Butte-y licious!

photo taken June 2009 • title thanks to Diana

HA!!! Love it, Diana.
Also loved:

I Dig You!
Heads and Tails
A Butt on the Butte
Tongue & Cheek
Son & Moon
Drawing Him Into the Draw
Sweet Cheeks
Waving the White Flag
Coyote and a Full Moon
Here’s to Summer – Bottoms Up!
Um Chloe? You can’t ‘actually’ dig all the way to China. Eli was just teasing you.

Thanksthanksthanks to one and all!!

• • • Late evening, early summer play…..seems so far away…
Now it’s dark at 7pm (soon it will be dark at 4), and the simplicity of summer feels like another lifetime, replaced with the mad dash of preparation before winter sets in.  Getting load after load of firewood.  Final improvements on the homestead until work can resume next spring.  Updating and reinforcing the corrals and shelter for the large animals.  It is non-stop work.
So take me away, Internet, to a time of butterflies and balmy nights, when the most important thing was PLAY.  Leave your title, caption, or canine commentaries for the image above in the comment section of this post, and you’ll be in the running to win a print of another summertime scene (click HERE to see it)
xoxo S.

215 Responses to “Butte-y licious!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    I Double Dog Dare You!!!

  2. R Marino Says:

    What’s up doc?

  3. Yaara Says:

    Here’s to summer – bottoms up!

  4. belle Says:

    you better stop right there sweetie!!!

    I am hoping you will be offering some of your vintage aprons on etsy. I bet they are something!! Nice aprons are so hard to find these days – I guess because so many do not wear them anymore. I remember my grandma making her’s every spring. Always so pretty and fresh – nice pressed.

    Yep!! it was difficult making it to work this am. blinding snow. Winter is here again!!

  5. MJk Says:

    Capture the tail


    C’mon Charlie, let’s play!

  6. Craig Says:

    She doesn’t know I’m ON TO HER. When her tail points left, she runs right!!! *BIG coyote grin*

  7. kelly crook Says:

    Heads and Tails.

  8. Mary Says:

    “Gee I wish I had a flag; I’d tie it to your tail, and we could play Capture the Flag!”

  9. Jen A. Says:

    What’ll it be — heads or tails?!

  10. Kristina S. Says:

    Bottom’s up!

  11. Mer Says:

    An Invitation to Dance

  12. Sarah Says:

    Just one step…

  13. Diane Says:

    Wild Eyes and Perky Tail

  14. Diane Says:

    Evening Prairie Romp

  15. Shanon Says:

    Hey! Get your head out of the sand…

  16. GD Says:

    I bow before you…

  17. Kelly Lynn Says:

    This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

  18. Holly Says:

    Birds` Eye View

    Here`s looking up yer assets!

  19. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Dances of the Dogs


    In loving reference to Patrick Swayze:

    Getting ready to practice the “Lift”

  20. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Country “Curtsey”

  21. janet fate Says:

    THIS is how you do downward dog

  22. Kristi Says:

    come and get me!

  23. James Says:

    “Ready! Set! Butt, butt, HIKE!”

  24. Tina Says:

    Drawing him into the draw

  25. Wendy Says:

    I thought I was going to have something really clever but I don’t think I can best the very first one, by Claudia. Oh, so I guess this is a vote instead of an entry. Sorry. Here, I will try:

    “Ah, doggie-san. Must learn stand before learn run.”

  26. BethR Says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose

  27. BethR Says:

    A butt on the butte

  28. Wo Says:

    Comin’ & Goin’

  29. Owen~ Says:


    As a joke~

    ‘And The Cowote Jumped Over The Moon’

    The moon being Chloe’s big white rump, the ‘cowote’ being Charlie.


  30. tigeron Says:

    Heads Or Tails!!!

  31. kathleen Says:

    I’m king of the mountain!

  32. Wendi Says:

    Gimme three steps…..

  33. Terry Says:



    The Third Eye

  34. Carroe Says:

    One way – or another ….. I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha…..

  35. Dana Says:

    Tail up, Head down, knees bent and …..Pounce!

  36. Shannon H. Says:

    I see the bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way.

    There’s a bad moon on the rise.

    Getting ahead of herself.

    They went that a way and THAT a way.

    Changing of the Guards (or Guardians)

    Sometimes One’s Bottom Can Mean Another’s Beginning.

  37. Shannon H. Says:

    Meant to put “from Creedence Clearwater Revival” with the first 2 I left….

  38. Sue Says:

    Coyote and a full moom

  39. lisa Says:

    hey, let’s follow alice!

  40. Melissa Says:

    Play Bow to Your Partner… and Do Si Do!

  41. BethR Says:

    Shine on harvest moon

  42. Alice Says:

    Heads you lose, Tails, I win. (’cause I’m sure Chloe was digging to find something good)

  43. Stacey Says:

    Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Chloe right over!

