A Pair Of Jokers

photo taken May 2009 • title thanks to Tracy

Got a ton going on today so this is short & sweet ~
Congrats, Tracy!  Your caption is PERFECT!

I also enjoyed:
American Bucolic by Geoff
The World Is Our Elk Leg by E. Jolie
“No bro, she distinctly said ears down, tails up” a la Ellen
and Lisa’s Wonder Twins

Thanks all!  See you next week ~

• • • This photo needs a name, a title, a caption, a thought bubble, whatever you fancy.

Leave your entry in the comment section of this post and not only will you entertain the masses, you’ll be in the running for a Wyoming care package, replete with bones, stones, fossils, and feathers.

(to be specific: a hunk of petrified bone ~ verrrrry old and my last piece of it, a chunk of iridescent mica ~ a fairy’s mirror, a tiny petrified squid embedded in a rock with a shell fossil on the flip side, and a bouquet of speckled feathers.)

258 Responses to “A Pair Of Jokers”

  1. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    ((Choe’s getting so big!))

    Waiting on Eli

    Picture Perfect!

    Hey, Mom, We’re Hungry!!

    Duo Delight

    Paw-sing For Our Portrait

    ((OMG I got the first entry! LMAO))

  2. Red Wolf Says:

    Trouble comes in pairs

  3. Nancy Says:

    Bad Mitten anyone?

  4. Helen Says:

    Watch me, Chloe… this is how you smile for the camera

  5. Claudia Says:

    The taller she gets, the harder she is to ignore.

  6. WendyD Says:


  7. Charlotte Says:

    The Consummate Professional.

    Charlie: Legs together, ears up, tail down, looking straight through the lens aaand smile.
    Chloe: What was it again?… legs apart?… ears?… tail?

  8. Erika Says:

    ~Here we go again
    ~Its all about me… and i guess you too
    ~We didnt do it!!! It was Eli!
    ~Poker anyone, we are all in

  9. sybann Says:

    “Hi. I’m Charlie. And this bitch is Chloe.”

  10. Chris Says:

    Smile Chloe! She has the camera. UGH sisters!!

  11. Barry Says:

    Ham and eggs

  12. e. jolie Says:

    ” WE ARE A MUTUAL” from The Family of Man

  13. Snow Says:

    Quick, while he’s mugging for the camera! Grab the bone!

  14. Dani Says:

    “Just traveling along, singing our song, side by side!”

  15. Tina Says:

    Dynamic Duo

    Siblings In Step

    Big Brother & Kid Sister

    Hero Worship

  16. Dave Z. Says:

    Bonnie & Clyde

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Kindred Spirits


    Chloe gets a lesson from a world class model

  18. Tina Says:

    Red Rock
    Red Rock to the Bone

  19. Nancy Latimer Says:

    She aint heavy, SHE’S my sister.

  20. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Fraternal Twins

  21. danielle Says:

    “Okay, Mom. We posed in front of the rock formation. Can we go now?”

  22. pam Says:

    Reporting from Wyoming, this just in…

    When did my sister get bigger than me???

  23. courtney Says:

    Reservoir Dogs 2: Stuck in the Middle With You

  24. Restless Says:

    Enough with the prom pictures! We’ll be late!

  25. pam Says:

    Reporting from Wyoming, this just in…

    Did you see the size of her butt? Did you?

  26. Kristan Says:

    Walking the Beat


    “Stick with me, kid”

  27. Jeff Says:

    Thought bubble for Chloe: ” Now that’s a good lookin’ Dude!”

  28. Martha Says:

    See, Charlie, I am SO taller than you! If I stretch my tail like so…

  29. Jeff Says:

    “Hey Charlie, you tail fell down.”

  30. Tracy Says:

    (Chloe thinking): “Wait a second…… you’re not actually a dog, ARE YOU?”

  31. Fabia Says:

    Yin and Yang

  32. Kathy Says:

    I know she’s my sister, but does she have to follow me everywhere??

