’m stepping on anyone’s paws by repeating their entry.

  291. Kristine O. Says:

    Lettin’ the good times roll!

  292. Pat in Colorado Says:

    Grooving on a sunny afternoon

  293. Dianne Says:

    Hittin’ the Sack on His Back

  294. Deb Callahan Says:

    Sometimes I just loose my head over the joy of living!

  295. Alice Says:

    I surrender, Eli, I surrender!

    Aahhh! Blessed sunshine

  296. Erica Says:

    Sunbelly loves you!

  297. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Ten Sleep Siesta

  298. MJK Says:

    Day Dreamin’


    True Happiness

  299. Nancy Says:

    Playing Possum

  300. Stacy Hurt Says:

    Solar Panel Recharge @ 50%

  301. Terran Says:

    “Oh, this is the life! I’m the luckiest coyote in the world! Now, Mama, will you please put your camera down, come over here, and rub my belly?”

  302. Ms. Lore Says:

    Carpe Diem Coyote

    You bring so much joy to my day, I can’t imagine one without it. Peace.

  303. RS Says:

    Belly Bliss!

  304. bonnie Says:


  305. kelly planer Says:

    Just a Little to the Right…

  306. Marina Says:

    Solar plexus

  307. Catnap Says:

    “Rolled To Joy”

    Happy Roll!


  308. Anonymous Says:

    roadrunner dreams

  309. Jodie Says:

    Coyote nip

  310. Beth Says:

    Reckless Abandon!

  311. Richard Says:

    “I love to work at nothin’ all day”

  312. Sheila Says:

    Coyote BLISS!!

  313. Deidre Says:

    “Those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer”…and spring

  314. Karen Hanson Says:

    ‘ Four off the Floor’

  315. Deidre Says:

    The whole world is upside and I’m walking on the sky!!!

  316. Kit.e Says:

    Afternoon delight

    The Wyoming Backstroke

    Grass and boulders, bees and toes!

  317. Susan Says:

    Oh how great it is to be me…

  318. Chris Says:

    Sunny Side Up!

  319. Barbara R Says:

    Happiness is a Warm Coyote

    (I’d like to think Charles Schulz would approve ; )

  320. milaka Says:

    Backstroke through the brambles

  321. Marilyn Says:

    Coyote Ab Exercises

  322. patty Says:

    doin’ the ole bunny foot flop and roll

  323. WendyD Says:

    Calf Stretch!

  324. Suzy Says:

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

  325. Deidre Says:

    Tanning my hide!!!

  326. Mimi Says:

    Wyoming Sunbeam Spa

  327. Chrissy Says:

    Charlie as Fainting Goat.

  328. Diane Says:

    Stretchin’ out for every bit of ray

  329. Barbara Says:

    Here’s tummy, Mummy!

  330. Sara S. Says:

    A Lazy Afternoon with the Sun

  331. Pamela Says:

    High Plains Dude- Four Paws to the Wind

  332. mellissa Says:

    raising his legs to the sun rays

  333. cj Says:

    Closer to the Earth

    Wyoming Chaise Longue

    or, if I’ve got the mood all wrong, then, in my family growing up, when the canines ran around and scrubbed their shoulders on the ground, we called them “Victory Rolls”

    (I’m adoring my “Coyote Pimp” Tee, btw. Thank you so much!)

  334. Eleanor Says:

    That cloud looks like a bunny rabbit!

    15 more minutes ’til it’s time to flip over!

  335. Eleanor Says:

    Rollin’ with the homies

  336. Cynthia Says:

    Oy. Shouldn’t have had that last elf leg.

  337. mlaiuppa Says:


  338. mlaiuppa Says:

    Floating in a puddle of grass.

  339. mlaiuppa Says:

    Prairie backstroke

  340. Danushka Says:


  341. Melanie Says:


    Love the contradiction… :)

  342. Clare Says:

    Itchie Coyote – Aaah that’s better!

  343. sugarplum Says:

    taking a dip

  344. Hans-J Says:

    Right now – right here

    Earth, grass, sun … I am

  345. Hans-J Says:

    Inside bliss – outside rolling

  346. beth Says:


  347. Kari Says:

    Happiness is a sun warmed coyote

  348. Jon Says:

    aww shucks….so close to winning this week :) I got excited when I saw Splendor in the grass as the title. Congrats Craig

  349. Ana Sundvall Says:

    can we never leave!!!!!

  350. Jim Andrew Says:

    This is a great website!

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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