Every Day With You Is A Day To Celebrate!

photo taken July 2009 • title thanks to JE

one year ago: Riding High
two years ago: Those Ears!!!!

OMG. Entries started off with a bang and it just didn’t quit.
You guys are AMAZING.
Seriously, I URGE you, if you haven’t already, to read through the comments here – they are phenomenal! 
Thank you thank you thank you to all who enter,
I adore the laughs I get from you!

I usually type a short list of finalists here, but that list was
70 entries long this morning.  Just go to the comment section!
I raise my glass to ALL of you – you wow me.

OK~ I’ll torture myself and type three here:
Close But No Cigar (Geez, I want to make out with your brain!)
Omnom Peringnon (isn’t it amazing how Cute Overload has totally altered the lexicon? The power of sweetness!)
“To the Land we Love and the Love we Land!” (traditional Welsh toast, I’m adopting this!)

And if you need some pure, unadulterated laughter,
read Julia’s comment.  Beautiful, hilarious.

I chose the winning caption because it’s exactly how I feel: every day with Charlie is a day to celebrate. You tapped into something very personal, JE, and I couldn’t not have your words title this image!

• • • Charlie loves champagne corks. No idea why. {don’t worry! he doesn’t eat them – he just runs around with them and tosses them in the air and buries them} It’s such an odd predilection that words fail me; I cannot name this photo but to say “Charlie loves champagne corks.”  And I know you out there can do far better than that.

Leave your title, caption, or Charlie-thought-bubble in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running for an elk antler necklace (naturally-shed, of course) upon which MC has drawn a beautiful elk track.  It’s quite striking, similar to this.

Also!☆ I was going through this site looking for something and ended up becoming totally entranced by the older photos of Charlie I came across – some which had burned into my memory and were so great to see again and others I had totally forgotten about and were so great to see again!  So I’ve added a new feature: now, under each photograph, I’ll have links to the picture I posted a year before and two years before.  I did it to last week’s photos (scroll down to see what I mean).  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

248 Responses to “Every Day With You Is A Day To Celebrate!”

  1. JE Says:

    Everyday with you is a day to celebrate!

  2. Danuska Says:

    “Y’all from the city?”

  3. Suzy Says:

    Cork=Coyote Chew

  4. Suzy Says:

    You wanna buy a cheap Rolex watch?

  5. Mere Says:

    Its mine! HAHA ( hiccup)

  6. Kit.e Says:

    A corking good time.

    Chewsing not to hear.

    Charlie… Y’know when Eli told you to “put a cork in it”…

  7. Audra Says:

    Coyote Cork Quirk: A tongue twister in action!

  8. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Follow me and BYOB

  9. Craig Says:

    Hmmm .. The palate displays medium black cherry and blackberry flavors backed by peppery spice notes and hints of coffee and vanilla. Petit Verdot, 2004?

  10. Claudia Says:

    A corky kind of guy am I!!

  11. Lisa W. Says:

    Champagning at the Bit

  12. Leffe Says:

    And then I asked if he wanted to smell the cork…

  13. MJK Says:

    New sommelier technique

  14. Victoria Says:

    Bubbly Personality

  15. MJK Says:

    Cork Song Trilogy

  16. GD Says:

    Put a cork in it!!!

  17. Wo Says:


  18. saxon Says:

    i’m allowed–it’s my birthday!

    (look at his ear–it is just like those pointy birthday hats!)

  19. Shannon H. Says:

    Bubbly Gum

  20. Charlotte Says:

    What a corker!

  21. pam ryan Says:

    “Charlie!!! Put a cork in it!!!”

  22. Diane Says:

    Just a pinch of flavor

    A toast to the wild west

  23. moondoggie Says:

    What? You mean vampire teeth are supposed to be on the TOP?

  24. Tina Says:

    Corky Coyote

    – - -

    LOVE the addition to the site. It’s neat to compare pictures from the past with those of the present.

  25. Patr Says:

    POP! Goes the Coyote!

  26. jennifer Says:

    One ear up on the coy-wine rating system.

  27. Heather L Says:

    Cork Dork!

  28. elizabeth Says:


  29. Barry Says:

    Coyote Pops at Tanglewood, Wyoming

  30. jennifer Says:

    Champagne not wine. My captions are always stupid but it’s still fun. Thanks

  31. Chibi Sylphe Says:

    In a bubble of his own…

  32. Chris Says:

    Champagne Charlie is my name….champagne drinking is my game
    From “Champagne Charlie -The song first performed at the Sun Music Hall, Knightsbridge (London, England) in 1867

  33. Glynis Says:

    wild thing, you make my heart sing!