  44. BethR Says:

    Sweet cheeks

  45. Coral Says:

    Heads or Tails?

  46. SuthernJazzmyn Says:

    Early Summers’ Romp under a full moon…

  47. Kim Says:

    Digging for treasure.

    Sshhhh – I’m hunting wabbits…

    Coach Charlie giving Chloe (aka ‘the new girl’) a few points on her hunting skills…

    Um Chloe? You can’t ‘actually’ dig all the way to China. Eli was just teasing you.

  48. Scott Says:

    Canine Call To Arms!

  49. dameruth Says:

    Nah, you’re OK — you can keep backing up . . . >:D

  50. Catsquatch Says:


  51. Analise Says:

    You’ll never take me alive, copper!

    (cops and robbers, that’s what it looks like to me. :) )

  52. Heather Says:

    No Ands, Ifs or Buts!

  53. schatze Says:

    “You’re doing fine, just one more step back.”

  54. Heather Says:

    I surrender……………….


    Waving the White Flag

  55. Crow Says:

    Nice job, Chlöe! We should be able to bury that mastodon bone here with no problems now!

  56. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Chloe digs for dinosaurs. Charlie chuckles.

  57. hpmama Says:

    Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;
    And give us not to think so far away
    As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
    All simply in the springing of the year.
    -R. Frost

  58. Jeff Says:

    No caption, just a word of encouragement. Thank you for the many smiles and enjoyable pictures and caption suggestions that are posted. Your site brightens my sight. :-)

  59. Heather Says:


  60. astro-horse Says:

    No Buts About It! It’s Becoming Winter!

  61. Heather Says:

    Tongue & Cheek

  62. Cynthia Says:

    Um, Chlo, you’re mooning the camera.

  63. Skimmie Says:

    Red rover, red rover, send CHLOE over!

  64. LHays Says:

    “Bowing to King Charlie”


    “Charlies New Moon”

  65. beth Says:

    Shall we dance, canis latrans?

    Though I give up after LHays’ “Charlies New Moon.”

  66. Julia Says:

    Tail’s up for some high jinks.

  67. kelly planer Says:

    On the precipice…

  68. Heather Says:

    Getting Down to brASS atTACKS

    It Takes Two to Tango

  69. pam Says:

    Yesssssss, bow down before me…

  70. pam Says:

    New moon over red clay

  71. Heather Says:

    BEHIND every great man is a great woman

  72. Diane Says:

    Over the hill gang

  73. Liz Says:

    Tails, ears, and spirits high!


    Bottoms up!

  74. Michelle R Says:

    “Nice Butte”
    Saw a bumper sticker watching the movie Cars the other day.

    “Play Bough”

    “Charlie: Just a few more inches and she’ll be down the hill. Then I’ll get all of the elk legs!”

  75. Kathy F. Says:

    Let’s Play!..Bottoms Up!

  76. Milaka Says:

    Heads or tails

  77. D'Ann Says:


  78. Kathy F. Says:

    “Two and Fro”

  79. Tiger Says:

    Heads or Tails: Coining a friendship

  80. Kathy F. Says:

    Hiding the Elk Antler

  81. Mimi Says:

    ” You Can Leave Your Hat On “

  82. steph Says:

    Son and Moon

  83. Kathy F. Says:

    “One” way to Play

  84. Kelly Says:

    *giggles* no ifs, ands or butts!

  85. Todd Says:

    Does this coyote make my butte look big?

  86. Nicole F. Says:

    Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

  87. Arielle Says:

    “‘Dig!” said the brother
    “I dig!” said the one
    and they dug all day
    in the clay and the sun

  88. Arielle Says:

    I dig you!

  89. Deidre Says:

    The first step in rock climbing…backing over the ridge…you’ve got it, Chloe!!!

  90. Katherine Says:

    Making heads and tails of the fun.

  91. Pam Strayer Says:

    Burglar proof!

  92. Leah Says:

    I’m the king of the caaaaaa-stle, and you’re the dirty raaaaaaaa-scal!

  93. b Says:

    Goin’ to China, BRB

  94. Leah Says:

    What…is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  95. rae Says:

    Hey!……. look what I can do!

  96. Betsy Says:

    says Yogi Charlie ” good job Chloe, now relax back into child’s pose”.

  97. Beth Says:


    Rump Rotor

    I bow to thee my Coyote
    (with apologies to Gustav Holst and “I vow to thee my country”!)

  98. Vee Says:

    Sun salutation, animal style.

  99. Lisa Says:

    Tail of Play

  100. Mike Says:

    No, look, see, you bury it NOW, and then you can have a snack LATER.

  101. Carolyn Says:

    Calling the steps for summer’s dance: bow to your partner, and do-si-do!