  33. Moonwoman Says:

    Wyoming Welcoming Committee

  34. Katie Says:

    “Yeah, that’s right! You know it…we bad.” ;o)

  35. Deidre Says:

    Just travelin’ along, singing a song, side by side…

  36. ida Says:

    May I introduce my pat Cloe

  37. Deidre Says:

    Hold up, Chloe…what’s in this little cup?

  38. Deidre Says:

    Not another step until Eli catches up!!!

  39. belle Says:

    I got you and you got me – that is the way it will always be!!

  40. Deidre Says:

    Wyoming Stakes
    (a la Omaha steaks)

  41. Frannie Says:

    We and my shadow

  42. Aisha Says:

    “Again, Charlie? We WERE just trotting along, and then you… okay, fine, mug it up. I’m going to look at you funny.”

  43. Ava Says:

    Welcome Waggin’

  44. Pam Says:

    “To share or not to share, that is the question.”

  45. DrLoco Says:

    “Tell me again why you brought me up here!?”
    “Two of a kind”

  46. Jennifer N Says:

    My Buddy & Kid Sister

  47. Bethrusso Says:

    Muddy buddy

  48. Bethrusso Says:

    Double C

  49. Phyllis Says:

    What are you grinnin’ about?

  50. Cathryn Says:

    Hey, Mom, look what we made for you in ceramics class!

  51. Lea Says:

    High Noon, Tiny Shadows

  52. Bethrusso Says:


  53. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Paw-fect friends!

    Curious George and the Smiler

    Start Your Day with a Smile!

  54. Audra Says:

    The Sundance Kids

  55. Sim Says:

    Honestly, now, who’s better looking?

  56. Ellen Says:

    “No bro, she distinctly said ears down, tails up”

  57. Bethrusso Says:

    Schlepp on the steppe

  58. Holly Says:

    We is two

    Don`t even think about it!

    Coyote stand-off.

  59. Jerry Says:

    Chloe: “I can’t believe it’s noon time already.”

    Charlie: “Where’s lunch?”

  60. David W Says:

    Chloe: Did you just burp?

  61. Xenthais Says:

    Mom! She’s BUGGING me again!

  62. Theo Says:

    “Hehe. Don’t tell him I’m taller now; he’s sensitive.”

    (Wow, Chloe got BIG!)

  63. Theo Says:

    Now I want to edit that… drop the “hehe” and substitute [stage whisper]

  64. patty Says:

    Paws-ing for a smile

  65. Brandon Says:

    “(she’s) They got legs, and know how to use them…”

    -ZZ Top

  66. Susan Says:

    Calm before the storm.
    Fighting over the little bone in 3…2…1…..

  67. Patti Says:

    All grown up

  68. Jeff Says:

    Thought bubble for Chloe: “OK Charlie, you blink and that bone is MINE!”

  69. hawkfur Says:

    charlie: a think a skunk died around here…
    chloe: really?! where?!

  70. LiJuun Says:

    “So I sez to Chloe, I sez . . .”

  71. Micaela Morris Says:

    “OK Chloe, what’ll we do today?”

  72. Diane Says:

    Lanky Legs

  73. Kelly Says:


  74. Trebor Says:

    Goofy & Wiley

  75. Nancy Says:

    Color Commentary

    (Charlie looks like a reporter and Chloe the spectator who wandered into the shot)
    [magnificent vista!]

  76. Eve Says:

    And they said it would never last!

  77. Michelle R Says:

    Deuce Troupe

    Trouble on the Double!

    (They look like they’re up to no good.)

  78. Kathy Says:


  79. Debby Ziegler Says:

    Don’t touch it! It’s mine!!!

  80. Kathy Says:

    Line-up of suspects

  81. Shanon Says:

    Separated at Earth

  82. marsha Says:

    Inside joke

  83. Kathy Says:

    She’s behind me isn’t she?

  84. Kathy Says:

    The usual line-up of suspects

  85. Jon Says:

    Me and my shadow.

    Shadow conspirators.

  86. Deidre Says:

    Sorry, Dani @8:22 am…don’t read the posts before I post…

  87. Deidre Says:

    Wha’cha got there, Charlie? Gonna share with me???

  88. Maria Says:

    The Jets.