  34. Have the T-shirt Says:

    champagne wishes and Elk Antler dreams!

  35. Tracy Says:

    No whining!

  36. Tina Says:

    “Some people drift along like a cork on a river, feeling that they cannot do anything except drift, moment to moment. This is an attitude of mind. Everyone can be constructive even in tiny ways.”
    – Edward de Bono

    – - -

    “Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch.”
    – W. C. Fields

  37. JayneZ Says:

    The finer things in life!

    By the way I like the new feature on your daily posts. Just can’t get enough of Charlie and the gang!

  38. caligirl Says:


  39. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Whatever, Chloe… put a cork in it!

    Open mouth, insert cork.

  40. Audra Says:

    Lend Me Your Ear and I’ll Howl You a Song

  41. Deidre Says:

    ‘ear looking at you, Mom…

  42. Jay Says:

    “Well Eli did say put a cork in it”

  43. Jay Says:

    Whoops, the above comment is mine I forgot to add my email to it.

  44. Lisa Says:

    …and, chew the cork, then…jazz ears!

  45. Dawn Says:

    “You had me at Merlot. . .”

    One look at Charlie, and that’s all it took for me! Shreve–thanks for this wonderful website and for sharing your amazing animals and life with us. I just read your book a couple of weeks ago and discovered your site, and it has brought so many smiles–I can’t tell you! Told my friends about it to spread the joy! Love the addition of the archived photos.

    All the best–Dawn

  46. Cindy Says:

    I’m a corker.

  47. Mary Says:


  48. belle Says:

    It’s mine all mine and you can’t have it!! Betcha can’t catch me!!!

  49. Scott Says:

    Canine Corker

  50. jon Says:

    Summer teeth.

    corky personality

    flat top

    The 2002 vintage is pawsitively delicious.

  51. Scott Says:

    Sought Bubbler

  52. Ava Says:

    The fizz in ‘hizz’
    (Very silly but Charlie looks so proud and protective of his cork)

    Subtle, assertive yet effervescent
    (Snotty wine descriptions always crack me up. Love good wine but the hoopla around it is hilarious.)

    Vintage Charlie

  53. Lyn Says:

    Good Time Charlie
    Wyoming Unicorn

  54. Tina Says:

    “To the Land we Love, and the Love we Land!”

    Traditional Welsh Toast

  55. E.Jolie Says:

    Charlie Having a Corking Good Time

  56. SheilaE Says:

    Corked coyote…

    Definitely a good vintage.

    Care to sniff the cork, Chloe?

  57. Gen Says:

    Champagne Tastes, Deer Budget…

    I always look forward to my daily Coyote. :) It’s part of the morning routine before heading in to work.

  58. Heather L Says:

    Sucking the Cork vs. Sniffing the Cork – No Contest

  59. LHays Says:

    Corky Wine Guru

  60. Holly Says:

    Mine, all mine.

    Leftover Bubbles!

    Another treasure!

  61. Carrie Says:

    Corker of a Coyote!

  62. Eija Says:

    Champagne cork “screwing”

    Champagne cork ecstasy

    Charlie’s “corking” ecstasy

    The Champagne Cork Affair

    For the Love of Champagne Cork

  63. Patty Says:

    “Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all, so tell me why should this be true, that I get a kick out of you.” with apologies to Cole Porter

    I get a kick out of Charlie every day :-)

  64. Bruce Says:

    “A cork, a moon & Chloe..wee wee”

    “Wee wee, the cork she is wonderful”

    “The French, they make the best champagne”

  65. Barbara S. Says:

    I Get a Kick Out of You by Cole Porter

    I get no kick from champagne
    Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all
    So tell me why should it be true
    That I get a kick out of you

  66. JON Says:

    A corky angle

    Pairs well with red meat.


  67. Melissa Says:

    [said in Humphrey Bogart voice]
    “‘Ears looking at you, kid!”

  68. Debi Says:

    You talkin’ to me??

  69. Heather L Says:

    Champ pain of the Corks

  70. Kelly Says:

    Chloe stole the bottle and went that way!

