Untamed Melody

photo taken June 2009 • title thanks to Michelle

Arwo & Dinah, loved your nods to Ginsberg’s “Howl”:
Baring His Brains To Heaven
“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, then I chewed on an antler for a while, had a nap, and felt much better.”

Sue- WOW. My hat is off to you:
Looking #
(If you don’t read music, you won’t get this one!)

A handful of greats:
O Sole Mio
Lone ‘Yote Note
A Cappella Fella
Wild thing, you make my heart sing!
Whooooooo Neeeeeeeds a Rooooosterrrrrrrr?
Eli – Eli – OOOOOOOO
Lunar Crooner
Voice Mail

For the title, I chose Michelle’s Untamed Melody ~
I love the twist on “Unchained Melody.”
There’s a part of each of us that remains untamed- the strong, free, unapologetic beauty that makes people stop in their tracks- that’s what Charlie’s howl is to me….

• • •

This weekend I was up the mountain getting firewood, as I do in all my spare time, and a log slipped from my leather-gloved hands and took the tip of my leather glove and all the skin off the pad of my finger with it.  It was gross (but nothing that won’t heal in a week or so).  In the meantime, I cannot type well at all!  I will write more about Daisy & the baby bull (see pics below) and answer all your Q’s (just leave them in the comment section of that post) just as soon as my finger is fully functional again.

Now, if anyone can put words to an iconic image, it’s the lot of you.  Leave your title, caption, or perhaps Charlie’s message in the comment section of this post and you will be in the running to win a thumbscraper (this is a true Native American artifact that Mike found the other day and gave to me expressly as a prize for you), a dionsaur gizzard stone (click here for a refresher if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and a special spherical stone, quite unusual.

339 Responses to “Untamed Melody”

  1. Snow Says:

    He’s been listening to the Bee Gees again.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Calling all canine choristers! Rehearsal under the
    full-moon tonight.

  3. D'Ann Says:

    “This is only a test of the emergency broadcast system.”

  4. Ticia Says:

    I. AM. HERE!

  5. Vegas Princess Says:

    Coyo-T, Phone Home.

  6. Tanya Says:

    Coyote Aria

  7. Ladyfox Says:

    “A Northern Song Under Northern Lights”


  8. mlaiuppa Says:


  9. Shannon S. Says:

    For Cryin’ Out Loud!

  10. rvrgrl68 Says:


  11. Lizard Says:

    The Coll(ar) of the Wild.

  12. Kat Says:

    Howl mist

    Earthly howl

    Heavenly Echo

  13. ScubaOtter Says:

    Beautiful photo, Shreve. I suggest:

    Wyoming Talk Radio station LOKI
    Primal Call
    Iconic Totem
    Heart Song

  14. dave Says:

    howling diablo

  15. Kathy Says:

    Go tell it on the mountain

  16. Lhyzz Says:

    “Such A Cliché!”


    “Singing For His Supper”

  17. lynn Says:

    Sittin’ on the east side of the moon, howling at the earth

  18. Bobbie Says:

    Because He Can

  19. Skimmie Says:

    For some silly reason the first thing that popped into my head was Charlie singing the Moody Blues:

    “I know you’re out there somewhere…” !

  20. Shara Says:

    If you have ever seen veggie tales this will be funny, if not it probably won’t make sense.

    “Oh Wheeeeeeere Is My Hairbrush?!”

    For reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr_bPgg08rQ&feature=PlayList&p=F3959CD3173FA1BF&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=40

  21. mark holmquist Says:

    charlie calls home

  22. maria Says:

    waiting to echo

  23. Shannon H. Says:

    Long Distance Call

  24. Jennifer Says:

    Free Long Distance Coyote Calls, provided by 1-800-Charlie

  25. JON Says:


  26. Allison Says:

    Howl de do, y’all?

  27. carol wiebe Says:

    OOOOH, IT’S THE GOOD LIFE! (Frank Sinatra belting that one out is what came to mind.

  28. Steph Says:

    Coyote A Cappella

  29. Heather L Says:

    “Mom…See I didn’t swallow Chloe”

  30. Jen Johnson Says:

    Hear it on the coyote telegraph

  31. Ann Says:

    “The first time ever I saw your face”

  32. Roxanne Says:

    I’m completely distracted by the fact that there was a SNAKE living behind your freakin’ desk. Rattlers have been coming onto my patio recently. NO HOUSE SNAKES!!! *SCREAM*

  33. Rachel Says:

    Natural Instincts

  34. Ange Says:

    i love your site…and charlie and daisy and eli !

    this picture of a tibetan fox cracked me up tho …and the first comment on it mentioned coyote and i thought u might enjoy it. the fox looks soooo human.


  35. Ana Sundvall Says:

    charlie and eliare amazing! i am10 years old and i am reading your books and i started this summer and now chapter 10 and dont whant to finish the book because then i cant read the daily coyote again!

  36. Livi Says:

    I am a CoYoTe (coyote) seeeeee?
    I am a DoG (dog) seeeeee?
    I am a CaT(cat) seeeeee?
    I am a CoW(cow)seeeeee?
    I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!

  37. Livi Says:

    I Am a CoYoTe (coyote) seeeeee?
    I Am a DoG (dog) seeeeee?
    I Am a CaT (cat) seeeeee?
    I Am a CoW (cow) seeeeee?

  38. pyramid backlink Says:

    Hi, i have to admit amazing site you’ve, i stumbled across it in Google. Does you get much visitors?

  39. Patricia Long Says:

    Charlie’s cry to the universe.

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