    (of the west side story, not football)

  89. Crow Says:

    Brangelina’s got nothing on us!

  90. Wo Says:

    Sister From Another Mister / Brother By Another Mother

  91. Barbara Says:

    We’re here to renew our vows1

  92. jackie Says:

    Two of a Kind (of)
    Smiling for the Pup-arazzi

  93. Tracy Says:

    A Pair of Jokers

  94. Jay Says:

    The usual Pup-spects.

  95. Blithe Says:

    Reporting live from beautiful Ten Sleep, Wyoming! I’m Charlie and I’m glad we could get together.

  96. Shannon H. Says:

    It’s a farmily thing… you wouldn’t understand.

    Guess you had to be there.

  97. Lizzie Says:

    Hey Mom! Can Chloe and I sleep outside in the tent tonight? Can we? Can we, huh?

  98. Stacey Says:

    Welcome Home Committee

  99. Stacey Says:

    Whoops, I meant:

    Welcoming Committee

  100. Kathleen Says:

    Hey, what’s he got? I want one!

  101. Cheryl Says:

    Here to Help Out With That Elk Treat Problem, Ma’am

  102. Jeff Says:

    charlie thought bubble:
    Chloe pay no attention to the cam…look at the beauty behind us!

  103. mlaiuppa Says:

    Ebony and Ivory….and Agate.

  104. mlaiuppa Says:


  105. mlaiuppa Says:

    Charlie at attention. Chloe on inspection.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Chuck and Cloe’s Excellent Adventure!

    (Both names are one syllable, I didn’t spell Chloe wrong.)

  107. shauna Says:

    Umm, yeah, I’m “Chuck and Cloe’s”, not Anonymous.

  108. Kat Says:

    “Okay wait, wait…I’ve got a good one. A Coyote and a Collie walked into a bar…see…and they walk up to the bar and say–Hey barkeep, We gotta bone to pick with you! Hahahahah! Get it? Bone? Hahahaha. Oh man. That just slays me every time!”

  109. shauna Says:


  110. Kat Says:

    Escape to Mutt Mountain

    Hiking with my homie

  111. Betsy Says:

    This harken’s back to once in many kids’ existence.
    The obligatory: “First day of kindergarten” photo

  112. Catherine Says:

    Let me lead, Charlie – let me lead – let me lead…

  113. Saxon Says:

    Bonnie and Clyde

  114. e. jolie Says:

    THE WORLD IS OUR ELK LEG —-tasty & endlessly fascinating

  115. Deidre Says:

    Finder’s Keepers

  116. Rick's Cafe Says:

    He’s in charge.

  117. Anonymous Says:

    See, Chloe? That bone’ll never know what hit it!

  118. snobahr Says:

    (I’m such a dork)
    See, Chloe? That bone’ll never know what hit it!

  119. Jonathan Says:

    What’s upchuck?

  120. e.jolie Says:

    Dog & Coyote Show

  121. Debi Says:

    Tails I win!!!

  122. Devin Says:

    The Good, the Bad and the Fuzzy

  123. John Says:

    Say goodnight, Gracie

  124. Terri Says:

    Two Steppe

  125. Tina Says:

    Here we come,
    Walking down the street,
    We get the funniest looks from
    Everyone we meet.

    We’re just trying to be friendly,
    Come and watch us sing and play,
    We’re the young generation
    And we’ve got something to say.

  126. Stephanie Says:

    Best of Friends

    You stare them down while I sneak up and steal the cookies…

  127. Coloradolady Says:

    “Don’t even think about it!”

  128. Laurie C Says:

    The reincarnation of Bonnie N’ Clyde!

  129. Nina Says:

    Double Trouble!

  130. AnnieB57 Says:

    Ha. You’ll never get us in an Olan Mills.

  131. Betsie Says:

    Senior Citizens: Tall Tails and Hairy Ears

  132. Sophie Says:

    Double your Fun

  133. Dave Says:

    Coming this Fall — Chloe and Howler: Canine Detectives!