  71. Cynthia Says:


  72. Heather L Says:

    “To each his own, Daisy chews her cud, I chew my cork”

    Charlie Pointedly Dangles His Cork

    Coyote with just a hint of Cork

  73. Debi Says:

    Manf I lub these sangs…. (like he was speaking with a cork in his mouth!) :)

  74. angie Says:

    Bubble E. Coyote

    (i ADORE friday’s yodel picture btw)

  75. Heather L Says:

    Close but no Cigar

  76. Lana Says:

    “I’m sorry, did you want some of this too?”

  77. Heather L Says:

    “Chloe, give me back my beret”

  78. Corrie in California Says:

    Chompagne Charlie!

  79. Heather L Says:

    Cork “A La Carte”

  80. Kate Says:

    Ish there somefing in mah teef?

  81. Heather L Says:

    “I get no kick from champagne, just from the cork”

  82. Rhedrose Says:

    Since Chris already remembered the classic “Champagne Charlie,” I don’t have a caption today – but I am happily intrigued with why, in the wilds of Wyoming, Charlie apparently has such a familiarity with champagne corks. What ARE y’all doing up there?!?

  83. Terry Says:

    Chomping good time!

  84. Keri Says:

    Not weird, just cork-y!

    Quirks and Corks

    (That is so cute, by the way!)

  85. Kat Says:

    Corked and loving it!!

    Coyote chew toy

  86. Ashley, The Accidental Olympian Says:

    Charlie, a man of expensive taste.

  87. Mary Palazzo Says:


    One more step and the cork gets it!

  88. Anonymous Says:

    “Yes, I’m Irish from Cork”

  89. lynn Says:

    wine and CHEESE

  90. Bianca Horkan Says:

    “Who’s Corky lookin’?!?” said in the same vein as “Who’s scruffy lookin’?” by Han Solo.

  91. lynn Says:


  92. lucy Says:

    Half crocked and corked.

  93. D'Ann Says:

    “Wunnerful, Wunnerful”!

    ode to Lawrence Welk Show and his Champagne Music

  94. patricia Says:

    “Excuse Me”

  95. b Says:

    Another one for the cork-lection.

    (Love the addition of comparison photos! Keep up the great work. I start every day by checking to see what Charlie’s up to.–B)

  96. Lifesabeach Says:

    The prairie predators “odd predilection”

    or maybe

    Charlie signaling right turn ……and a cork

  97. littlebobina Says:

    Cork-ed smile
    When I see your bubbly face
    It dances on the tongue
    Charlie & Rossi Asti
    A good vintage

  98. Sandra Says:

    Bubbly Bauble

  99. Edal Says:

    “What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?” ~W. Clement Stone

  100. marsha Says:

    Party animal!

    Veuve Coyot

  101. Heather L Says:

    “If Mom likes it, I want a part of it too!”

  102. Heather L Says:

    “Party Hardy”

  103. Danielle Says:

    Of course I can straight a walk line, Ociffer

  104. Mike Says:

    Coyote Directions.

    “So yeah, you turn down that way, then make a left at the sagebrush. It’s about 2 blocks on the right, you can’t miss it.”

  105. sybann Says:

    Celebrate Symbiosis

  106. Wendy Says:

    I give this vintage a one-ear’s up. The ’52 was superior by far.

  107. E.Jolie Says:

    Mousy Cork to Play With and Bury I think I may be on to why he likes champaign corks.Ever heard of mousy wine?It happens when wine/champaign go “off”.This is refurred to as a mousy taste or aroma.Even if the wine is good the cork can develope the smell after a while so I wonder if Charlie is playing with and burying his ” mouse ” ? The size is right too as champaign corks are large.

  108. kathy Says:

    Nothing like the morning after.

  109. Stephanie Says:

    Omnom Perignon

  110. bonnie Says:

    Enjoying his part of the party.

    Joining the Celebration.

  111. Crow Says:

    (In best British coyote accent): Could I interest you in some chompers, my dear?

    champers=champagne, for those not familiar with the term.

  112. D'Ann Says:

    Pop goes the Coyote

  113. Lacey Says:

    Never ‘bored’ with cork



  114. Alice Says:

    Go ahead. I dare you to try to get this from me.

  115. Teresa Says:

    Shall I pour, Madame?

  116. Siobhan Says:


  117. Ava Says:

    I love Teresa’s “Shall I pour, Madame?” Charlie has exactly that cool, aloof sommelier look on his face!

  118. Becky Says:

    A corking good boy!

  119. Anonymous Says:

    Love your new feature of showing earlier photos – can you make the web site return to the same position after you look at a picture?