  102. Tracy Says:

    Heads or Tails – you call!

  103. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Hatfields vs. McCoys

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Playful and the Tempster…

  105. D'Ann Says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose

  106. bonnie Says:

    Her : Let’s PLAY!

    Him : You’re ON!

  107. Sherri Tiedemann Says:

    Tag! You’re it!

  108. Martha Diehl Says:

    You are going to share what you’ve found, right?

  109. Heather Says:

    Charlie gives Chloe the Bum’s Rush

  110. Sherri Says:

    Charlie brings on the blitz!

  111. Heather Says:

    The Back of the Beyond

  112. Lary Says:

    Red ridge revelry

    Cautiously opportunistic

  113. ClancyOfTheOverflow Says:

    For Daisy: Did you know that cows with names give more milk?

    (scroll down past the gas mask bra entry).


  114. Teresa Says:

    Diggin’ doggie sytle.

  115. jackie Says:

    Can You Dig It?

    Dig Dug Dog!

    Downward Doggone Fun!

  116. dave Says:

    I know its here somewhere!!

  117. Jay Says:

    ‘Yote War Dance

    [Ever see a 'weasel war dance' from a ferret? It's a moment of complete bliss and spazz and joy, and this is what it looks like. Ha, nice capture!]

  118. Lois Says:

    On your mark, Get set, Go!

  119. Matt Says:

    The Daily Coyote – quite a tail.

  120. carol h Says:

    Cloe that’s not what I meant when I said “Strike a pose.”

    Finders keepers, losers weepers.

    Moon over Wyoming

  121. Ava Says:


    (refers to both the playstance and the drop-off right behind Chloe’s back paws. All the entries with ‘moons’ and ‘mooning’ are cracking.me.up!)

  122. D'Ann Says:

    K-9 See / Saw
    (Cloe sees and Charlie saw)

  123. Julia Says:

    The innocence of exuberance.

  124. Barbie Says:

    “Come and Get It”

  125. kallimao Says:

    “Throw your tails up in the air, and wave ‘em like you just don’t care”

    Yin and Yang

    A Rump in the Park

  126. Rayna Says:

    OK….and from Downward Dog…we’ll transition into Warrior’s Pose…

  127. Rhonda P Says:

    You put your fluffy rump in,
    You put your fluffy rump out,
    You put your fluffy rump in and shake it all about!!!

  128. Michelle Says:

    Ten Sleep Two Step.

  129. Caren Says:

    Dig her for buried treasure!

  130. Meredith Says:

    No tag backs! Haha

  131. Courtney Says:

    To days of crickets and wildflowers

    Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what summer is made of.

  132. J. Bo Says:

    Coming and going.

  133. Cathryn Says:

    Chloe to Charlie: Does my butt look big like this?

  134. Biff Says:

    Does this make by butt look big?

  135. jeff ii Says:

    Chloe gets her freak on.

  136. mlaiuppa Says:

    Do these bushes make my butt look big?

  137. mlaiuppa Says:

    Okay, that’s good. Now back up a little further. A little more. You’re almost there.

  138. hpmama Says:


  139. mlaiuppa Says:

    Red dirt in the morning, Charlie take warning.

    Red dirt at night, Chloe’s delight.

  140. Kelly Says:

    Making heads and tails of it….

  141. Evan Says:

    Heads or tails?

  142. Evan Says:

    Vole Patrol

    My dogs have a similar dance when trying to corner a mole or vole and then just stare at it.

  143. saxon Says:

    These happy golden days

  144. Rosemary Says:

    That’s not your best camera angle Cloe.

  145. Tinare Says:

    You’re “It”!

  146. Deborah Says:

    “One toke over the line, Sweet Jesus….”

  147. Penny Says:

    Charlie’s thought bubble

    Oh I can’t wait to see what you dig up! Go Chloe go!!!!! FASTER….

  148. Sophie Says:

    “Canine Weathervane Pointing Northwest”

  149. The Girl Nerd Says:

    Ready to Tumble!

  150. Anonymous Says:

    The sundance kids

  151. Helioprogenus Says:

    Barked into a corner

  152. Suzy Says:

    20 paces from the tree, now dig!

  153. Allie Says:

    “..You’ll know it by the rice fields and big, long wall. Just keep digging!”

  154. jarebear Says:

    Ain’t nothing better than a lil’ dog butt

  155. D'Ann Says:

    Can you hear me now, can you hear me now, can you hear me now?!

  156. D'Ann Says:

    Keep digging Chloe, there must be more petrified squid some where!

  157. Liza Lundell Says:

    It’s the red-dirt rodeo!

  158. Holly Says:

    I put right here …

  159. Jo Davis Says:

    “ok Charlie…I saw the rabbit first and I’m a goin’ in after it!”