  134. Devin Says:

    “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

    “In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing”
    Mignon McLaughlin

  135. Laura Says:

    A City of Two Tails

  136. Laura Says:

    One Tail at a Time

  137. Laura Says:

    Tall Tails

  138. CarolC Says:

    Two cute

  139. Laura Says:

    Tails from the Heart

  140. Ank Says:

    See? I’m taller with the tail.

  141. DCP Says:

    Chloe: But you said you’d go hunting with me this morning.
    Charlie: Yeah, but I gotta check the shade under the tree, and Cupcake is finally gonna let me play with that stick, and Eli said that today is the only day he’s got time to ………
    Chloe: *sigh*

  142. Dauphine Says:

    “Isn’t she a beauty?”

  143. Joy Says:

    Only one??? Ive got a bone to pick ….

  144. Joy Says:

    Ying and Yang…

  145. bonnie Says:

    The happy couple.

  146. Tracy Says:

    “Wit and Wisdom from the Coyote”

    “Coyote pearls of wisdom”

  147. Barbara R Says:

    Two Hoots in Cahoots

  148. Tracy Says:

    “Coyote Quotes”

  149. Kiri Says:

    “Prom Pictures”

    “Tourist Photo”

  150. Patr Says:

    Don’t know why, but I came up with

    Lone Ranger and Tonto

    Miss Chloe’s black mask and Charlie’s tracking ability, just made me think of that duo.

    And why can’t the cow be a pet too…… she likes the neck rubs….. I see nothing wrong with it…..

  151. Angie P Says:

    Two Shadows, one farmily

  152. Gemma Says:

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee


    I Got You Babe

  153. Tracy Says:

    “…so I says to the guy, you gonna eat that bone??”

  154. Dru Says:

    “Chloe, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  155. Suzy Says:

    Paws Pause.

  156. Beth Says:

    With those legs, it can only be Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair!

  157. Geoff Says:

    American Bucolic

  158. Lisa Says:

    Wonder Twins

  159. Chris Says:

    Homeward Bound!

  160. Jenny C Says:

    Charlie: “…and while I’m sharin’ m’ bone with you, have you heard the one about…?”
    Chloe: “Dude. I wanted that bone. That’s the thing with you, man, it’s party, party, party, all the time…”

    (sorry to repeat myself, Shreve – ha)

  161. Sue Says:

    He is the best big brother….ever!!

  162. Wendy Says:

    It’s a coyote thing, Chloe, you wouldn’t understand.

  163. Nico Says:

    Charlie: Shhhh…. If we don’t move, she won’t see us…

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Wyoming Gothic

  165. L Chubak Says:

    Charlie – what do you see ???

  166. Diana Says:

    “Now smile and show me those canines!”
    “Land Rovers”
    “Ruffing It”

    [My first entry ever here! Love your website!]

  167. Suzy Says:

    Ruff Rest Stop

  168. Abbey Says:

    Who’s the boss?

  169. Helioprogenus Says:

    Elementary my dear Chloe, this bone is from the rear left leg of the cow. From these saw marks, it was done by a left handed individual, and MC could not have been responsible.

  170. bethamccoy Says:

    King and Queen of the Plain

  171. beth Says:

    One step, one solid.

  172. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    (Because some tunes are refusing to leave my mind … I’m changing the lyrics to “Home on the Range” slightly, and the other two will be recognized after that bit)

    … Where the Dog and the Coyote Roam —
    (… and Shreve’s Loving Words Are Heard All The Day)

    Prairie Partners

    Butte Buddies

    Waggins’ Ho!
    (if someone else already posted that I apologize for an inadvertent copy)

    “Do You Hear What I Hear?” (Another darned tune in my head)

    and from Three Dog Night …
    “Eli’s comin’ (hide it, hide it, hide it)”

    (last but not least)
    Who Took Away Our Yellow Snow?!


    ( Shreve! If you show a photo of your house again I’m going to call it ShrevePort …(snicker)

  173. Kelly Says:

    Sister for sale! (via Shel Silverstein)

  174. Karen Says:

    Charlie smiles with his mouth…. Chloe smiles with her tail!

  175. mlaiuppa Says:

    Butch Charlie and the Sundance Sidekick.