  120. Maggie Y. Says:


  121. felis sidus Says:

    The suggests already made are way better than anything I’ve come up with, but I do want to say “Thanks” for the looks back. “Guarding Her Nap” and “Puppy Love” in particular made me squee, then awwww.

  122. Kathy F. Says:

    Coyote Bite Block

  123. D'Ann Says:

    “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams”

  124. bobbie Says:

    Cheers to you!!

  125. Bob K Says:

    “Snarly Charlie”

  126. Diane Says:

    “Ahhh, the simple pleasures in life…”

  127. Isobel Says:

    Illicit Corkage

  128. Rhonda P Says:


  129. karen Says:

    It’s good to be me!

  130. olivetheoil Says:

    An ear and a half.

  131. Juliene Says:

    “Coyote Connoisseur”

    “Rock Out With Your Cork Out” (how risqué, Charlie!)

  132. Anonymous Says:

    An ear for the music of popping corks

  133. Barbara Says:

    Sorry, that last one (an ear for the music….) was me, but I didn’t enter my info.

  134. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Sommelier in the sticks”

    “They call me Dom, Dom Perignon…”

    “Palatial Palate”

    “Wild ‘n Wooly Palate”

  135. Julia Says:

    My mother-in-law, who came from the old country and did not speak English very well, used to say, “Put it in a cork.” I offer that in memory of her.

    She also used to say, “Put it in a sock” which cracked us up even more.

  136. MJK Says:

    A cork in the hand is worth two in the mouth.

  137. Wehaf Says:

    What’s that look for?

  138. sha Says:

    You give me back my ear
    I’ll give you back your cork!

  139. Matt Says:

    Domaine Coyote


    Domaine de Charles

  140. Aleta Says:

    “Chompin’ champagne”

  141. CeeBee Says:

    “WHAT champagne cork????”

  142. hpmama Says:

    Put a cork in it!

  143. Bronwyn Says:

    “Time to call it a day…you can keep that fizzy stuff.”

  144. Holly Says:

    Happy New Year Every Day!!

  145. Suzette Says:

    Cork screw-y coyote

    Cork screw-wooo-wooooo!

    “Would you like to sniff the cork, madame?”

  146. bryan Says:

    coyote corkscrew

  147. Liza Lundell Says:

    mine! Mine! MINE!

  148. Bria Says:

    Wyoming Wine List

    And I cannot help but mention that the crazy, tuxedo kitten I named after Charlie also LOVES champagne corks. He is happy to settle for a regular wine cork when necessary, but he really loves champagne corks. He chases them around and hoards them under one of our couches. Delightful and bizarre!

  149. Rhedrose Says:

    “Have some Madeira, m’dear!”

  150. Rhedrose Says:

    Contact High

  151. Joanne Says:

    Oh Shreve, you are going to have such a tough time choosing! These submissions are genius! I’m not even going to try this time around.

  152. Paul Says:

    A coyote is like good wine. The older it gets, the more you appreciate it.

  153. sal Says:

    You said “Put a Cork in it!”

  154. Sal Says:

    Cork dork

  155. Kirsten Says:

    ‘This has a lovely bouquet…and an appealing finish…’

    or ‘Stop sniffing the cork. We both know you’ll drink that, regardless.’

  156. Lindsay Says:

    Cork E. Coyote

  157. Sarah Says:

    toasty treat

  158. Cassandra Margarf Says:

    The Bubbles Make My Ears Feel Funny….”

  159. Rebecca Says:

    Now where did I put that lampshade?

  160. Christy Says:


    What can I say?….Opulence is my business.

    What a corker, lassy!

  161. Angie P Says:

    Cheers BABY!

  162. Barbara R Says:

    One bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1995 Champagne: $3,500
    A pair of Waterford crystal flutes: $130
    The joy of a coyote with a cork from a $13 bottle of Korbel’s: Priceless

  163. Susan Says:


  164. Ba Says:

    Coyote Chaw

  165. Barbara R Says:

    oops…Ba = Barbara R

  166. D'Ann Says:

    It was a very good year!

  167. D'Ann Says:

    “I’m not drinking any stinking Merlot”!

    a line from “Sideways”

  168. D'Ann Says:

    Anybody check that Coyote’s I.D….?

  169. D'Ann Says:

    “I can stop anytime I want”

  170. kallimao Says:

    Charlie gets his cork on

    Corky Chew

    “Where the party at? In my mouth!”


  171. Caroline Says:

    “Catch me if you can!”

  172. Pellegrina Says:

    Invisible Frisbee!

