A Pair Of Jokers

photo taken May 2009 • title thanks to Tracy

Got a ton going on today so this is short & sweet ~
Congrats, Tracy!  Your caption is PERFECT!

I also enjoyed:
American Bucolic by Geoff
The World Is Our Elk Leg by E. Jolie
“No bro, she distinctly said ears down, tails up” a la Ellen
and Lisa’s Wonder Twins

Thanks all!  See you next week ~

• • • This photo needs a name, a title, a caption, a thought bubble, whatever you fancy.

Leave your entry in the comment section of this post and not only will you entertain the masses, you’ll be in the running for a Wyoming care package, replete with bones, stones, fossils, and feathers.

(to be specific: a hunk of petrified bone ~ verrrrry old and my last piece of it, a chunk of iridescent mica ~ a fairy’s mirror, a tiny petrified squid embedded in a rock with a shell fossil on the flip side, and a bouquet of speckled feathers.)

258 Responses to “A Pair Of Jokers”

  1. Heather Says:


  2. Sara Says:

    I Herd A Coyote

  3. Heather Says:

    Stand by Me

    Stand by your Man

    Sister & Mister

    Gal & Her Pal

    Growing Like Weeds

  4. patty Says:

    and the winner of the tail curling contest is….

  5. Tinare Says:


  6. Wendi Says:

    Say hello to my little friend…


    Rock me gently, rock me slowly…..

  7. Eija Says:

    Chloe at Charlie’s “blind spot”

    Chloe:”Do I dare…?

    Chloe, watch out, Charlie got eyes on his neck!

    Prelude to chase

  8. Rachel C. Says:

    No. really, that better just be the appetizer.


    Water or else!

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