  160. Dianne Says:


    Doggy Dare-iere (as in derriere, en Francais)

  161. Nancy Says:

    Spring forward, Fall Backside

  162. Nancy Says:

    or Spring forward, Fall behind
    Spring Ahead , Fall behind?

  163. Kit.e Says:

    Rough and er… BUMble.

    Romping and rumping.

  164. msdramateacherlady Says:

    Tag! You’re it!

  165. Courtney Says:

    Heads Up Seven Up!

  166. Farmer Lady Says:

    Coy Play

  167. Kathy F. Says:

    Coyote Stare, Chloe Bare

  168. Rhedrose Says:

    On the Edge of Excitement

    ( Claudia’s “Double Dog Dare!” is priceless!)

  169. Sandy G. Says:

    “China is down there somewhere, they say!”

  170. Craig Says:

    Thesaurus: frisky


    Full of high-spirited fun: frolicsome, impish, mischievous, playful, sportive, waggish. (See picture from The Daily Coyote.)

  171. Kristie Says:

    I bow to thee, master!

  172. dawn Says:


  173. Diana Says:

    Butte-y licious!

    (with Chloe doing her best Beyonce imitation for Charlie)

  174. Kat Says:

    Summers End

  175. Karen Hanson Says:

    ‘ Butt Face’

  176. Christy Says:

    Red Rover , Red Rover, Send Charlie over!

  177. Kathleen Says:

    Toying with her to the jump.

    I hate to have to explain myself, but when I first looked at this “play”, I was reminded, with her on the edge, of a “buffalo jump”. But it’s also a double entendre as well.

  178. E.Jolie Says:

    You really really like me?

  179. Isobel Says:

    The Investigators

  180. Suzette Says:

    “Look Mom! Now Charlie and I look like twins. Ha ha ha!!”

  181. kristi Says:


  182. Cher Says:

    Downward dog, Charlie smilasana!

  183. kristi's son Says:

    Brown eyed girl (sorry- my 14 yr old begged me to say it!)

  184. Di Says:

    Hey, that’s my secret hiding place!!!

  185. Janie Says:

    Puppy Minuet

  186. Sun Rock Says:

    It’s…Head’s’ up! Tail’s up!

    (which is use to decide hot horses)

  187. Cyn Says:

    Play bow??!!! I LOVE the play bow!!!

  188. D'Ann Says:

    Head over heels

  189. D'Ann Says:


    Heads up, heels down

  190. John Winn Says:

    Tails I win, heads you lose!

  191. Deborah Says:

    “One TOE over the line, Sweet Jesus….”

  192. MD Says:

    The End!

  193. SW Says:


  194. Barbara Says:

    In Front when Behind

  195. Cynthia Says:

    Romp, with Rump

  196. Anonymous Says:

    Chloe discovering that Charlie’s been a Muppet all along.

  197. Devin Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Chloe discovering that Charlie’s been a Muppet all along.

    That was me. Got a little too hasty with the submit button!

  198. Laura H Says:

    thrill of the chase

    treasurable pursuit


    bow to your partner

  199. Marissa Says:

    Just a little farther…

  200. Cindi R Says:

    Peek a boo I see you!

  201. Connie Says:

    Full Moon Over Tensleep

  202. Roxie Says:

    The Eager Entomologists

    EEEETP! – Eager Entomologists Enthusiastically Exploring The Plains

    Charlie & Chloe Meet Mrs. Moth

  203. Christy D. Says:

    Well hiya Chloe. Ya goin’ for oil or China?

  204. Isa Says:

    That’s the way you do a downwards facing dog!

  205. E.Jolie Says:

    “Diggy Diggy La and Diggy Lo Everyone Knows He Is Her Beau.” song “Diggy Diggy Lo”

  206. Suzy Says:


  207. Melissa Says:

    Whatcha’ Got??

    That’s what the look on Charlies face says to me! Full of excited Whatcha’ Got, Whatcha Got??

  208. dave Says:

    Third eye blind!

  209. Eve Says:


  210. Brianna Says:

    “Talk to the butt ‘cuz the ears ain’t lis’ning.”

  211. Jonathan Says:

    “Set! Hut! Hut! Hut!”

  212. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Why do the others think it’s Chloe’s backside? I think it’s ELI – the tail isn’t white, and I don’t see any black spots on the non-Charlie body.

    My entry: Rump-er Room!

  213. daily coyote Says:

    Beth aka EweMama ~ It is Chloe! The red dirt turns her pink……

  214. Colleen Says:

    There’s no escaping now….

  215. Rachele Says:

    “Chloe, Mom has her camera again – she’s aiming at your good side.”

    LOOOOOVE you photos, Shreve!! You can always help me through a bad day!

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