  176. Teresa Says:

    Charlie, would you like to see my imitation of a skunk?

  177. Diana Says:

    Perfect Pair Bond

  178. Bruce Cohen (Speaker To Managers) Says:

    “You hold him down, and I’ll tickle him.”

  179. Claudia Says:

    “Tail Wind”

    “On your mark, get set…Go!”…HEY…”come on Charlie…it’s no fun alone!”

  180. Claudia Says:

    forgot one

    “Chloe did it”

  181. Kit.e Says:

    A paws in play to have his picture taken.

    Chloe learns from the best.

    Summer days are made for play!

  182. Janet Says:

    Me and my shadow-

  183. KC Says:

    Wiley Coyote and Wary Chloe.

    “Do those mountains make my fur looks red?”

    Chloe contemplates her older brother’s wolfy grin.

  184. astro-horse Says:

    “Eight Paws, One Family”

    “Pastel Pups”

    “The Wild and The Mild”

    “Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes (and Colors and Species)”

    “One Pawsome Family”

    “Double Trouble”

    “We Are Family!”

  185. Alice Says:

    Charlie, are you mad at me? I just wanted to chew on the bone for a little bit…

  186. Linda in NC Says:

    “Really, Charlie, I saw it. It was right there!”

    Charlie says, “Yea, right.”

  187. Laura from Canada Says:

    “Butte Buddies”

  188. astro-horse Says:

    oh i just thought of some more…

    “Nothin’ But Trouble”

    “Home on the Range, Where the Puuppy and the Coyote Play”

    “Puppy Love”

    “What a Cute Couple!”

  189. Deborah Says:

    “You put the right paw in, you take the right paw out.
    You put the right paw in and shake it all about….”

  190. Caroline Says:

    Cloe ” How to get that bone without Charlie noticing”

  191. Owen~ Says:

    Thought I’d give this one a go~

    As Chloe seems to be wondering what Charlie thinks is so funny:
    What’s So Funny?
    I also thought these might work…
    Har Har.
    C.O.L.(Coyote Out Loud)
    C.L.O.L.(Coyote Laugh Out Loud)


  192. carmen Says:

    Two by Two.

  193. Shannon H. Says:

    Foxy & the Hound

  194. felis_sidus Says:

    When you can take this bone, Grasshopper…

  195. Michelle Says:

    I came on here to submit a title and saw that “Foxy & the Hound.” How can I compete with that, love it!

    But here is mine anyway.

    “Back off, she’s mine”

  196. Cher Says:

    My Buddy… My Buddy… He teaches me everything that I know…
    My Buddy… My Buddy… He’s with me everywhere that I go…

    My Buddy and Me…

  197. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Charlie: “Hey, Chloe, look, it’s that guy again!”
    Chloe: “That’s funny, how does he fit in there?”

  198. Arcene Says:


    “Hi. My name is Charlie, and this is my assistant spokescanine, Chloe. We’re here to share with you a wonderful, eco-friendly program called BLM — Bones of Lesser Mammals.”

  199. Shannon H. Says:

    When you’re smilin’, the whole world smiles with you… Louis Armstrong

    (Not much of a video, but a great song. http://tinyurl.com/m9fyz6 )

  200. Kate Says:

    Hi Mom!

  201. MJK Says:

    Canine cruisers


    canine crusaders

  202. Barbara Says:

    Amending my earlier title slightly to

    We came to renew our vows!

  203. allison Says:

    Singing doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo…

    Legs diamond

    Wiley Chloe

  204. Dianne Says:


    Canine Couplet

    Twin Peeks

    Deuce a la Puce

  205. Mary Beth Winograd Says:

    Near Dear and Rear Dear

  206. Pat Says:

    Wherever we go
    Whatever we do
    We’re gonna go thru it together!!!

  207. GD Says:

    Stand By Your Man….

  208. Lydia Says:

    The Canine Welcome Committee

  209. KF Says:

    Big dogs atop the Bighorns.