  173. jackie Says:

    Cork E Coyote

  174. Karen Says:

    Wyoming grapes have the best bouquet!

  175. Wendy Says:

    Charlie wants to be a champagne bottle for Halloween. POP! Look out, Eli!

  176. mlaiuppa Says:

    Say wha?

  177. mlaiuppa Says:

    You talkin’ ta me?

  178. Kim M Says:

    Mom got a bottle of champagne and all I got was this lousy cork.

  179. pansypoo Says:

    only the best for charlie.

    but i bet if you had beer corks or root beer corks…..

  180. Suzy Says:

    Just a pinch between my cheek and gums

  181. sal Says:

    It’s a cork toy, so what? You want a piece of me?

  182. sal Says:

    Cap’t Cork!

  183. Shanna Says:

    Coyote Corker

  184. Diana Says:

    They tried to make me go to rehab, I said “No, No, No” . . . .

    Amy Winehouse

  185. steph Says:

    Coyote Nip

  186. Lary Says:

    split personality — one ear up and one ear down

    Thought you might enjoy this lyric

    Coyote is a survivor
    Reckon he’s got to be
    lives in the snow at forty below
    and in Malibu by the sea
    I’m just an ‘ol cow puncher
    Love to listen to his tune
    Cowboy gets high on a bottle of rye
    Coyote gets drunk on the moon

    - Ian Tyson

  187. Ruth M Says:

    Charlie Chomp-lin

    “Who got the hooch,baby/
    Who got the only sweetest thing in the world”

  188. Sean Eaves Says:

    Alright which one of you bit off my ear?!?

  189. Anonymous Says:

    i was going to enter and then saw “champagning at the bit”.

    what can i say after that? it’s genius.

    also, please put more artemis necklaces in the shop when you can, i’d love to get one!!

  190. penny Says:

    I can’t begin to top some of these….GREAT captions!

    Thanks for the new feature….LOVE it…

  191. Ava Says:

    Champagne corks: the perfect complements to elf legs

  192. JON Says:


  193. John Says:

    You mean CORK doesn’t stand for Coyote Odor Removal Kuick?

  194. Arcene Says:

    Corky Cig

  195. Phyllis White Says:

    Dom Coyote

  196. Andrea Says:

    Charlie, why do you like Champagne corks so much?

    Ith’s becauth they tathte tho good.

  197. Steven Swanson Says:

    Having a corking, good time.

  198. Arielle Says:

    Le Hurlement Amoureux

    Explanation: “le soupir amoureux” means “the loving whisper,” and describes the sound made when a bottle of champagne is opened. “Le hurlement amoureux” means “the loving howl.”

  199. Oz Says:

    A ‘Yote of Wealth and Taste

    A Very Fine Vintage

    Perfectly Aged

  200. Betsy Says:

    Bogey Stogey: “Whassup schweet-heart?”

  201. bhan Says:

    You want a glass, or straight from the bottle?

  202. Jeff Says:

    Coyote “choo choo”

    Coyote Stogie

  203. Pamela Says:

    “This way, my dear”.

  204. Helioprogenus Says:

    corky coyote ears champagne

  205. Beverly Says:

    Bring On The Bubbly!

  206. mlaiuppa Says:

    Vintage Charlie.

  207. mlaiuppa Says:

    Hmmm. Hints of grapefruit and apricot layered over flavors of peaches and honey, smooth and silky on the palate.

  208. pam Says:

    Cain’t touch this

  209. Dianne Says:


    Plug Mug

  210. Cristina Salazar Says:

    Pointing in all directions

  211. Tiger Says:

    Point and Pinot.

  212. Lindsay Says:

    Cheers to Chew Toys

  213. Lindsay Says:

    (by the way, try saying that 10 times fast, especially while chewing on a champagne cork!)

  214. Sandy Says:

    I’m makin’ a run to the liquor store…anybody need anything?

  215. Heather Says:

    What?!? You needed this back?

  216. Mellissa Says:

    Party Animal

  217. Amy Nahirny Says:

    Mmm mmm thats good

  218. Sarah Says:

    Tastes like Chicken

  219. Sciamhach Says:

    Bubbly Boy

  220. spicyapple Says:

    That Ear!!!!

  221. Chelsia Wiggleston Says:

    Effervescent you say?

  222. Ladyfox Says:

    That Charlie, He’s a real Corker!

  223. Diana Says:

    Charlie says, in a smooth Rhett Butler-type voice, “Come, my dear, I have the champagne open already….”