  210. Feral Boy Says:

    The Leader Of The Pack

  211. Suzette Says:

    Hounding Him

  212. Heather Says:

    Opposites Attract
    Ears up…tail down
    Ears down…tail up

  213. Heather Says:

    No Bone of Contention Here

  214. Joy Says:

    Delicious dilemma …

  215. Joy Says:

    A piece of history

  216. Richard Says:

    “Okay Charlie, the coyote statue trick isn’t that funny anymore”

  217. Heather Says:

    Walking Tall

  218. Julie Says:

    I saw the photo early this morning and since then this caption is stuck in myhead:

    “MOM! Chloe won’t stop farting!”

  219. Lisa Says:

    Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Charlie?

  220. Karen B. Says:

    “Lady and the Tramp”

  221. Phoenix Says:

    Twin Brothers of different mothers! ( Thank you Dan Fogelberg.)

  222. Kirin Says:

    Just one more “green light…”

  223. Randi Says:

    (Charlie, in control of the bone, contemplates….)

    To share, or not to share………..

  224. melissa Says:




  225. Randi Says:

    Land of the free, home of the brave

  226. KT Says:

    Thought bubble for Chloe:
    Charlie’s distracted. One quick pounce, and that bone is MINE!

  227. Lindsay Says:

    “Bighorn Buddies”

  228. mellissa Says:

    c buddies

  229. Cristina Says:

    The Odd Couple

  230. Cristina Says:

    Polar Opposites

    A perfect symmetry

    Melody and Harmony

  231. Dave Sebring Says:

    Charley: “Smile Chloe!”…..

    Chloe: “There it is again!…I swear Charley, there’s a Squirrel trying to get into our picture!”

  232. Laura Says:

    Coyote Definition: A carnivorous animal (Canis latrans), allied to the dog

    This Coyote…allied to the dog, submissive to the cat

  233. katy Says:

    Lord and Lady.
    Distant Cousins.

  234. Big Ugly Says:

    What Sheep?
    Oh, that old bone?
    Uh, It was already here.
    No, Really!!

  235. B R Says:

    ~Now playing center court @ Wimbledon~

  236. Suzy Says:

    get along little doggies,
    You know that Wyoming will be your new home.

  237. Kathleen Johnson Says:


    [Sorry, I'm a geologist : ) ]

  238. Deidre Says:

    The Terrible Two’s

    The Terrific Two

  239. Deidre Says:

    The Dynmic Duo

  240. Deidre Says:

    Oops…typo!!! The Dynamic Duo

  241. Helen Says:

    I’m taller!” “No, I am!”

  242. Isobel Says:

    Ears looking at you, and the kid (sister)

  243. Christy D. Says:

    Don’t take it from me, take it from my friend Chloe here: Nothing gives your coat that wild tousled look like the Wyoming wind. We’ll send YOU a bottle of genuine Wyoming Wind for just $3.98 + shipping and handling.

  244. Deidre Says:

    Let’s go round up Eli, Daisy and Ranger & share our elf bone with them!!!

  245. Sandy Says:

    Chlow: “Everything’s just a howl for you…”

    Charlie: “And it’s all Black and White for you…”

  246. Val Cooper Says:

    Who’s taller, me or you???

  247. Sherri Says:

    Workin’ the Wyoming runway

  248. Jan Says:

    Who are you talking to Charlie?

  249. Colleen Greco Says:

    (PIC) Partners In Crime

  250. Timothy Says:

    Charlie: “So then I said to the cow…”

  251. Heather Says:


  252. Sara Says:

    I Herd A Coyote

  253. Heather Says:

    Stand by Me

    Stand by your Man

    Sister & Mister

    Gal & Her Pal

    Growing Like Weeds

  254. patty Says:

    and the winner of the tail curling contest is….

  255. Tinare Says:


  256. Wendi Says:

    Say hello to my little friend…


    Rock me gently, rock me slowly…..

  257. Eija Says:

    Chloe at Charlie’s “blind spot”

    Chloe:”Do I dare…?

    Chloe, watch out, Charlie got eyes on his neck!

    Prelude to chase

  258. Rachel C. Says:

    No. really, that better just be the appetizer.


    Water or else!

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