  224. Kathy Says:

    Laissez les bons temp rouler!

  225. maria Says:

    do NOT question my drinking again

  226. beth Says:


  227. JON Says:

    Coyote pacifier.

    My heart bubbles over.


  228. Carrie Copa Says:

    “Smooth talker”

    I just got the necklace you referenced in the mail yesterday. It is beautiful, so I think the winner will be very pleased indeed!

  229. Eija Says:

    The party animal

    The party is not over yet!

    Something about champagne corks……!!

  230. Fang Says:

    He’s Too Corky For His Own Good

  231. Laura Miller Says:

    Psst……champagne corks over that way

  232. Barbara Watson Says:

    “Cork? What cork?”

  233. steph Says:

    Sweet Goofball

  234. astro-horse Says:

    His Name’s Changed to Corky!

    Too Corky, Too Cute
    Too Corky, Too Goofy
    (kinda like too fast, too furious) :) lol

  235. Janie Says:

    A corky quirk.

    Coy Perignon.

  236. saxon Says:

    coyote corkscrew

  237. alberta fan Says:

    “Here’s lookin at you kid” said in a Humphrey Bogart voice.

  238. Darlene Says:

    I like to let it breathe.

  239. Lizard Says:

    My mom’s dog, Constance, started with Champagne Corks when she was just a pup. She shortly thereafter moved on to Mom’s Cork Coasters… which flew through the air quite nicely as everyone chased her down to get them back. We stopped bringing cork into the house when we came home to find that she had pulled a very large bottle off of a shelf to pry the cork out. It was full of powdered hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. She finally pried the cork loose, but not before shattering the bottle and scattering a chocolatey haze of powder across the ENTIRE living room. It was really hard to be mad at her though.. .She looked so accomplished with the cork in her mouth and a chocolate stained smile across the white fur of her muzzle!

  240. Karen koons Says:

    Hi Shreve,
    I just finished your book “The Daily Coyote” and had to get online and see how Charlie was doing, praying he was still around. I guess all your anxioty rubbed off on me. I kept worrying all through the book either you or he would get hurt. I loved hearing about Eli too, I’ve always kept an orange cat and had a Malamute that was a little sister to one, he’d clean her face and have much the same behavior as yours. Thanks for sacraficing so much and taking care of that beautiful animal. Your are a strong woman to live in those freezing conditions!!! And the way you put beauty into words is truely a talent as well as the awsome photography. Bless you and your furry friends!
    Sincerely, Karen Koons

  241. Ruth in Portland Says:

    this post is too late, but it is what just popped into my head when I saw this pic: “They went that a way.”

  242. Stephanie Says:

    Just a quick question (if it can be answered through here), did Cute Overload also do the same as my ‘Omnom Perignon’?

  243. daily coyote Says:

    Stephanie – NO – I just meant the om nom thing – your comment is TOTALLY unique and I LOVED it! ~ S.

  244. Mimi Says:

    Uncorked Melody

  245. Sarah Says:

    Wow. I read your amazing book, and it feels like I know you.You have a lot of courage and determination, and I admire you for that. Could you give me any pointers on raising a “wild” animal? I’ve always wanted to fo something like tat when I get older. By the way, it sounds like you did get Charlie a sister…?

  246. shreve Says:

    Hi Sarah ~
    I always recommend people read this post of mine:
    and then perhaps volunteer with a licensed wildlife rehabber or a rescue facility? Something like that would give you far greater knowledge than I could!
    ~ S

  247. Becky Says:

    I am bitterly jealous of your being a writer with the ability to live far from the madding crowd. I am a recovering actress, who, after living for many years in NYC, tried a home on the range in Arizona. I drove and fearlessly camped my way from NYC across the country to San Diego and then up to Sequim, Washington looking for the perfect place to live. (Along the way, people invariably expressed shock, either telling me I was brave or backing toward their RVs as though I might be dangerously insane or contageous.) I found several towns I loved, but the only place I could afford a home in the desert was near Sedona, AZ. I was able to find work there too. Sadly, work didn’t last, and I moved to LA — my least favorite place next to Phoenix — to earn a living.

    I desperately miss open spaces and cannot live without animal companions, so I feel a sort of kinship with you in your home on the range. Kudos to you for your independent spirit and for your generous care of animals, especially your foundling, Charlie.


  248. Carolyn Says:

    He looks just like my Strider when he has a tennis ball sticking out of the side of his mouth and he’s saying “Try to take it! Come on, please try to take it…”

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